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  1. Valentines

    I've heard rumor of sending valentines by the metric ton to scientology locations on valentines day. Any truth to said protest? and if so, how shall we go about this?
  2. Comrad3 Member

    Well... we could mass email every branch address we can find... Maybe have a bunch of addresses to send valentine hearts with the anon faceless silhouette...
  3. Also, is this legal? to flood mail or email?
  4. mtlanon Member

    I'm thinking of sending flowers to them with a note saying

    "To the members of scinetology,we love you, we do not have a problem wiht your beliefs, only with how the church is ran. Come talk to us we are here to listen."

    anyone got a better way to word it?
  5. xenuftagn Member

    I still like the idea of just handing out valentines with some good information on valentine's day. Not necessarily at the churches, but somewhere public to raise awareness.
  6. murx Member

    nice said. Just remember - dont send envelopes!
  7. How does anon feel about making and posting homemade postcards for sending to scientologists as was done with the flyers?
  8. Aw, I was planning to send envelopes when I couldn't find valentine's postcards. Why not envelopes?
  9. Comrad3 Member

    Mass emailing isn't illegal, mail bombing is. Don't use bots to send emails, just write emails yourself.
  10. They might claim there is white powder inside. No envelopes removes the chance of possibility of scion asshattery.
  11. Yes, don't allow them to obtain your fingerprints!
  12. Anon8129 Member

    Home-made postcards would work GREAT. Someone that lives nearby could send some flowers and candy from a shop.

    No return addresses of course.
  13. Nikanon Member

    If you go for the homemade postcards, wear rubber gloves as you do it and use common felt tip pens I'd say. A lot of art stores have mailing lists or know their customers, so using specific pens could lead back to you. Crayola are good enough XD

    I'm overly paranoid XD
  14. I'm actually thinking we should hand out Valentines to the public. Those little cheap kiddie ones you can get at the dollar store or CVS/Walgreen's WalMart etc...

    Just write <3 Anon on the 'From' line and The Public on the 'To' line. Then toss a or a on the bottom edge or wherever you have free space and BAM! people will take them and read them b/c they are colorful and EVERYONE likes getting valentines on V-Day.

    Let the world know we are not cyberterrorists, but an internet love machine. :*
  15. Annon514 Member

    Actually no. It's considered harassment.
    I learnt that the hard way :(
  16. Ash Member

    Please don't home-make cards unless you can be absolutely sure that no fingerprints get onto them. Wear gloves throughout construction, writing and posting.

    NO ENVELOPES. Please be careful. And be nice - this is a message of love, not hate.
  17. AnneOminous Member

    for added paranoia, type, don't handwrite cause it could be analyzed. also, don't lick the envelopes, DNA.
  18. Nikanon Member

    Speaking of handing out things to the public, what about those online valentine's cards? Just send thos eout to our mailing lists "to friends, love anon" etc?
  19. I've been leaving the small "kiddie" ones sitting on trains and buses.

    To: You
    From: Anon

    then i write "" anywhere that sticks out. I wore gloves (just in case, plus it's SNOWING!) The kind I used first were snoopy n woodstock so the net address fit perfect across the top edge of his doghouse. :)
  20. photoshop4321 Member

  21. TakeAnonMe Member

    If you don't want to send postcards, consider folding the valentines in half and using staples or single pieces of tape to hold them closed.
  22. in clearwater, we are deff doing this. afterall, that is the mecca.
  23. WMAnon Member

    "These flowers are for you: the pre-Clears, the low-level Auditors, for everyone who has been taken into the Church of Scientology. We love you. We do not want to attack you or your beliefs. Our only desire is to help you escape an organization that abuses its followers. We will help you when you come back.

    Happy Valentine's Day

    Edited to remove "blow"
  24. halfdark Member


    [reads &quot;Dear $cientology, we heard you leik Mudkips, ... with love Anonymous &lt;3]

    As for prints and things, although I was careful, this would only matter if yours are on record anywhere. Even if they DID have access to police files (and I don't think they've gotten THAT far) You'd still need a criminal record to match it.
  25. halfdark Member

    my mudkips card got destroyed :C so i got a new one, this time with a more sincere message (basically what was said up above there).
    JUST got back from delivering it. I had Rickroll playing on some speakers, and handed it to an elderly scifag outside (though I really wanted to hand it to red-tie <3<3).
    I was, however alone D: which scared me a whole bunch. But I was way fast and took a long route so I could be sure I wasn't being followed.

    I hope they liked it. :3
  26. photoshop4321 Member

  27. Cards are an awesome idea, I wish I had gotten some out in time...
  28. AnonKiwi Member

    I love seeing people continue to keep the pressure up. That's just so damn cool. The Scios will go completely paranoid nutso! Well done!
  29. Lorelei Member

    Re: Valentines

    The greeting cards idea was win!

    No harm in celebrating other Hallmark Holidays similarly, if the messages remain friendly and helpful.

    St. Patrick's Day construction paper shamrocks?

    "Happy St. Patrick's Day!
    Wishing you nothing but true happiness and joy.

    <3 Your friends, Anonymous

    [helpful net links here]"

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