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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Unregistered, Aug 18, 2009.

  1. I'm no-one in any position to say anything authoritative. So, the following thoughts are only based on being a liberal US citizen who reads the news and resonates to the ppl in the White House now. Maybe I'm enough like them that I can offer some ideas about what's going on in the new Administration, so here goes:

    Unlike the previous Administration, these new guys aren't belligerent, ignorant neocons (neo-fascists). IMHO, becuz of the last Admin, previous Admins, and other influences, the US came much, much, much too close to also devolving into a completely totalitarian regime, with all of the same attributes as the current regime in Iran.

    What the last Cheney-driven US "regime" and some of its fore bearers (the Reagan crazies) put in place isn't expiated from the US govt yet. From MSM news and alternative news reports in the US, this Admin is still daily discovering horrible programs initiated by previous Admins that violate the US Constitution and human rights. These are programs that not only violate US citizens' rights, but are still also causing harm to movements overseas, who like #iranelection, are seeking democracy and human rights. I believe that there are many programs like this that are so deeply buried in secrecy in the US govt that they're independent of whatever Admin is in power. I believe many of these preceded Reagan, expanded under him, were hidden from the Clinton Admin, expanded hugely under Cheney/Bush, and continue now.

    But, back to my main point, it seems to me that we now have an Admin in the White House that is capable of being just as subtle and complex in their thinking as Persian's have always been. Because they're smarter than only being able to think about the world only in "shoot 'em up" terms, and can handle multiple ideas/thoughts/considerations/strategies at the same time (can you believe it?), they are being VERY CAREFUL in how they're responding to what's happening in Iran.

    So, this is what I think they're thinking at the moment:

    There would be nothing better for world peace and stability (yeah, I'm a sucker and actually believe they think in these terms) than having a SANE government in Iran. After thinking about world peace (and human rights and democracy and such) first, there are also huge amounts of related considerations that also influence the view I'm suggesting this Admin has: the nuclear weapons thing, stability in oil markets, resolution of the Israel/Palestinian horror, US business interests, etc. I believe they see every single part of the uprising in Iran as a positive for world and the US, because the people and groups who are coming forward are so much SANER than AN/Kham.

    But, because this new Iranian Revolution is SO IMPORTANT for world peace and sanity, this Admin is smart enough to have mostly shut up about it. They're smart enough to know that any negotiations with AN are worthless. But I think they have to pretend that they've been keeping the door open for unconditional talks with him to avoid providing any evidence that the US has any stake in the outcome of the SoG uprising.

    Hilary "came out" last week just a little on this while she was in Africa. I know @oxfordgirl was infuriated by what she said. But there are subtleties in what Hilary said that deserve further analysis.

    Much more to follow. Sorry I can't complete my thoughts now.
  2. thoughts Part II

    OK, the scene has changed hugely since Obama extended his offer to talk with Iran without preconditions. Previously, the Obama Admin thought their only choice was to talk with AN.

    Because of the SoG movement by SANE people, there is a CHANCE that the the US could eventually talk to SANE people, instead of AN, and even, possibly, because what the SoG WILL accomplish, help Iran to have nuclear power plants to serve the needs of the people, without also making nuclear bombs.

    Many (e.g., oxfordgirl and others) have been pissed off at the US for NOT coming out STRONGLY in support of the protesters. Oxfordgirl and others have also been terminally pissed off at the US and the UN for NOT taking steps to stop the horrors in Iran that are occurring under this AN/crazy regime.

    More to follow.
  3. As anyone with a mind understands, the US and EU actually CAN'T make a difference in what's happening in Iran now.
  4. The SoG is on its own. Bless every one of you for shouting out the lies and crimes AN's regime is committing and you are done with. Welcome, SoG and the real ppl of Iran, to the world community. Seriously, we have come to know you, we love and admire you SO MUCH, and we are going crazy between wanting u to continue protesting vs wanting all of u dear ones to stay safe. We know the latter is impossible for now, so we admire and love all of you who are demonstrating and/or just holding your breath and praying for those who ARE still active (in the face of such severe oppression and terror from the regme) even more.

    But back to my views of this US Admin's thoughts, which I believe are close to my own:

    In June, they said nothing. In July, they said a few minor things here and there that could be interpreted as supportive of the SoG. In July, I KNEW Gibbs "misspoke" about AN being the "elected Pres," which he retracted the next day. In August, Hilary FINALLY SAID that the US has been "indirectly" supporting the SoG all along

    It's a stupid and naive thought that the current US Admin is not completely in suppoort of the SoG in Iran. But you must notice that many in the White House now are former peace activists from the Viet Nam war and other do-gooder situations, where US misadventures in foreign countries also failed.

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