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    Thousands of California soldiers forced to repay enlistment bonuses a decade after going to war | Los Angeles Times


    Short of troops to fight in Iraq and Afghanistan a decade ago, the California National Guard enticed thousands of soldiers with bonuses of $15,000 or more to reenlist and go to war.

    Now the Pentagon is demanding the money back.

    Nearly 10,000 soldiers, many of whom served multiple combat tours, have been ordered to repay large enlistment bonuses — and slapped with interest charges, wage garnishments and tax liens if they refuse — after audits revealed widespread overpayments by the California Guard at the height of the wars last decade.

    Investigations have determined that lack of oversight allowed for widespread fraud and mismanagement by California Guard officials under pressure to meet enlistment targets.

    But soldiers say the military is reneging on 10-year-old agreements and imposing severe financial hardship on veterans whose only mistake was to accept bonuses offered when the Pentagon needed to fill the ranks.

    “These bonuses were used to keep people in,” said Christopher Van Meter, a 42-year-old former Army captain and Iraq veteran from Manteca, Calif., who says he refinanced his home mortgage to repay $25,000 in reenlistment bonuses and $21,000 in student loan repayments that the Army says he should not have received. “People like me just got screwed.”

    In Iraq, Van Meter was thrown from an armored vehicle turret — and later awarded a Purple Heart for his combat injuries — after the vehicle detonated a buried roadside bomb.

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    wow this is despicable
    the vets were enticed to sign up
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    US drops largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan | CNN


    The US military has dropped an enormous bomb in Afghanistan, according to four US military officials with direct knowledge of the mission.

    A GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb, nicknamed MOAB, was dropped at 7 p.m. local time Thursday, the sources said.

    The MOAB is also known as the "mother of all bombs." A MOAB is a 21,600-pound, GPS-guided munition that is America's most powerful non-nuclear bomb.

    The bomb was dropped by an MC-130 aircraft, operated by Air Force Special Operations Command, according to the military sources.

    They said the target was ISIS tunnels and personnel in the Achin district of the Nangarhar province.

    The military is currently assessing the damage. Gen. John Nicholson, commander of US forces in Afghanistan, signed off on the use of the bomb, according to the sources.

    This is the first time a MOAB has been used in the battlefield, according to the US officials. This munition was developed during the Iraq War.

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    Russia supplying Taliban with weapons, top U.S. general in Afghanistan suggests | CBS News


    U.S. Defense Secretary Jim Mattis arrived in Kabul, Afghanistan, Monday as the country descended further into chaos.

    Worsening the situation are new allegations the Russians are supplying the Taliban with weapons.

    “We’re going to have to confront Russia where what they’re doing is contrary to international law,” Mattis said.

    Gen. John Nicholson, the top U.S. general in Afghanistan, made it clearer. A reporter asked Nicholson “So you are not refuting that they are sending weapons?”

    “Oh, no, I am not refuting that,” Nicholson replied.

    The visit comes after a sneak attack by the Taliban on an Afghan military base in Mazar i Sharif that killed at least 140 Afghan soldiers.

    Military vehicles drove Taliban fighters dressed in Afghan army uniforms past checkpoints and into the base.
    Survivors said the militants then opened fire on unarmed Afghan soldiers returning from a mosque.

    Mattis called the attack “barbaric.”

    The Taliban also claimed responsibility for another attack Monday at Camp Chapman, a base that houses CIA and U.S. special operations forces. In 2009, seven CIA officers were killed there in a suicide bomb attack. There are no American casualties this time.

    The Taliban now control about 40 percent of the country. The U.S. sent 300 Marines to Helmand Province last week, and Nicholson has said he may need a few thousand more troops.

    Despite a resurgent Taliban, the U.S. military targeted ISIS militants two weeks ago, dropping a 22,000-pound bomb on a network of caves and tunnels near the border with Pakistan. There have been no confirmation of ISIS deaths.

    Mattis also said Monday that 2017 is going to be another tough year for Afghan security forces. There is no word if Nicholson’s request for more U.S. troops will be granted.

    Source, and video:
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    US sending almost 4,000 extra forces to Afghanistan, Trump official says | The Guardian


    The Pentagon will send almost 4,000 additional American forces to Afghanistan, according to a Trump administration official, an attempt to break a stalemate in a war that has now passed to a third US commander-in-chief.

    The decision by defense secretary Jim Mattis could be announced as early as next week, the official said, and will be the largest deployment of American manpower under Donald Trump’s young presidency.


    Trump has inherited America’s longest conflict with no clear endpoint or a defined strategy for American success, though US troop levels are far lower than they were under presidents Barack Obama and George W Bush. In 2009, Obama authorized a surge of 30,000 troops into Afghanistan, bringing the total there to more than 100,000, before drawing down over the rest of his presidency.


    There have been almost 2,400 US military deaths in Afghanistan since 2001.

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