Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    Nah he meant

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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    This is an extremely good analysis. I'm not sure I entirely agree with one small portion, or at least would like to add an observation. You state:
    That is not entirely true. This is because, as you recognize:
    It is the combination of the control that RTC has over the intellectual property, along with DMs control over RTC given his position as COB RTC, that effectively gives DM control over all of the lower organizations -- e.g., COS, Int and the corporate bodies beneath it; ABLE; CCHR; NARCONON; WISE; etc. All of these entities depend on, and need, the licensed intellectual property. If the license to use the intellectual property is withdrawn, they are screwed. If you can't use Scientology intellectual property, and more precisely the trademarks and service marks, you are out of business.

    For an early example of this, see the decision in Church of Scientology International, et. al. v. The Elmira Mission of the Church of Scientology, 794 F.2d 38 (2nd Cir. 1986), in which the Court of Appeal directed that a preliminary injunction issue against the rebellious Mission prohibiting it from using Scientology trademarks and service marks.

    Years ago I heard of other cases, that did not get anywhere near actual litigation, where the threat was made: "Toe the line, or we will withdraw your license." "Yes, you will [offload l RPF l declare ] Person X or we will withdraw your license."] The threat alone is enough.

    The relationship between CST, the Church of Spiritual Technology, and RTC has one purpose, and that is to protect the intellectual property from seizure, encumbrance, or threat in any lawsuit. If the intellectual property was actually owned by the Church of Scientology International (or its predecessor the Church of Scientology of California) and it got hit with a huge monetary judgment (as seemed not unlikely in the 1980s) there was a danger that the judgment creditors might be able to levy on and seize the intellectual property to satisfy the judgment. The way things are set up now, even if a plaintiff does obtain a judgment against CSI or even RTC, the intellectual property is safe because it is not owned by CSI or RTC.

    Basically, the corporate and intellectual property structure of CST --> RTC ---> [CSI, ABLE; CCHR; NARCONON; WISE; etc.] was created to give secular, legally recognized control without putting the intellectual property, the heart of the Church, at risk.

    You also state:
    This too is a very astute observation. I agree completely.

    I recall years ago there was a lawsuit that tried to "pierce the corporate veil" and alleged that all of the corporations were mere alter egos of the Sea Org, which was really in control and should be treated like any other partnership or unincorporated association for the purpose of allocation liability -- i.e., joint and several liability for all members. It may have been the Lisa McPherson case, it might have been one of the cases brought by Graham Berry, I don't recall. What I do recall was that the COS was shitting its pants and fighting the allegation tooth and nail. It was total war, which makes sense since this is one legal strategy that could actually put the intellectual property at risk and/or otherwise jeopardize Scientology as a whole.

    Finally, I agree with your statement that:
    The legal structure is brilliant. In my old Scientology KRC terms, Control without Responsibility and purportedly even without Knowledge.
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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    David Miscavige is no better than a peener wrinkle.
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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    Sayyy I remember reading somewhere that while Miscavige held the position of COB of RTC, he could not hold an ecclesiatical position at the same time - hence the need for Heber Jentz.

    It was something about if he (or anyone else) attempted to head both entities it could possibly be a violation of the IRS agreement. Fucked if I remember where that was written. Lermanet?
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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    You mean "Mount Lerma". Scaling that buggar needs a Sherpa guide.
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    There were some rumblings last year about the Feds putting a RICO case together... Seems to me, that's the sort of law than would attack the whole House of Cards at once...
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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    Agreed that the position itself is important, but DM could control whoever is in that position without actually being in it himself. It's probably more convenient for him to hold the position, but he could "resign" it and replace himself with someone he controlled. They couldn't go rogue, because if they did, he could just remove them by having them declared SP, whereupon they would not be a "Scientologist in good standing" and would not be qualified to hold the post. Similarly, even if RTC doesn't have the "Scientologist in good standing" clause in its articles of incorporation or bylaws, etc. (I haven't looked at its dox in some time), I know that CST does have that requirement of the General Directors.

    Now, if someone somehow deposed DM as the head of the Sea Org, which might be as simple a matter as getting together some muscle and shoving him out, that person or group of people would control Scientology, and no court would have anything to say about it. That's one potential danger for DM in relying on the "ecclesiastical" line. He only runs Scientology so long as he has the muscle to maintain his power.

    And to throw in a snarky comment:

    I'd rather not, thanks.
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    Re: Uttering the word "MISCAVIGE" forbidden at Flag

    I LOL'd!

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