Vanity Fair: Hollywood's Top 40 Earners in 2010

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by Smurf, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. Smurf Member

  2. Herro Member

    Oh yeah, poor guy only made 14.5 million and is ranked higher in 2010 than he was in 2009. How much did you make last year Smurf? Hopefully people were still tipping well down at the glory hole.
  3. Smurf Member

    Trying to say something intelligent again, loser? Keep working at it.. it'll come to you in a few years.

    Considering TC earned $20,000,000 + 12% of the gross for Mission:Impossible 3, taking a pay cut for producing AND acting in M:I Part 4 has to be an ego buster for a narcissist like Cruise.
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  4. hushpuppy Member

    Smurf, you should know by now to not feed the trolls...
  5. theprofitlrh Member

    It is intresting looking through that list to see just how few of them are Scientologists.
    Besides Tom the Tit it's not quite the infiltration of Hollywood that Scilons like to present.
  6. StoP Member

    Cruise, Holmes, and Travolta are basically it. Ann Archer? What the hell has she done recently? I know Cheers was on for a while, but I'm still surprised that Kirstie Ally could afford OT VII.

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