Utilizing, et al for fighting Tax Exempt Status?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by anon617, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. anon617 Member

    Utilizing, et al for fighting Tax Exempt Status?

    There are a number of websites and organizations online who frequently send urgent actions to people of like minds encouraging them to contact their legislators about a particular topic or issue. It seems like this could be a very powerful way of spreading the message about the illegality and preferential treatment $ci's little arrangement with the IRS is. Getting this done around Tax time could make our message even more powerful. This is an issue the Right and the Left could easily unite on. How often does that happen? :lol:

    It seems to me there are a few steps in this process...

    1. Collect a number of different organizations who function as a means to facilitate political action.
    2. Group collaboration in the creation of a Press Pack/Letters explaining the issue. Clearly, succinctly, and with evidence.
    3. Bring the message to the organizations
    4. ???
    5. Epic win!
  2. Sargo Member

    Re: Utilizing, et al for fighting Tax Exempt Status?

    heeeeey i'm on their news letter^_^..i don't really do much with the group but other ppls do^_^

    we'd need to collect alot of info about this, proof, the jewish couple thing, and many confermed reports and hell i'll send it to them ^_^
    mabe i'll think about writing this latter, gotta do a speach on for puplic speaking "how to sucessfully protest a corrupt corporation"

    at the end i'll reveal which one i'm protesting^_^

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