Utah Funds Purif for Cops

Discussion in 'Media' started by TinyDancer, Apr 5, 2009.

  1. Obi-Wan-anon Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    To the Utah anons:

    Try a different track. The politicians have their own idea, but even they're afraid of the unions.

    Get ahold of the police unions, give them the purif info, and tell them the politicians are putting the health of the police in danger.

    Tell them to ask for better HazMat gear, or body armor, not some unproven, Scientology-based garbage.
  2. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    The legislators should know that they are exposing the state to liability if any of the cops get liver damage as a consequence of the toxic levels of niacin. There's plenty of information available out there - have the legislators bothered to ensure that due diligence is done?
  3. Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops


    And also that the politicians are using scarce budgetary allotments on the sci-garbage rather than using those funds for important budget priorities
  4. Herro Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    oh irony
  5. D... Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Thanks for using tax payers money so wisely in a time of recession Utah~<3

    What we need is another useless, scientifically unsound program that could potentially be more dangerous than helpful for our men in uniform instead of actual doctors or treatments that help. Keep fighting the good fight of failure.
  6. Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    I think the ratings next to the comments are supposed to be a reflection of whether someone agrees with the comment, in which case giving negative votes is ok.

    It's not really censorship as the comments is still there and people are able to read it.
  7. snakeyes Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised the Salt Lake Tribune picked up on this.
  8. enthetanon Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    tl;dr ALERT !!!

    unless you're nerd like me, move on, and pls don't hate...

    Stop there. You're mixing up glands here.

    Sweat glands (Eccine Glands) emit water and salt; they respond to heat, their purpose is to help regulate body temperature.

    Sebaceous and apocrine glands emit fats and oils, stuff that results when cells break down. That "sebum" can contain some metabolites, fats. However, I can't find any data that shows these glands responding to heat. Thus, the theory of "sweating out" toxins doesn't hold.

    Further, the amount of metabolites found in sweat is SO TINY compared to the quantities filtered in the liver and kidneys, that is it NOT important.

    "Trap" for probably weeks, maybe months, but not much longer.

    I don't think so. Nicotine, given to animals in small amounts, is metabolized in the liver, and the various metabolites (continine, etc) have been measured to be excreted in urine almost quantitatively (almost all of it). Now, if you smoke a lot and overwhelm your system with large doses, the stuff does show up in sweat. But if you stopped smoking, and did a study on how much was coming out, you'd likely find the amount is sweat TINY in comparison to the amounts in the liver/kidney/lung tissue.

    Based on human autopsy samples from smokers, the highest affinity for nicotine is in the liver, kidney, spleen, and lung and the lowest affinity in adipose tissue, cotinine concentrations are highest in the liver.

    Nicotine patches wouldn't work very well if the stuff just came back out through the skin.

    Ever washed your face and found stains? did that come from inside or outside the body?

    Here's a better question: ever seen anyone chemically analyze "colored sweat" and quantify the toxins present? neither have I ... yet ...

    Here's a better question: ever eat a bunch of onion, and then sweat out onion smell YEARS LATER? cuz that's what believers in the Purif would have you think happens with drugs all the time. It just doesn't...

    Yep. And I'm saying this: That "some" is too small to ever affect anything, and it is not affected by heat / saunas.

    Prove both of these, or the sweat-out theory spins it's wheels in the mud of hypothetical speculation, lacking factual traction.

    Good point. And maybe you shouldn't assume that folks posting on forums just parrot stuff they've "read somewhere"... some might have science degrees in subjects like, say, toxicology *...

    * but still could be mistaken, no doubt ...

    infraction for boring people, prolly... can't help it.... back to cucking sox...
  9. RHill Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Thanks for existing (no sarcasm, I mean it! :)

  10. Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Just read this article this morning before signing on.. leave it to Utah to blindly vote for GW and support $cifaggotry.. typical of a backwards retard state.. the great skiing is wasted on these retards.
  11. xenuslc Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Not a bad idea. Harpoons will be manned shortly.
  12. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    I'm sure the Utah anons <3 you too.
  13. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Also, recall that the California Dept of Education had an independent review done of Narconon's Drug Prevention program which found :

    Narconon Drug Abuse Prevention Program Evaluation - Alcohol, Tobacco & Other Drug Prevention (CA Dept of Education)

  14. enthetanon Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    That's a great link, thanks for adding that. Here it is again:

    Pasco: Store selling Scientology vitamin regimen raises concerns

    Howard and Dyer own a Health Store that promotes the Purif. Some quotes:

    Howarth said the program can also have value for heart patients.

    "If you do this, you can avoid bypass surgery," he said.

    Dyer said a wide variety of health problems can be attributed to the kind of impurities that the program purges.

    "Cancer and AIDS are the final stages of toxic overload," Dyer said.

    Folks, if THAT ain't enough to make you go running and screaming away from anything that even resembles this "detoxification" bullshit, may the Good Lord help you, cuz your logic is fail ...

  15. TinyDancer Member

  16. Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    612 I don't even lurv me... ;P
  17. anonymous612 Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Scientology can help with that. =D Here, let me get you a copy of the OCA...
  18. Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    REALLY!?!?!?!!? I've always wanted to find out more about them :D
  19. vananon Member

  20. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Looks like their first 990 filing was in 2007. They appear to have been especially created for this specific scam.
  21. TinyDancer Member

  22. xenubarb Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Doesn't matter. The Purif lies at the heart of narconon, criminon, second chance, etc. etc.

    It's all the same pig in different outfits.
  23. none given Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    /r/ we go right to the top.
    It does not matter where you live.

    Utah State Legislature Home Page

    Utah State Legislator Lookup

    Utah State Legislator Lookup


    This still needs poons
  24. RightOn Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Looked up on who is and it was regietered to Ted Jubeck. (of course a Scilon)
    It says the website domain expires May 2009

    Ted Jubeck GRAMMAR COURSE Auditor 227 1989-09-01
    Ted Jubeck PRO WORD CLEARERS INTERNSHIP Auditor 234 1990-04-01
    Ted Jubeck HPCSC Auditor 234 1990-04-01

    All of the names on the utah-detox testimonials page are ONLY initials.
    NO full names.
    And one of the guys in the pic has his face blurred out.

    Also Scott Duncan Department of Publci Safety is listed in the COS Data base.
    He is listed on the Steeering Committee

    Also Bob Graves on the Sterring Committe
    Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE is a front group)
    is listed on the COS site
    Ran all other names on this Sterring committe and didn't come up with anything...

    And Mark Shurtleff seems like he's a real douche, read he got caught taking down his opponents signs some years back during a campaign and During his two terms in office, Shurtleff has taken more than $45,000 in campaign contributions from EnergySolutions, its predecessor Envirocare, and their corporate executives.
    Maybe he is cozy with the cult?

    Ton of stuff on the Detox and Shurtleff here: Shurtleff

  25. Boris Korczak Member

    State funds treatment program for officers exposed to meth

    April 6th, 2009 @ 11:28am
    SALT LAKE CITY -- A state-funded study wasn't able to find a link between meth exposure and officer illness, but that didn't stop the Utah Legislature from funding treatment.

    Senate Republicans allotted $100,000 toward a Scientology-based program.

    The money should be enough to put 20 police officers through the treatment which includes exercise, sauna time and antioxidants.

    The Salt Lake Tribune reports the money is meant to help officers who say investigating meth labs permanently damaged their health.

    Stay safe and sane.

  26. conatus Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Scilon apologist HillRunner very active in the comments now with lots of propaganda. Needs massive voting down and sophisticated 'pooning . . .. .. .
  27. eddieVroom Member

  28. snakeyes Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    It's a good possibility, I know the scilons love him because of his stance on perscription drugs. I'm pleased that this made front page of the Salt Lake Tribune. Here I was thinking no one in Utah was paying attention to this shit.
  29. vananon Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    You can also use mailinator's disposable email to sign up.
  30. ALLANON Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Dox? I would hate to whip this out and get burned. It's almost too perfect.
  31. TinyDancer Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    I remember all the Drug Bulletins being published ages ago when we were looking at Narconon.

    brb Search Function.

    Edit: SWEET. The entire set is here:

    The HCOB 21 May 1980 Purification Rundown Case Data is here:

    The statement is right at the very end.


    From the Steering Committee

    These are the guys giving the project its scientific legitimacy.
  32. ALLANON Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Niice, thanks!
  33. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    David E. Root has a seat at almost all of Scientology's pseudo-med fronts to push the purif. At a conference, he probably spends five minutes introducing himself to himself and shaking hands.

    Hmm. His has been down since 2008/11/25.

    Still shaking it boss?
  34. HellRazor Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Bob Greaves and the Foundation for Advancements in Science and Education (FASE).

    ^^ I believe this is a Scilon front group, created to give the Purification Rundown/Narconon scientific legitimacy.
  35. xenubarb Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    That is a fact. They've won a Peabody for a film they produced about Jaime Escalante, the inner city math teacher who got kids interested in math.
    Unfortunately, this appears to lend legitimacy to the group, whose stated goal is to get Hubbard tech accepted and used in secular society. They also tout the Purif.
  36. stacycake2009 Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    To a scientologist, is there such a thing as secular society?
  37. conatus Member

  38. Herro Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Lol, Irish Carbombs areu felifioucs and 30rock is hilarous!
  39. Optimisticate Member

    Re: Utah Funds Purif for Cops

    Not much more than crap about Katie Holmes doing it

    "purification rundown" - Google News

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