Very Effective CoS Tactic - How Can We Counter It? READ THIS

Discussion in 'Projects' started by sw, Feb 13, 2008.

  1. sw Member

    Very Effective CoS Tactic - How Can We Counter It? READ THIS

    The most effective tactic I have seen from the 10th by the Scientologists was to infiltrate the protesters and pretend to be part of the demonstration.

    Now while we experienced antagonistic behaviour from the sci-chavs, what really damaged our cause on Sunday was when they made their own signs and started chants damaging to our cause, such as "I've got nothing better to do on a Sunday!" or "We really don't have lives!".

    There was no way to tell the difference between us and the Scientologists, so you can see the huge threat this poses to us on the 15th.

    Now we know they are considering bringing in their top bullbaiters for the 15th, but whilst bullbaiters can be ignored, this kind of action cannot be, and is extremely hard to counter.

    I can only assume that as the Orgs are connected they will have noted this and may well try it on the 15th. We need to find a way of stopping this should it happen.
  2. c0ld Member

    When we reported our trolls to the police they (the police) were pretty helpless to do anything as it was our word against the trolls (they denied swearing, threatening the public etc whilst pretending to be part of our group).

    As soon as we had them on tape doing it and we showed it to the police they were moved on pretty much straight away. So one bit of advice to everyone - make sure you film anything like this to use as evidence to resolve the situation quicker.
  3. ANON E MOOSE Member

    Is there any laws in place to prevent the willful subversion or disruption of a protest.

    I imagine there must be to maintain the integrity of the protests idea. Otherwise you could just have a mingling of pro and anti demonstrators at just about anything.

    If anon gets a permit to protest, that permit is to protest a set thing, no? They wont just give you a permit to shout anything right.

    People screwing up the demo with that kind of shit ( nothing better to do signs) arent operating under the umbrella of the planned protest and as such are protesting without a permit and should be reported as such.

    Similarly anyone protesting hate rather than lawful objection is operating outside the umbrella of the peaceful protest and should be reported to the police immediately.

    Any law students about??
  4. Ash Member

    Not sure about the legal side of anything but the police in Birmingham were very supportive. We'd warned them in advance that there may be plants in the crowd and that if any trouble was started from either us or the Co$ then we'd all move away and would appreciate it if it was dealt with quickly. They seemed more than happy with this and so I'd recommend that at least one person from each protest get in touch with their local police force, explaining the plan and mentioning that 'true Anonymous members will ALWAY co-operate with the police force'. We want these guys on our side and don't want them to have to work any harder than necessary.

    As for swearing/general bad stuff - take camcorders, get evidence, then report them. Take their photos while it's all happening. Perhaps there could be a new section on the wall of shame for people who have been actively causing trouble?
  5. numclock Member

    i think that people who can record video should be assigned to look out for plants. record them, and let the police know. follow them to ensure they do not interact with any public that do not know that they are plants. if they start trolling, chanting "don,t feed the troll" is best, and maybe try to bring a sign with an arrow stating "they are not with us".

    as ash said, let the police know.
  6. Stay calm.

    Let the police know what you suspect is going on, but understand there may be little they can do.

    Have 2 people obtain as much video evidence as possible and try to "interview" the culprits, but in no way be riled by them.

    After the protest, this can be collated, compared and contrasted with:
    Video of 10th, Video of the "troublemakers", Video showing past "church" attempts to discredit critics. Supply to media.

    Co$ already has a reputation for doing this sort of thing (and worse), so although not gr8 at the protest itself, ultimately we'll be able to capitalize on it.
  7. Citybeatnik Member

    Re: Very Effective CoS Tactic - How Can We Counter It? READ

    Oh come on, that is hilarious. To make things simple? If someone like that shows up at a protest, have something available to write either "Fail" or "Plant" on it, an arrow, and follow the person around. We're still not being violent, we're not yelling at people (and thus they can't show that), and it's as hilarious as what is going on.
  8. saerat Member

    Plant signs ftw!
  9. Nice Citybeatnik: DIRTY GR8 big arrow with "Plant" etc. is gonna look gr8 to the crowds and the cameras :lol:
  10. sw Member

    Re: Very Effective CoS Tactic - How Can We Counter It? READ

    It's funny, but if I was walking past and saw that going on I would immediately lose interest in the message.

    Which would bring lulz, but also fail.
  11. psyborgue Member

    Either that or "not with stupid -->" but yeah.. I think this suggestion is probably the easiest way to deal with infiltration.
  12. Ash Member

    That's all very well during a big raid where Anon outnumber the troublemakers but from what I understand Plymouth was relatively small and a single troublemaker made the whole group look bad.

    I'd say the really small protests need a police presence just as much as the large ones so get in touch with the right people ASAP and give them lots of notice. In Brum it was only when most of our protesters had marched up the street that the Co$ doorman came out into the street and started harassing the remaining protesters. They prey on small groups that can be intimidated - a police presence makes them wary of doing this.

    Protect our little protests!
  13. 4theLulz Member

    Have faith...that's the benefit of us all standing together...seperate yourself from it, video it and Anonymous's will get it out there in a way that let's the world see the truth.

    Have no doubt, propaganda may be superficially appealing, but shake the truth and it shines.
  14. Kaso Member


    Can't remeber where i saw this, but one of the 02-10 raids.
  15. Dubber Member

    "Disrupting a lawful assembly" is a form of disorderly conduct in some jurisdictions, and otherwise illegal in others.

    Be careful though, because if you're noisy enough and close enough (i.e. not across the street per the general rules), the Scis can turn it back on you and say that you're disrupting their church assembly.
  16. anon13 Member

    WaffleImages doesn't work here. But lol.

    Edit: Oh wait, now the picture is showing up. Weird.
  17. thelolrist Member

    Get some stickers printed up and plant them on the plants? Like the good old "Kick me" taped to someone's back. Might backfire though.
  18. Anonymous107 Member

    Two people came to the Albany protest claiming to hate scientology, and talked to us. Some people actually talked to them.

    However, later, I found one of the two peple on a Boston Scientology website, her name was listed as "unlisted".
  19. chanson Member

    In future, test them to find out if they're just saying 'oh I hate Scientology' or 'I am opposed to the abuses CoS has committed', something like that. Remember, one of the aims of Anon isn't Scientology, but the CoS. 8)

    And no 'kick me' signs, that's just asking for things to get out of hand.
  20. Permits are key. Talk to the city and get a permit. If you've got permission to be there, you can go to the police and say "We'd like such and such removed from our protest. They are inciting and discrediting our protest."
  21. c0ld Member

    The road opposite our CoS was closed for repair works, so we were directly outside the church. The sci's did complain to the police about the noise as they were having a sunday session however the police reminded them that they were in a commercial property in a commercial area so they didnt have a leg to stand on.
  22. Our groups particular response to this was
    1.) We cleared it ahead of time with police and got a permit (so one dedicated member was entrusted with the health of the protest and we followed their lead and placed our trust in them, and thus they could kick out whoever was being disruptive)
    2.) Had video of everything we did
    3.) Passed out individual cut outs of a Code of Conduct using both the general and some specific rules to the city where we were protesting
    4.) We stated ahead of time and reinforced the idea that if you were disruptive or breaking any laws WE would be the first ones to call the cops on you, not the scientologists. We said aloud if we want to be effective in our message, only our message must be heard and not negative news about our protesters.
  23. Poofy Member

    QFT. Well done.
  24. Grey Anon Member

    If people didn't already know/do this then we need to pass this along.
  25. ihcn Member

    I think i'm going to make a "This person does not represent us" sign for March just in case.
  26. I was thinking of making two, with arrows, so people can properly direct their Ire.

    One arrow pointing left, one pointing right...that way they can't try to nudge you out by standing next to a tree or wall.
  27. ihcn Member

    Or you could make it two-sided...
  28. Holy shit. You just blew my fucking mind. :eek:
  29. Dagon Akujin Member

    Speaking of their little "Black Ops" stuff, any way we could launch our own campaign? You know... maybe having someone out saying they were a Scientologist and wanted to give the Newsman a quick statement... filled with absolute fail.

  30. Me Member

    Why give them a target, when the ammunition they normally use ends up hitting themselves?
    Much more lulz when they get their spokespeople on the job :lol:
  31. Citybeatnik Member

    No. Our weapon is the truth, etc etc. Always think of this before you act: WW :wbm: D?
  32. Anaunimus Member

    Re: Very Effective CoS Tactic - How Can We Counter It? READ

    TL;DR version of field report:

    Your mom's log, space date: raped

    Our protests have caused scientologists to start behaving just like /b/tards and they have embraced the 4chan way.

    Conversion efforts much more fruitful than expected. The situation remains fluid. As of today's space date, your mom has penned the scores as follows:

    Anonymous: WIN 9001

    Scientology: FAIL


    Make it more fun and convivial to be anon than to be scientologist. Lulz, chaos and freedom ftw!1

    Treat Scientologist plants as nicely as you would a fellow anon (actually, do NOT tell them to go kill themselves EVEN if you're really bored. So, treat them better than you would a /b/tard).

    Pretend you don't know they're plants and say that their signs are hilarious and offer to swap signs.


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