User created mass email for local media

Discussion in 'Projects' started by samurai slowdown, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. User created mass email for local media

    FrontlineArtist has set up a service to get the word out about the 3/15 protests.

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    Re: User created mass email for local media

    i've sent my local papers this message

    "I wish to inform you that on March 15 the group known as Anonymous will be protesting the illegal actions and practises of the church of scientology

    These actions include slave labor, blackmail, extortion, attempted censureing of the internet, the largest infiltration of the US govertment in history, forced abortions of it's higher members, and conspireing to commit murder.

    We will be peacefully protesting and would love to be interveiwed, you can take pictures and have a good time.
    Please research our movement and the church. knowledge is free!

    Our first worldwide protest was on Lisa Mcpherson's birthday, Feb 10th. 108 simultaneous protests in 26 countrys all organized with in a month!
    Google "The road to feb 10th" for an amazing video discribing this event and what took place.

    Thank you for your time, and feel free to contact me via e-mail for any questions about the protest or our group


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    Re: User created mass email for local media

    I harassed news stations and newspapers for February 10th, and I can assure you it -does- make a difference. If you send e-mails to news stations, mark your messages as "time sensitive" so that there's a matter of urgency. It makes them pay more attention, and actually get out there to cover the news.

    I will be unable to make it to 03/15 in my area due to work, but I can assure you I will be amongst the Anon sitting at home doing their part in the shadows =)
  5. Re: User created mass email for local media

    I just called them. The personal touch it leaves helps a lot.

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