Useful: "A Declaration of the Independence of Cyberspace"

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by Harry Tuttle, Jan 11, 2011.

  1. Harry Tuttle Member

    This document (excerpts thereof) may be very useful for fliers, etc. Definitely recommended reading. It directly addresses the issue of internet freedom and is written by one of the founders of EFF. Plus, it sounds very anonymous-y.

    The tl;dr version:
    Useful links:

    Full text posted here for your convenience.

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  2. Anonymous Member

    This is good! I think anonymous needs something short and to the point, but says the same thing. The internet is international free speech. A few sentences that lets governments know that, and something to rally behind would be great.
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  3. Ann O'Nymous Member

    Full of nice delusion.
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  4. CarterUSP Member

    Why is WWP so full of this crap?
    I'm getting tired of noobs deciding that all governments are bad and that we should be free minded - then they write some kind of organised declaration in an effort to leaderfag everyone, trying to speak for everyone.
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  5. Ann O'Nymous Member

    John Perry Barlow is not exactly a newcomer:
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  6. Zak McKracken Member

    Replace it with Ann's comment and I think we're good.

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  7. Zak McKracken Member

    Some Anons are becoming tired of persons "new-to-the-Anonymous-hive" that attempt to recruit us for their personal army, in fighting against the hobgoblin of corrupt governments everywhere.

    The persons attempting recruitment are not new, their PA attempt is not new, but invoking Anonymous as their personal savior is a new development. Some anons even revel in the attention and encourage it.
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  8. Zak McKracken Member

    Why not?
    WWP is not your personal treefort.
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  9. Anonymous Member

    Not all governments are bad, but they all have the ability to be corrupt. What that "declaration" basically says this is our domain, and you (the governments) don't have the right to stop anybody from going were they want, downloading what they want to download, or saying what they have to say.
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  10. none given Member

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  11. Onanymous Member

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  12. Lindworm Member

    onanymous has reached enlightenment!
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  13. Zak McKracken Member

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  14. Clever Name Member

    preferably in the AvS subforum

    quit posting in these threads and maybe they'll die a natural death. attention is the currency of the internet: stop throwing money at ideas you hate.
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  15. Plp Member

    You are terrified of your own children, since they are natives in a world where you will always be immigrants.

    like that line since I feel that way about myself. I want a place to call home but I don't feel home here since I don't even know my ancestry.
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  16. none given Member

    kinda like tracing the family tree of a trilobite:
    lemme see... the chans is where it got real, ebaums world mattered,
    There was a thing called AOL. IRC was the primortial soup they all grew from.
    See, I was there and it's all a blurr to me too.

    Order grew from Chaos.
    Go with that, more or less true and a usefull myth either way.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Yeah, the Grateful Dead guy! He predicted years ago that the internet would lead to a movement to business competition which would be a enormous boon to the consumer. This didn't happen. Amazon. eBay. Google. The leaders led the market, and he was sadly wrong. I love his lyrics though!
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  18. WillyWonkanon Member

    Harry, this is cool.
    Interesting philosophicall, and on a positive note, a celebration of creativity.
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  19. Anonymous Member

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  20. anonymous612 Member

    I had a dream like this a few weeks ago.

    It had more sex and guitars in it, though.
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  21. WillyWonkanon Member

    Thank you for sharing, Harry.
    I'll be sure to look at your work.
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  22. none given Member

    As they say in baseball: it ain't over till it's over.
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  23. JohnnyRUClear Member

    Business competition works and it helps people. (John D. Rockefeller, STFU and stay dead. Wanker.)
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  24. This brought a tear to my eye, it's going in my dissertation x
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  25. Anonymous Member

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  26. Anonymous Member

    wisdom is old.
    smart people can distill something from history and translate it into something potentially useful in the future. :)

    agree or disagree, it is interesting to contemplate this, - i think, anyhow.
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  27. don't agree or disagree, agree AND disagree, there can then be no disagreement
  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

    "Shove me in the shallow water before I get too deep." ^^^^
  29. Plp Member

    true that... that's definitely a better way of thinking. I found out I actually have first nations in me, which is actually kind-of a relief in a way. At least a part of me belongs here. Apparently I'm one of Pocahontas many descendants as well LOL.

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