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Discussion in 'Projects' started by googoomuck, Jan 31, 2008.

  1. I'm in the process of getting some cards printed for my local CoS

    The message in the cards will read;

    Roses are red
    Violets are blue
    Knowledge is free
    You can be too

    All signed "Anon."

    Does anon approve?
  2. UTANON Member

  3. dawnanon Member

    I definitely see your point there. Maybe instead of lollipops, we could hand out Valentine's bandaids or pens & pencils or something. I could try to design a card to match.

    I think we should still attach something to the cards. People are just more likely to hang on to it if they get something free.
  4. NewAnon Member

    This was brought up somewhere else, but what about just sending valentines that are cute and simple, don't propegandize (that's prolly not a word, oh well), but let rank and file Scienos know that they are cared about still. Try to focus less on the Anonymous logo and more on Valentine's Day, and conveying the message of caring. Then mail a press release and samples of your creations to your local news station/newspaper, let them know what you are going to do, and let the press know that it is a part of Anonymous efforts. It makes the Scieno higher ups look like jerks if they just throw them away. It also makes the mailed in ones more likely to be looked at, since things labeled with the Anon labels at the moment may not be something that they would allow to spread around the orgs. It also encourages others who may not be onboard with Anon yet but see this as a good idea to participate, and doesn't attempt to force information/thoughts down their throats, which would automatically get it ignored. Just a thought. :)
  5. This is exactly my point. Stop trying to get across some clever message across. Just be nice to them without any mention of Anonymous or their religion. Just write something you would write to a friend.
  6. dawnanon Member

    ^ Well, yes, that would be the logical thing to do. But I still have to post this.

    Gift-A-Pen Card:

    The black line at the bottom of the heart is the slit you cut to insert a pen. If you do this, tape the pen to the back of the card for ~extra security~ (but srsly tape it or something).
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    repost from the other thread because I am now stalking Stefka. Can I use those cards you made? Would you mind? My mother plans on handing these out. As do I, if I can figure out a way to get to a location.

    I wouldn't put "if you are looking for a way out we can help" in there though. These are to show that we care about the person. Not that we want them to get out. Maybe "If you need help, more people care about you then you might think" with a winking face or something along those lines.

    Also put one link at the bottom, not both on the same card. Or just leave them off as others are saying. Hell leave them off but give the links, and the ones for Freezoners, to the media.
  8. anonipanda Member

    I think it might be worth it, to just buy some run of the mill Valentines; like Hello Kitty and Pokemon and whatever, and sign them with some friendly message about the outside world.

    "From a friendly _____"

    Not sure what to put in the _______ though.
  9. Bexx Member

    "Face" Since we are all faceless.

    Stefka Thanks I just wanted to be sure before I started printing them out. I might see about putting them on postcards to send out. That way there is no chance of them being seen as anything else. And even if we do just mail them in and they are snatched away there will be TONS of them and people will see them, even if they are in the garbage.
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