valentines at the protest

Discussion in 'Projects' started by googoomuck, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. AB Member

    well I didn't bother to save that in vector form, so if you want to modify it then go ahead.
  2. I've saved mine in vector form, so if anyone wants it to modify, just ask.

    Also, the font I am using is called Windsong. I downloaded it from[/url:2zbid0iz].
  3. pinkspider Member

    sorry for the size but here's my girl anon card ^_^


    *edit* flipped it so i'd be easier to read
  4. AB Member

    I just bought a few bags with ~15 heart shaped suckers for 88 cents.
  5. Atomosk Member

    I'm totally jumping on this idea. Valentines candy should be dirt cheap at this point, and it will definitely show that we mean no harm. Tape lollipops to the valentine cards, and have a bowl of chocolates nearby. whenever groups wave chocolate at me, i definitely hear them out.
  6. googoomuck Member

    this idea is now on the partyvan Chanology Strategy wiki.

    Do we want to hand these out on the 10th?

    We can do that, or we can use the 10th to plan a second raid on the 14th which allows new recruits to show their support and counters the negative press we'll surely get from certain news sources. What do you think /b/rothers?
  7. DrAdlaiAtkins Member

    Why not both? Either one sounds like a great idea.
  8. i literally was moved to tears by the video we need to do this it will be very very good PR too
  9. googoomuck Member

    I was looking back over the candy stuff. We need to make sure that all the candy is sealed (like halloween candy, an airtight seal).

    It's possible that CoS has already tried to frame us with the white powder/envelopes thing. They'd probably like another chance to make us look bad.

    That said, I love "pretend this is a lollipop".
  10. Artfag says:

    try to keep it simple, chances are most will be thrown out anyway, also a hand written message will carry more weight with the reader than some halmark valentine font showing these were just mass produced copies. It doesn't matter if your handwriting sucks as long as it's readable, and doesn't have to be cursive either.


    Just print this out, fold in half, and write a little message inside (signed anonymous of course).
  11. I'm glad this is here.

    Shortly after I found this on you tube and tried to bring it here my internet connectino stopped working :(

    I am glad to see it full of praise.

    This is a fantastic idea.

    But also, dont forget about the rest of the message. Continue planning past the 10th of fevuary, and of course, poast valentines day as well.

    Do NOT forget
    Do NOT forgive.... The church of Scientology.

    But give out plenty of valentines full of love to the poor scientologists.

    ESPECIALLY if the handlers come out and start bullbaiting.

    "I just want to give you a valentines day card man."
  12. Anonymous8513 Member

    I'm pretty sure handler's can't accept gifts of any sort.

    They'd probably be recording also and wouldn't want to look weak to their OSA overlords.
  13. googoomuck Member

    bad pr for them if they refuse to accept them. the point is, we're clearly stating to the public that we oppose the CoS, not its victims.
  14. thequeue Member

    @Canon: Can you update the back of your card with the disclaimer text posted above?
  15. pi Member

    I'd just do something simple mentioning the Free Zone and this quote
    "Dianetics is not in any way covered by legislation anywhere, for no law can prevent one man sitting down and telling another man his troubles, and if anyone wants a monopoly on dianetics, be assured that he wants it for reasons which have to do not with dianetics but with profit."
    —L. Ron Hubbard, Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health (1950)
  16. Atomosk Member

  17. As nice as the thought of candy is... I think its a bad idea.

    The CO$ will probably take the candy inside, poison it, then try to claim we are terrorists.

    We should get on tape that the valentines contain no candy, and explain why. Quite literally, tell them this is why we cant have nice things.

    If they hoaxed an anthrax er... hoax, they could most certainly pull of the disgusting line of thought demonstrated above.
  18. not even those individually wrapped lolipops? those would be pretty hard to open, poison, and reseal. and even if they presented only open poisoned candy that too would be suspicious. i guess they would try to use anything against us.

    still what if we hand them out to pedestrians, maybe even eat some ourselves :D
  19. No need to get all preachy on them. A simple short "Happy valentines. Give your family a warm hug!" might be enough. Don't mention anything about Anonymous or the Church. Just a few simple succinct sentences will probably be more effective than some long rant.

    Also, a word of caution. They may have been told that some people may attempt to give them poisonous gifts, since they are most definitely reading this board.

    edit: I kinda like "Happy valentines! Remember to hug your friends and family!" more. With some luck they will think of someone that they've been disconnected from.
  20. I agree with this.

    And perhaps we can make this a seperate date?

    After all, the purpose of this from the individual with the idea was to make sure this didnt endo n Feb 10. But to keep planning, and actively demonstrating past that.
  21. Happy valentines day is too impersonal. Should make it something like Let anonymous be your valentine, or something like that
  22. I REALLY like this as well! :)
  23. AnonymousWI Member

    Proposed text:

    Dear Scientologist,
    We miss you
    Please come home
    We love you just the way you are

    Your friends and family


    Dear Scientologist,
    Have a great Valentine's Day
    And remember to hug your family

    The message definitely needs to be non-combative (don't attack the church no matter what), and needs to remind them of what they've given up in the name of Scientology (the money aspect is NOT going to encourage them).
  24. ICanHasThetan Member

    I think we should do this on Valentines Day rather than on the 10th. Remember, this can't just be Feb 10, this has to be an ongoing campaign.
  25. If I'm buying lollipops, I'll be damned if I don't get one for myself.
    As I said, if they won't eat them, I will.
  26. Hahahaha, that's fantastic
    Those should be real cards

    I mean... for sale.
  27. IBoughtADog Member

    The only problem is that Valentine's Day is a weekday, which makes it hard for many people to get out and distribute.

    I personally support the idea of:

    "Happy Valentines! Remember to hug your friends and family!


    It's friendly and still gets it across that it's from Anonymous.

    I think we should avoid candy just on the off-chance that it's somehow misconstrued. I'd hate for one planted lollipop to be our undoing.

    Oh, and I think the cards should have pre-formatted text. Hand-writing a message is certainly more personal, but it's also not.. Anonymous. :p
  28. Briar Member

    I like the card. Just saying. Ill probably put a simple message without guilt. Im sure they are already getting enough of it from the "church."
  29. Boyks Member

    Hello fellow anons. Figured I couldn't keep lurking anymore. I do plan on getting involved in project CoSplay, however since I live in the Midwest where there are no centers for over 500 miles I am slightly lessened in what I can do to aid the cause. Thus, I have taken it upon myself to help with the "raid" on the 14th and with these valentines. So I plan on sending 50-100 of them out through the U.S. mail to centers all around the U.S. I'm hopefully going to send the heart shaped one with a sucker attached. So I'd first of all like to say thanks to all of you and the creator of the video in the OP's post. Secondly, any ideas on what I should write on any of them, if anything, or possibly a clever return address?
  30. Anonytrench Member

  31. Anondelivers Member

  32. dawnanon Member

    I love all theses Valentine ideas, the lollipop one and the V-Day mask one are my favorites.

    I think maybe we have to continue doing stuff like this after Valentine's, harmless shows of good will. Maybe hand out Anon Peanuts on the road, and maybe get us all to sponsor a tree for Earth Day, if we're still going at it then.

    ETA: Also, the thread title totally made me think of Panic At the Disco. :?
  33. Anonytrench Member

    Plans like this for AFTER Two-Ten should and will be always in the works. handing out food to strangers gives xenufags too much room to make our cause look bad. Need I remind you how just a few days ago they attempted to set us up the bomb? I like your idea for Earth Day. There was talk of getting hippies involved on our side, and this day is one of the biggest holidays for the tree huggers. Here's another valentine:

  34. Here are some I posted in another threat (whoops) and posted on the SA forums. It should fit on an 8.5/11 or A4 sheet of paper.

  35. AnonyTsunami Member

    I think the candy is a terrible idea, because it would be a very easy way to set us up "Oh no, they gave Timmy some poisoned candy!!! See, they really are horrible meme chucking monsters."

    We all know they aren't above killing their own to make a point.
  36. donotstalk Member

    Agreed, no candy guys!
    But beautiful cards.
    Why, oh why, don't I have a printer?
  37. ravenanon Member

    it's a great idea, but let me state the obvious:
    Don't hand them your finger prints.
    Don't use envelopes or fold anything up. We have already been accused of sending white powder to the centers.

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