Vancouver Fronts

Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by anons_in_the_trees, May 2, 2008.

  1. Vancouver Fronts

    hey everybody, I have recently begun collecting information on various known and rumoured fronts here in Vancouver and area. What I found was mildy shocking to say the least, I had no idea there was even 1 front operating in this city. My only knowledge of the scienos was that Church on Hastings. Little did I know that exactly one block away from the church is a CCHR building.


    So I began finding more and more of them. Known fronts such as U-Man and Kassel Painting (they have a link to on their website ...Narconon front!) are operating here under the radar. The General Manager of Kassel Painting is a man by the name of Peter Byrne, and according to this Peter Byrne - Scientology Service Completions | Truth About Scientology Statistics Project he is Clear, people.


    Rumour has it there is also a Narconon "Society" along with a Detox Center (apparently, these two I need to see in person first which I will be doing shortly)

    More to follow I'm sure. :fuckyou:

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