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Discussion in 'Independent Scientology' started by The Wrong Guy, Aug 25, 2015.

  1. The Wrong Guy Member

    Into the Freezone: Practicing Scientology Outside of the Church | VICE

    By Luke Winkie, VICE, August 25, 2015


    The Freezone encompasses thousands of people and many different groups of practitioners, but there are other breakaway groups like the California Association of Dianetic Auditors that claim to have been founded as early as 1950. There is no clear, organized Scientology assembly removed from the Church, and while longstanding independent organizations like CADA exist, most people on the outside follow their own interpretations and their own rules.

    "The Freezone or 'Independent Scene' or 'Indie Scientology' is just people who practice Scientology and Dianetics outside the Church of Scientology. Because there's no centralized authority there, it's mainly loose-knit practitioners. So [practices] vary. It's not standardized," says Claire, a former Freezone Scientologist.

    The beliefs of Freezone Scientologists also vary. There are some who only believe parts of what L. Ron Hubbard wrote, others who focus primarily on the auditing process, and still others who are fully committed to the space opera Galactic Confederacy story you may have seen represented on South Park. The one unifying feature shared by most Freezoners is a general distrust for the Church of Scientology.

    "Like the early Lutherans, the initial intention was to 'fix what's broken,' believing that it always makes sense to resolve differences internally," says Sarah. "When that didn't work, Luther broke off to do what he felt was the better path to God — just as the [Freezone] did."

    The alleged emotional and financial abuses of the Church have been extensively reported. These are, for the most part, the same reasons that drive Freezoners to dislike the Church. There are other, more insular issues — like the misuse of dianetics technology — but primarily Freezone Scientologists are hostile towards the Church because they don't like the idea of their religion and fellow Scientologists being exploited for a profit.

    The full article, with open comments, is here:
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  2. RightOn Member

    boo = Freezone
    yay = "alleged emotional and financial abuses of the church have been extensively reported"
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  3. Please Note: Free-Zone Scientology site

    One thing that all Free-Zone Scientology practitioners have in common is that they pretend that the financial, physical and mental abuses are somehow new to Scientology and have mainly occurred since David Miscavige became the leader after the death of LRH.

    Every single one of these abuses has been prevalent within Scientology by design ever since the very beginning of convicted fraud L. Ron Hubbard's fake science turned fake religion scam began. Scientologists have been bankrupted and exploited for decades, policies involving the treatment of Scientologists own children under LRH constitute child abuse and neglect all by themselves.

    L. Ron Hubbard's research (oxymoron) and alleged 'Tech', that was pulled from the blue sky and beyond has not and can not withstand scientific scrutiny. Hubbard promised that all Dianetic clears would hve perfect memory, perfect vision and freedom from the vast majority of medical ailments. All Lies! He sold this these lies and false promises for exorbitant phony 'fixed donations' for decades.

    It's called fraud, Scientology has been a big scam from Day 1 and continues to sell these lies today both in the Free-Zone and 'Corporate' Scientology. They are all committting fraud and should be prosecuted for selling Hubbard's bogus lies and toxic processing that has led to so much abuse and ruined so many families and lives over the years.

    Don't follow a fraudster. L. Ron Hubbard was the biggest fraud of the 20th century.
    Do not re-victimize with Free-Zone LRH lies of bogus 'Tech'.

    Ex- Scientologists: You're finally free.......
    Please don't be fooled twice and purchase Free-Zone Fraud!
    Just move on, your original intentions were for good reasons that turned out to be an abusive scam, nothing more, Hubbard lies were sold to you, it's over.

    May I suggest going to a random movie at 11AM on a Thursday, you remember formerly known as Stat day Thursday 2:00 PM and you'd be scrambling like crazy every Wednesday and Thursday to meet your absurd LRH production Quota.
    Relax, Chill, join a friend for a movie, take your time, no to report in to now.
    Do Not buy in to Free-Zone Fraud, leave the cans behind, enjoy your life...........

    Google: Fraud in the Scientology Free-Zone
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Fraud
    Google: L.Ron Hubbard / Child abuse in Scientology
    Google: L. Ron Hubbard abused 4 year old Derek Greene on the Apollo
    Google: Narconon Deaths

    Google it all on LRH: Free-zoners, Please stop selling the abusive monster L. Con Hubbard's lies and insane processing, enough harm has been done.

    Thanks, I hope you all get over the mental grip that Hubbard's controlling endless processing has had on you and allows you to even think that it's OK to promote and sell this scam for your own benefit under any circumstances.
    It's not OK! OK?

    Free-Zoners and Scientologists were conned, turned into abusive cons themselves by the 'Tech'. Please stop for your own sake and move on with your lives.

    I wish you all well, but not if you insist on pushing this insane phony 'Tech' on anyone ever again.
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  4. Jim Jackson is a free zoner, right?

    I heard Jim Jackson is still making money from Scilons. Is that true? Playing double games as long as the cash flow keeps going?

    Last I heard of him is that he is telepathically talking to Ole Hubbard and his dead friends.
  5. Yes, he’s still consulting my ex-wife. She doesn’t know he is declared *snigger*

    Jim has always had a very short “connection” to Hubbard. I think he gave him some telepathic tips how to evade taxes.
  6. Jim Jackson is crazy. When we were still in there was always concern he could go Type III any time. Talks to himself all the time and sometimes to Hubbard or Lord Xenu.

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