Using Fox News and Christian Sites

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonymousguyfalkes, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. Using Fox News and Christian Sites

    I composed an email to Rupert Murdock, his VP, and to GodTube, citing all of the dirt we have on L. Ron Hubbard, how he thought jesus was a pedophile, how he was obsessed with abortions, how he thought of himself as The Beast and heir to Aleister Crowley's legacy, and how Bill Clinton helped Scientology not only gain back their tax exempt status, but he went to bat for them in Germany too.

    While my personal politics might not be enthused by this tactic, I think that this will work in order to get ultra right and christians on our side against scientology.

    of course i did it under a fake email under security
  2. Wa

    To reiterate, we are not against the religion, do not make this a religious war.
  3. Diebeetus Member

    "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

    But do not put our non-face on this type of thing.
  4. anonymouse95 Member

    Re: Using Fox News and Christian Sites

    There's another thing that I pointed out in all my letters to Christian churches, and that is the DECEIT! Scientology claims that they are compatible with Christianity, and so a Christian could be tricked into joining, and later on be pressured into denouncing Christ. That last bit would also get any Christians blood, or the blood of any religious person, boiling.
  5. sorry

    i saw this suggest on 4chan. i'll drop it. thx.
  6. Meganova Member

    Though not a fan of Fox News and the hardline Christian Right, we cannot ignore the enormous political power they wield in America, and the help they may be of us. People who watch Fox News and most hardcore Christians also tend to be very patriotic as well. We should capitalize on that patriotism by publisizing the CoS's treasonous and subversive campaigns, such as Operation Snow White.
  7. Diebeetus Member

    That part about the deceit is the best argument for Christians to rally, because many churches teach that it is their duty to protect their fellow man from corruption, rather than that everyone should protect themselves.
  8. Lilanon Member

    Fox news will be very hard to get to support us, due to one of their big personalities being a Scientologist.
  9. Really? Who? I'm not that big on celeb gossip, all I know is Tom Cruise and John Travolta and that one guy from That 70's Show.

    Also did Elvis Presley really say that in your signature in response to Scientology?

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