Vanonymous appears to be dead.

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by Philosophe JX, Jul 17, 2011.

  1. Philosophe JX Member

    Hi I'm from Vancouver and a frequent visitor to Victory Square. My route takes me past the local Org, and I've noticed a change from last year's deadness. They're actually putting out Stress Test Tables and were even out when the riots were tearing Van a new asshole.

    My question to the hivemind is simple: Why are these SciFags allowed to recover and heal? You had them on the run, hiding in that decaying shithole, smoking behind bars like nervous zookeepers guarding caged animals. What Happens now that the local costume and sewing fabric store sells Vmasks and is staffed by scifags?

    Tell me why we should allow this festering filth upon our streets?
  2. Anonymous Member

    I agree. You should come out to the next protest, or organize one yourself.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Did a raid yesterday. Pouring rain, everyone got soaked. It was "Open House" day at the org:


    Note the rebus 'house' and the door for the house shown shut. During the first 2.5 hours we were out front, no members of the public went in to the open house.

    A few $cilons came and went but that was all. New blinds on the doors and side windows. People continue to get their clothing tangled up in the venetian blinds on their way in and out.

    We went for lunch to dry off for awhile, and several Anons returned to the org because the rain had quit after we'd had some lunch.

    The Vancouver Anon web site is still active, and that is where raid dates are voted on and protests planned.

    I've been told that the first raids involved 200+ Anons. I don't know why it has fallen off to around a dozen or so committed Anons.
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  4. Major Boyle Member

    Because anons get easily bored. The key is to keep your web site up. We're able to get more people because of it. Plus you have to keep it lulzy. Dancing, musicz and caek at every raid. Works for us.

    Try doing some flash flyering sometimes. A little variety makes it more interesting.
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  5. Anonymous Member

    Unknown to me until earlier this week, the Van Anons had a flash raid earlier this month. I was only aware of the plans for July 16th, but they were very active before the formal raid date. Cops were called on the flash raid date and video was made, and is now being edited.

    Van Anon also involved with composing and editing an important video of Mark Bunker's visit to Vancouver in late May or early June.

    There seems to be a focus on getting situations that are good for video, and then making it happen. For example, the record-breaking stress-test-table takedown video, stuff like that.

    It's a very active cell for a smaller city. I have no complaints. And I always take cake or cookies!
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  6. Anonymous Member

    Umm.. because freedom of religion in Canada is a constitutionally protected right, allowing believers the freedom to assemble and worship without limitation or interference?
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  7. Smurf Member

  8. Not when they have yet to answer for their own hand in depriving others of their fundamental right.
    fuck off osa scum!

    Much love to the Vancouver anons from Las Vegas<3
    you guys come and see me sometime ;)
  9. Anonymous Member

    No U.
  10. Kozz Member

    Pshh i was at a raid on saturday noob. Also for all your vanon needs
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  11. Kozz Member

    delicious cake
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  12. Kozz Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Oh hai there, Herro.
  14. Herro Member

  15. Anonymous Member

    Come On IN . . .
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  16. slobeck Member

    shut up herro
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  17. Kozz Member

  18. Herro Member

    Swing and a miss.
  19. slobeck Member

    hey, if the shoe fits. Shit in it.
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  20. Herro Member

  21. Anonymous Member


    want stress test, want stress test

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