Very Easy Proxy Guide! Proxy Explained! BE ANONYMOUS

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by r-for-revolution, Dec 27, 2009.

  1. Ok so for you that don't know how to use proxy or what it is then read this thread.

    What is a proxy?

    When you enter a website then you directly connect to the website and your ip address is recorded by the website.
    Like this:

    Your computer -> Website

    BUT when you use a proxy server you first connect to the proxy server then you enter the site. So the proxy servers ip address is recorded by the site and you are anonymous.
    Like this:

    Your computer -> Proxy Server -> Website

    With proxy servers you can also go around filterd sites.


    Download Proxy Browser

    There are alot of ways to connect to proxy servers but the one I recommend is proxy servers. All you got to do is open the browser and your connected to the proxy server.

    1. Download Freegate which is a proxy browser Click Here 392KB

    2. After it's downloaded then install it

    3. Start the program and you will see that internet explorer opens. Everything looks normal BUT you're actually using a proxy server so your now safe to browse sites.

    Thanks for reading!
  2. Kruge Moderator

    I would like to add:

    Don't just download any proxy program offered through an anonymous link if your security could really be at risk.

    Use google and especially look for open-source-community tools rather than using one you know nothing about. Open source software has the immense advantage of a community of people working with open - for - all sourcecodes, that way you can be more certain that your security isn't actually hacked by a tool no one knows.
  3. Switching proxy server

    To switch and enable those proxy I using free software that doing it very fast and easy "IE Proxy switch" you can download it from: IE Proxy Switch. This small application saving all the proxy that you need and by 2 clicks enable or disable the proxy. Enjoy
  4. Anonymous 38 Member

    1 Use a proxy. Download a proxy from a google search,Tor is a good one
    2 Turn off cookies on internet options to stop tracking cookies
    3 Do not use the same email accounts for normal and activisim email addresses
    4 ?????
    5 Profit.
  5. Irratar Member

    More advice

    Well, let me also give a few more advices.

    1. Do not use the same TOR circuit or proxy for both activism and other purposes. Or at least
    wait about 15 minutes to be sure someone else have used this circuit or proxy.

    2. Disable Java and Javascript as well as cookies.

    3. When you leave an activist site, cleanup web history and cache because some browsers sometimes, without warning, check for newer version of cached docs.

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