USA SWAT Expert Advice - It might save their lives

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    Here are some simple ways of defending yourself when attacked by Basij or Security forces.

    Anti riot attacks

    Once caught by security forces, the best way to break free is by swinging relentlessly in all directions. Keep in mind that security forces have to hold on to you, which means they only can use one hand to deflect the blows. Brass Knuckle is extremely effective when trying to break loose from the grip of security forces. Wooden brass knuckle is strong and simple to make. The image above is a sample of a basic wooden brass knuckle that can be made with a piece of wood, a cutter and a drill. It should not take more than 30 minutes to make a wooden brass knuckle. Wooden brass knuckle is extremely strong, light weight and versatile. Make sure that the top edges are sharp and round.

    Motorcycle attacks

    Iranian Basij motorcycle units use attack and retrieve tactics which is meant to create fear more than anything else. The same tactic was used by US police forces on horsebacks when confronting the civil right protestors. The advantage of utilizing motorcycles in urban environment is obvious: motorcycles can go places that cars cant. However, motorcycles have disadvantages which can handicap the force that uses them.

    The most effective way of disabling motorcycles is using tire spikes. Though made of carbon cratnor material, the Basij motorcycle tires cannot withstand multiple punctures. The easiest way to spike Basijis tires is by using a simple tire spike system called Iron Caltrop. This simple device can be made in a matter of minutes by wrapping two pieces of nail together in a 65 degree angle. By dropping a handful of Iron Caltrop on the ground, you can deflate the tires of Basijis motorcycles in a matter of minutes. If you ride, you know how difficult it is to steer a motorcycle with two flat tires.

    Tear gas

    A fabric socked in vinegar can very well protect you against tear gas. Cover your nose and mouth with the fabric and keep plenty of water around to wash your eyes if you come in direct contact with tear gas. Urban Legend: burning tires will reduce the effect of tear gas. Not true, it actually increases the effect and it smells bad too.


    Riot police is trained to use batons. They understand that its easy to hit a stationary target and much easier to hit a target that is running away. Hitting somebody with baton is a matter of timing. The worst thing you can do is to run away from baton whirling security guards because it allows them to time the strike perfectly. The most effective way to counter a security guard with baton is to throw off his timing by going directly at him. Thats right. Run away and turn and go directly at him. When you go directly at the guard and close the distance, you completely screw up his timing. A boxer cannot hit a person that is standing 2 inches away from his face. Thats why boxer bounce around. A baton whirling guard is just like a boxer, he needs to time his strikes. By going directly at the guard and closing distance you mess-up his timing and might even be able to take him down.

    Riot formation

    Basij and police security guardsmen perform best when crowd disperses and becomes separated. The worst scenario for the riot police is when the crowd is together and inseparable. South Korean labor protestors in the 90s were the best organized units in history of rioting. Thousands of them held on to each other (locked arms) and no matter what, they did not let go. It made it impossible for the riot police to disperse them.

    Just a few tips. Please translate and send it back to the youth in Iran. This can save their lives.
  2. relay and question for Westerntornado

    Message for Westerntornado,

    Could you give advice on handling a man approaching with a club and shield.

    Could you give advice on the man bringing up the club to swing without the shield.

    Recipients will try to get back today after work.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.
  3. I'm sorry but I do not know the answers to those questions. I'm not the expert on these things whatsoever. I found this article today and thought I should at least share it with others. I posted the link to the actual article at the begining of the post. Here is the link again:

    It might save their lives |

    However if anyone knows the answers please go ahead share them with others...

  4. How to use police tactics against a baton | Wonder How To
  5. "Chevron" Road block with trash can weighted with sandbags

    Road Blocks "trash cans" weighted with "sand bags"
    Park cars (after taking off plates and VIN#'s) at 45'degree angels in the center of street at four foot intervals on opposite sides of the street in opposite directions to form a Chevron pattern a, "Zipper" in the Streets and place trash cans weighted with sandbags between the cars on streets intersecting the Main Blvd's and at the point where Main Roads come into Cities where demonstrations are to take place and where you plan to respond to vehicles and troops with "Steve Irwins" or "Stinkies" at boundaries of protests. Do this at least 30 - 45 minutes before troops/police arrive.
    The crowds can run trough to safety but the Motorcycle Police won't be able to maneuver quickly enough to get through without putting themselves at extreme risk.
    Place sand bags in trunks of cars, take 60 gal trash cans in cars, fill sandbags
    (pillow cases will do,line with garbage bags) arrive at location.
    Cars 1-3-5 make U turn at 45" degrees to cars 2-4-6 following at single car length.
    Cars 2-4-6 remain in original lane at 45 degree angle to center of lane facing center line.
    Cars 1-3-5 face opposite sidewalk going the opposite direction, rear end to center line.
    Cars are parked 4.5 feet apart

    Remove from trunks, put sand bags in trash cans. place trash cans in between diagonals and on sidewalks so it will slow down Motorcyclists. Obstacle course for motorcycle Police but easy for pedestrians to get around. Plot your Chevron design out on paper before and based on the streets you are blocking off.
    You can execute one in 30 mins or less.
    Make it as long as you like but at least;
    6 cars ( 3 per side)
    12 trash (2 per car) the more the better - many uses
    36 sand bags (3 per can) water or sand - many uses
    A row of trash cans at boundary across street before Chevron.
    Place sunscreen/oil on cookie sheets on top of upside down trash can tops while on top of trash cans that are weighted with sand bags and let it burn open flame for troops to see, after people have passed ignite trash can tops so troops will hesitate.
    Also Teams can hide in the cars for the motor cyclist with ropes /opening doors and take them off their bikes when the Motor Police try to go past after people are clear.
    Example A:
    1st. Cyclist passes, Team one Open doors and closes distance so Cyclist 1 can't return.
    2nd. Team two next car, opens doors as Cyclist approaches, cutting Cyclist off
    3rd. Team one has closed distance and with Team twos help disarms Cyclist and takes custody of Cycle or disables cycle.
  6. Sun Screen SPF30 Fire from the Sky

    Sunscreen 30 SPF is flammable
    Sunscreen is flammable !!! test it on pavement! lite it; it burns hot and long. like napalm, SUNSCREEN your plain old sunscreen you put on your skin to protect it from the sun! Look for SPF of at least 30%. and alcohol of at least 50% on labels. Test products that are available, that work, then purchase in quanity.
    Place sunscreen/oil on cookie sheets on top of upside down trash can tops while on top of trash cans that are weighted with sand bags and let it burn open flame for troops to see. At road block locations to make troops move in other directions.
    Prepare the street with sun screen strips and patches then when troops come into place; drop / throw ignition material (cocktails) onto street. Sunscreen on lines of street etc... Sunscreen will ignite and the troops will be encircled by fire , engulfed by flames, everywhere along the street that they are on should have black cloth strips and patches with Sunscreen on them that will ignite.
    It can have a terrifying psychological effect on the troops.
    House hold napalm: One styrofoam cooler into appx. two ounces of gasoline.
    translate and repost Peace
  7. baton and shield, baton man

    (MOD please move unregistered remarks to another thread to save time of the reader)
    (RichardCranium - thank you for links - do you have non-register requirement versions?)

    Simple Baton and Shield:

    Step to side of man where baton is not, by moving one foot forward.
    Grab elbow side edge of shield with both hands and pull to you.
    - Leverage makes him think he will lose shield.
    - He cannot hit you on that side, it is across body/shield.

    He will pull shield back, he is now off balance.
    Shove with shoulder, he will fall like tree.

    IF he does not fall, run back into your group immediately.

    IF he DOES fall: Stomp on his ankle or kick his knee and run back to your group immediately.

    Step-Grab-Shove-Stomp - Run!

    A man who is hurt takes two men to care for him and remove from situation. A few broken ankles are far more humiliating than a honorable wound in the head. Do not honor these men with real injury.

    Simple Baton Man:

    Step in close
    Grab baton wrist with BOTH hands
    immediately bring your top hand down into neck or face HARD
    Grab helmet edges with BOTH hands, use like handle

    Throw him down
    stomp on ankle or knee
    run back in to group.

    I send these things not as violent, but after yesterday, more needs to be done. And these arabic speaking Basiji do not belong here.

  8. combat self defense

    I do not know what you can access, but there are some excellent videos (if i do say so myself) on and youtube by Bas Ruten

    Kick ass!
  9. Message for Westerntornado,

    Could you give advice on handling a man approaching with a club and shield.

    Could you give advice on the man bringing up the club to swing without the shield.

    Recipients will try to get back today after work.

    Thank you for sharing your expertise.
    Ask the SCA (society for creative anarchism) heavy weapons people. Somebody in Anon must know those crazy loons.

    send an email to them here Society for Creative Anachronism, Inc. (their offical page)

    Might have better luck with individual kingdoms and blogs: I found two docs that might help newbies.

    Here is a link to shield wall basics

    SCA link to basic melee combat: An Essay on Melee Tactics

    I will see what cold copypasta can bring here too.
  10. bas rutten street fighting

    bas rutten;street fighting

    <embed id="VideoPlayback" src="" style="width:400px;height:326px" allowFullScreen="true" allowScriptAccess="always" type="application/x-shockwave-flash"> </embed>
  11. Safe Riding Tips:

    Any motorcyclist knows that he cannot release his RIGHT hand from the throttle or his speed will be reduced (engine braking) and his control of the bike seriously impaired. If that hand doesn't work properly neither will the bike.

    A rider cannot drop below the level of his fuel tank and his passenger sits taller. Rope or cable or power line across the path of travel is a hazard, so ride carefully.

    Motorcycles are vulnerable vehicles that LIMIT what riders can do. If a motorcycle is coming at someone and they sidestep but deflect the handlebar, the bike can easily go down in the OPPOSITE direction due to the way motorcycles steer.

    Beware detergent and oil on roads. Dual-purpose bikes with semi-knobby tyres can easily skid in the wet.
    Unlike cars, motorcycles fall over when they lose traction.
  12. Ray Murphy Member

    Yes, I discovered years ago on a slight bend in the road that even a tiny amount of oil smaller than a human hand can make a motor cycle go into a slide and have you dusting yourself off. I suspect that bright green oil would be more slippery.

    Incidentally, does anyone know if motor bikes still use those rubber/plastic fuel hoses from the tank to the carby? If so, it pays to keep your scissors and box cutters well away from them because you can never find a replacement hose in a hurry if you um accidentally slice them.
  13. watsongs2012 Member

    VERY GOOD POINTS!! I also learned the hard way that even a small amount of sand on the road can cause you to laydown if you're not going perfectly straight. Wanna watch for that!
  14. Ray Murphy Member

    Ok, I'll keep an eye out for sand. I'd almost forgotten. It's been a long time.
  15. It is critical which foot you use to step.

    Let's say that the baton holder is holding the baton in the right hand and he is stepping forward with his left foot. His intent is to rotate the right half of his body to strike you with the baton. He also has forward momentum.

    Step HARD with your right foot inside his left foot, your right elbow braced with the left hand straight up and into the bh's nose, mouth, eye, throat or whatever is exposed. Do not try to strike the body because of the padding or bullet proof vest there.

    Bend your knees deeply, pressing into the ground and FAST FAST FAST rotate your body to the left, extending your braced arms to his baton arm and make sure he keeps on going in the direction he was attacking you.

    He will teeter. To make him fall, step HARD straight down onto the arch of his foot. Don't try kicking the knee -- you'll lose your balance.

    And then get the heck outta there FAST. Best to keep on rotating to your left and roll around him to his rear. Then you can kick downward HARD onto the back of his calf.

    Now he's down and he's not getting up. Then RUN away.

    I agree that it is better to get inside the attacker's range. That way, even if he does hit you, there is no power in his strike.

    Remember, when you are going in, to breathe and to force your eyes to stick open. Yell from your stomach.

    Basically, even if you are confronted by multiple attackers, most of them carry their weight too high. Bend your knees DEEP, press your feet into the ground, press your knees apart, and present your side to your attackers. If you keep your center of gravity low, it is easy for them to lose their balance by merely bumping into you. Breathe. Breathe. Breathe.

    Do not waste energy by bouncing or prancing. Stay still, breathe, until you are ready to counter attack.
  16. btw, if you are going to go to the trouble of (accidentally) driving a Basij to the ground, check to see if he can get up. You don't want him to get up because if he does then he is going to be madder than heck and he will come after you with a vengeance.

    Yeah, if you can wrench the batons or weapons from an attacker who has (accidentally) fallen to the ground, do that and distribute as you see fit. A disabled attacker can still use his gun. You don't want that.

    All very well, saying these things, but to practise them under pressure... um... well it takes years.

    A simple rule of thumb is to move in small groups which are linked to larger groups. (Accidentally) surround your attacker, (accidentally) persuade him to go down, and ... er... to give up his weapons. Patience and teamwork... one by one... little by little...
  17. TsuDhoNimh Member

    His weight is on his right foot, so it's anchored ... step forward and kick his right leg hard, straight back, at or just below the knee. Instant tib-fib fracture or dislocated knee or both. With luck you can get the trifecta of tib-fib, knee and distal femur in one shot.

    That's a season-ending injury, and if you have one guy down, that means at least one might stay with him until medics get there, and one has to cover for him on his shift and the next 6 months of shifts.

    Yes, immediately run like hell. Or kick another knee.

    It takes very little force to break a leg when the force is applied in this direction. ---> || it's so easy that even a girl can do it, and take out a hulking man. All those muscles don't help much

    We weren't allowed to practice it because one slip and the instructor would have been screaming on the floor. But I know from personal experience that it works. It sounds sickening, but it was necessary.
  18. This is possible depending on when the attacker shifts his weight from the right foot to the left foot. But yours is riskier than what I have proposed. Why?

    1. An inexperienced defender will likely lose his balance kicking as high as a knee.

    2. The knee is more easily taken out from the side, not the front.

    3. You have not addressed the forward momentum of the attacker. Stepping inside the attacker's left leg allows the defender to rotate his body to get out of the way of the attacker's forward momentum. It also helps the attacker to keep on going so that he stumbles past the defender's body.

    I agree. Although an experienced fighter will get up on a bum knee and keep on coming after you. I have seen it.

    That is why I said to rotate the body to the left and roll to the rear of the attacker, stamping down on the attacker's calf. That breaks the ligaments and the guy will not get up again.

    Bottom line: I do not recommend that an inexperienced person kick knees. As for kicking groins: forget it fast. And never try to kick a head.

    Correct. Proper breathing, keeping your eyes locked open, keeping your center of gravity low, and rotating your body may be all you have to do to defend against an attack.

    Most of the time, the attacker's own movement can be used against him. I have seen an attacker impale himself on the stationary fist of a defender and knock himself cold!

    Maximum force is exerted at 90 degrees. If you are rotating your body, the attacker loses the 90 degree advantage against you. You will get hit but you won't get hurt.

    But you are then close enough to rotate him off balance.

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