valentines at the protest

Discussion in 'Projects' started by googoomuck, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. googoomuck Member

    valentines at the protest

    This sister knows what's up:

    Handing out valentines is brings the fun and sets a great tone that lets $cienos know it's the church we oppose, not them.

    Print up valentines with info about how to get around scieno sitter software and access the freezoners or site like lermanet and xenutv.

    None of this scientology kills shit, that'll just turn them off.

    Engaging their curiosity=doubts about the Church=less people giving the Church money=win.
  2. Randomness Member

    I love this.

    "Internet love machine"
  3. googoomuck Member


    Protest by the internet love machine with valentines. Pretty hard to spin into "terrorism".
  4. l34f Member

    whoa srsly this is unreal what started as simple Ddos's
    has turned into a world wide protest just wait anon
    we will be all over the news once people see this butter fly effect
  5. xenuslc Member

    Someone needs to make up an Internet Love Machine Valentine card. Maybe a heart over the Anonymous suit?
  6. Oh my god I love this idea. OP is brilliant.
  7. googoomuck Member

    suggested valentine text

    Parishioners, we wish you no harm. The Church is keeping information from you. GO TO A PUBLIC COMPUTER (your library, internet cafes, kinko's) and research the Church. Google freezone, they are Scientologists who give free audits and bridge work. Go to to learn about others who have been abused and mistreated by the Church.

    CoS censors net access where they can. Use a public computer.
    Knowledge is free.

    Sincerely, the Internet Love Machine
  8. googoomuck Member

    Not my idea but that of the person who made the youtube.

    Still, that person gave us a gift of an idea, let's run with it.
  9. Quick, someone draw pics of the suit guy hugging things with little hearts coming out of his neckhole!
  10. googoomuck Member

    A valentine that directly counters this would be great.

    Parishioners: The Church has told you that Anonymous is a cheap group of copyright infringers. That's not true. Anonymous is a loose collection of individuals who mean you no harm, but wish to expose the harm done to you and others by the Church. CoS is keeping information from you. GO TO A PUBLIC COMPUTER (your library, internet cafes, kinko's) and research the Church. Google freezone, they are Scientologists who give free audits and bridge work. Go to to learn about others who have been abused and mistreated by the Church.
  11. Fantastic!

    I think I need to start making some valentines, don't I?
  12. L.the.Anon Member

    This is an excellent idea! It is also the opposite of the whole "hackers on steroids" and "Internet hate machine" thing Fox started.
    After all, this is not against the spirit of Anonymous, this is exactly what is needed, to once again confuse people who thought the knew who we are, and will make us very hard to criticize at all.

    It might also be a good idea to print messages that can be handed out to people who do not work with the church as well?

    I wrote this, might be too long though:
    "We want you to question the Church of Scientology, not yourselves, or the religion you believe in. We do not believe you are bad people, and the only fault we might lay upon you is that of not questioning authority. And to be honest, I think most of us have kept quite at least once when we shouldn't have.
    But enough of this political babbel! Anonymous wishes you a happy valentines day! Love to you, your family and friends!
    Sincerly, Anonymous."

    I'm not quite happy with it though.
  13. UTANON Member


    I am really no good at fliers but if someone wanted to use this feel free.

    I really think giving them valentines is a good idea and I am glad that video (who ever made it) mentioned it.
  14. I do not believe we should question them. I believe a simple, "Have a happy Valentines day, From Anonymous" should suffice. If we do as the other suggested, that will make people question Anonymous PR status more than the churches. Valentines day is more for caring, no propaganda or use of warning people. If someone just has someone say, "Happy Valentines Day!" They will be curious enough to find out who 'Anonymous' is. Along with the fact that I am sure some of the churches (If not all) have been informed of us.
  15. IBoughtADog Member

    Funny + Friendly + Piques Interest = Win

    My design skills are poor: I rely on you Anon!
  16. L.the.Anon Member

    True, true. More hearts, less politics. We might confuse the hell out of people that way, but it will hopefully get us even more attention than just standing around looking bad ass and handing out messages of doom.
    Flyer's is still on though, right?
  17. I have a feeling I'm going to be making a lot of cards.
    An idea? I haven't drawn it yet.

    - Cut out heart
    - Short message - "Happy Valentine's Day! Love, Anonymous." Something like that. I think if it's too preachy, it might sound sarcastic.
    - Anon man with the heart on his jacket.

    OKAY, and here's where the dork in me shines through. There could be a hole in the neck and a lollipop could be put in there for a head! Ah! Good stuff.
  18. xenuslc Member

  19. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    :eek: Shine on you crazy diamond...
  20. Here's a rough version of what I was picturing


    I think I like Utanon's heart better. Head's up: I'm probably going to snag/use it. Thanks for sharing!
  21. amazing idea. in fact even after/before the protest we could mail these/pin them outside churches for them to see.

    LMAO i love this!
  22. Anvi Member

    I do like this =D
  23. natianon Member

    i feel the love from anon
  24. Brilliant and win.
  25. IBoughtADog Member

    Nice draft! Can't wait to see how this develops. I'm not so sure how keen I'd personally be about eating candy from complete strangers though... just a thought.

    Still, we should total distribute things like this in mailboxes coupled with information.

    Go, Internet Love Machine, Go!

    On a more serious note:

    Mailing is fine, but be careful about going onto or placing stuff on private property; we seriously don't want to get nailed on anything like this and I'm not sure on all the rules regarding it.
  26. Anonytrench Member

    I love this idea
    When most people get a flier they scan the paper real quick while they are walking and shove it in their pockets or drop it to the ground. Shapes like the heart and suit man are symbols that will cause an emotional responce. especially around Valentine's day. this reaction will make them actually read the words, assuming of course there aren't to many on the page. People have attention spans the size of humming birds, especially in cities, so short catchy phrases with one or two links on these Valentines are essential. Lollipops are a good idea but most people aren't going to eat a lollipop given to them by some anonymous stranger in a mask on the street. Be ready for "church" members to twist your words and actions around. The cliche' "that candy is poison" is the first thing that comes to mind.
  27. Anonytrench Member

  28. natianon Member

    thats fantastic but can you make something a little more ink-friendly.
    black background is black
  29. Anonymuse Member

    What about the previous Anon-suit +hearts, and some Hubbard quote? Is there anything the guy said that's suitably happy love-and-peace? I think that would further throw Scilons off to get these things, quoting their own idol at them.
  30. Sommy Nona Member

  31. Randomness Member

    Love the anonheart, hate the font, could you make it larger/easier to read?
  32. natianon Member

    i dont know if this is out of the realm of photoshop/graphic design, but maybe a cupid with the suit on with a blank face or a question mark face. just tossing out ideas
  33. I know :(
    But the candy makes it so much better!

    If they won't eat the lollipops, I will.
  34. AB Member

    though it might be something that the scientologists could use to try and frame us up for later, adding a actual sucker to the valentine would ensure someone took the flier and kept it with them for at least as long as it took them to get the sucker out.

    think about it.
    person walks by
    anon: "good afternoon, would you like some information on why we are here /*offers flier with pictures of dead people on it*/"
    person: "eh... no thanks..."
    anon: "would you like a lollipop?"
    person: "lollipop! yay! om nom nom nom nom"
  35. lose the drop shadow and bevel and emboss. a scifag might walk up and say hat those are your crimes.

    Awsome fuckin ideas tho. HA.
  36. AB Member

    we should have some short message on the back side that explains we are protesting the actions of the church of Scientology not the beliefs of scientologists.

    something like

    "Anonymous is protesting the past and current actions of the Church of Scientology, but not the beliefs of it's members.

    Anonymous wishes everyone, Scientologists included, a happy valentines day!

  37. AB Member

  38. xenuslc Member

    No apostrophe necessary in its.

    Looks friggin' awesome. I like the <3 heart.
  39. mistegirl Member

  40. HailXenu79 Member

    Looks good; I might change it to:

    "Anonymous is protesting the past and current actions of the leaders of the Church of Scientology, not the beliefs of its members.

    Anonymous wishes you all a happy valentines day!


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