Using their own material against them

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anonymouse95, Feb 11, 2008.

  1. anonymouse95 Member

  2. Posting or distributing any copyrighted materials in full will get you smacked down on copyright infringement charges.

    Excerpts and similar is fine, but posting torrents to their DVDs here will get likely get you (and us!) into trouble. I'm not saying to not search for and download and read/watch their material, but be very careful about posting links to thepiratebay and other torrent trackers here.
  3. anonymouse95 Member

    Gotcha, I removed the links to thepiratebay, but I ought to tell you that this is where I saw that link in the first place.

    I think the main idea stands though: If we go through their internal materials, even something as seemingly innocuous as the 2007 OT Summit, we're bound to find useful info. It's like having a spy inside their organisation, without having to actually infiltrate or put anyone at risk.
  4. Anonymous9999 Member

    A well-found clip or excerpt is worth it's weight in gold.

    Play a loaded commercial from CCHR, and then David Miscavige's little speech, and throw in a few choice L.Ron quotes. Make the references clear, and the references blatant...

    They shoot themselves in the foot all the time.

    I would say:
    We need to make those incidents easy for the media to reference and report on.
  5. anonymouse95 Member


    And that's why I want to find more DVDs and clips and what have you. I think I found some golden nuggets in the 2007 OT Summit, I've seen others find great stuff in other material. However no one has gone through stuff like the New Years statements and what have you with a fine comb. Who knows what other footbullets are in there?

    So where can we find material? Don't link torrents here (site could get in trouble), but any hints or tips or search strings or what not would help.
  6. Anonymous9999 Member

    If you look in Education & Research, one of the stickies is labelled [Infodump]. It's still short, but I'm adding to it.

    I think that if a bunch of us just started sorting the stuff that we already have into threads like that, and scan wikipedia, youtube, and the like for more already-online media, we could then spin each one into a slick-as-hell main page article for this site.

    How does that hit you?
  7. anonymouse95 Member

    It sounds good, but I've already seen most of the youtube stuff, and there's lots of people already on it. Still I can give it my best go, but I have the feeling we may stomp on each others feet.

    What I'm really interested is more stuff like the 2006/07 New Years Event or heck the 2007/08 event, the summits, stuff like that. I've gone looking but aside from the 2007 OT Summit (that I've already reviewed) I can't find anything online.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to be too obsessive, I'm just so geared for this I want to do something, and I may get a little overenthusiastic ;)
  8. Anonymous9999 Member

    Stuff like all the OT level documents and such are online, but for this...

    Frankly, you would need to go a little less-than-legal.

    Which is a nice way of saying "Not on this forum". Though if some kind soul has such stuff and sends you a private message, don't be too shocked.
  9. nebulous Member

    Just my 2c but a full on "Loose Change" style dissection of some of this stuff interspersed with material backing it up from other sources (thus bringing it out of the copyright infringement sphere to the criticism/fair use sphere) NEEDS to be done at some point. As long as, unlike the Loose Change doc it lays off the tinfoil.
  10. anonymouse95 Member

    That's why I don't link to thepiratebay's torrent of the 2007 OT Summits. Horrible people, placing secret Scientology DVD's online! I'm telling you kids stay away from that.

    I am shocked! Shocked to hear such insinuations ;)

    Seriously though I won't post anything that violates copyright, I won't even upload anything to youtube. I'll review any DVD material I find, and post the review in education. If there's anything good there you'll know, and either way I hope my mocking of the Co$ will at least amuse you ;)
  11. anonymouse95 Member

    That's kind of what I'm trying / want to do, though my tastes run to the more satirical, though if you look at the review (link[/url:3n3j4l5w]) you'll see that I link to a lot of different sources, and stick to Fair Use doctrine and so forth. Lots of links, some explanations, and a lot of hopefully well placed mockery.

    However I'll admit that I may not be up for the challenge, but I'm willing to listen to criticism or work with others to improve things.
  12. Exactly. Go wild, upload stuff on YouTube and similar. If you find a document that's juicy, spread the word. Just don't post anything actionable right here on this forum, because the Church of Scientology will go with the few leads they have.

    There's always the irc channel and other sites for posting the actual torrents, if that's your thing.
  13. musketeerwang Member

    I plan to sit down tonight with a bowl of popcorn, in front of the mind-numbing 2007 summit in its entirety. Tough watch, but for exactly this reason.

    Skim-reading the more comprehensive of the doc collections available until you hit something quotable or otherwise useful is also good.

    It's easy to make them look silly with their own (contemporary) stuff, much harder to make them look truly bad and/or dangerous. Let's get to it!
  14. Anonymous9999 Member

    My advice is to watch it some, pause, take notes, watch some more.

    It's painful shit to do, but worth it.
  15. anonymouse95 Member

    Excellent! And don't be too disheartened, it's actually almost hypnotic in a way... At one point your brain just goes "Bwuh? Hey look if you don't need me I'll just chill for a bit."

    That's more or less what I did, you might want to take a quick note of WHEN something interesting happens. Odds are that you'll end up with a lot of material that just won't fit into your review.

    Good news is that most of the time Miscavige speaks clearly, it's easy to understand what he said, it makes no sense, but you'll hear the words.

    BTW should we pool all the reviews of the same material into the same thread?
  16. Anonymous9999 Member

    Made perfect sense to me... But I've been reading up on this shit for a month.

    My brain aches.
  17. anonymouse95 Member

    *gives delicious cake*

    I know how you feel, I really do, half the time I was "Bwuh? Whaaaat?"

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