User Having Trouble Registering WWP Account

Discussion in 'Support Questions' started by Anonymous, Jan 31, 2012.

  1. Anonymous Member

    A user in the WhyWeProtest channel in IRC said that s/he couldn't register for the site.
    Posting chatlog here

    Me Hi [IMG]
    22:52 Trev6 hai
    22:52 *** ThetanBait joined #whyweprotest
    22:52 Trev6 I dunno if any site admin are one now
    22:53 Trev6 Hey, we got a WWP user with an account problem here... any WWP admins on?
    22:54 Me I have a problem with the registration on WWP. Indeed, I don't receive any confirmation email. I tried everything I can did, which mean create several account and e mail, and always the same probleme since a week .
    22:54 Me Thanks in advance [IMG]
    22:55 Trev6 are you sure it isn't getting caught in your email's spam filter or something?
    22:56 Trev6 It's a basic thing, I know, but did you check your junk folder, if you have one?
    22:57 Me not in spam
    22:57 Me yes, I check
    22:57 Trev6 then it could be a site problem... they've been doing some changes, might have broken the registration system
    22:58 Me ok
    22:58 Me so I have to wait for an admin ? I already contact the webiste support, but no reply [IMG]
    22:59 Trev6 Really? Man...
    22:59 ThetanBait church0fSci, maybe
    23:00 Trev6 I can post a thread in the Site Issues forum, maybe that'll get attention
    23:00 Me It would be nice [IMG] Thanks you
    23:01 Trev6 I'd have to give your account name or something, though.
    23:02 Me its [Mod edit-redacted]
    23:02 Me and the email is [Mod edit-redacted]
  2. Pique Member

    Thank you Anon. Yes there has been a problem with the email server. Admins are aware and working on it. But none-the-less I will repost your concern in the mod forum.

    A few new accounts got through yesterday but then it stopped again. Please encourage your contact to be patient.

    Also I have removed nick and e-addy from your post.
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  3. Decode Member

    Seems i just got about 15 confirmation emails, I've been trying to register for the last week and talk to you on IRC but couldn't get through, I guess the registration system is working again?
  4. Pique Member

    Evidently so, as here you are. :)
    Welcome and sorry about the problems.
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  5. The-Doctor Member

    Hi :)

    Thanks to "Anonymous" and PIQUE :)
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  6. Decode Member

    Thanks! The problems only made me more eager to join your community :p
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