[Video] Anonymous asks Exes - could Scientology be reformed? if yes, how? And what good would it do

Discussion in 'Scientology and Anonymous' started by anon0004, Apr 1, 2011.

  1. anon0004 Member

    Again, stuff I still had on my HDD from last year.
    The question is answered by several exes, Jesse Prince, Hana and Jerry Whitfield, Amy Scobee, Marc Headley.
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Have to agree with those peeps. Reform would pretty much put the whole church under. Their best business model would be to drop the religious pretense, charge reasonable prices, and open Health and fitness centers. They already have Saunas made up right?
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  3. wow... thats was good. sexay male anons in GF masks... rawr!
    with that aside do you thin the assholes on the top would be willing to change a doctrine that brings them millions of dollars a year?
    it would be like asking david miscavige to give up having tom cruise's dick up his ass, you know it ain't going to happen.
    also: what kinda execs are those anons talking to? cos execs? community leaders?
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  4. ravenanon Member

    How do you reform something that was originally built with little regard for human life? The destruction the cult causes is in the doctrine. Changing the nature of sci would not be a matter of reform, but of a complete redo.

    Isn't this like trying to get the mafia to follow the law?
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  5. RightOn Member

    the only way COS stays afloat is through intimidation, mind control, suppression, disconnection and fear.
    Without these things, COS simply couldn't survive
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  6. willhaven720 Member

    the answer is: "it does not matter".

    scientology, in all capacities, has been exposed as a fraud. if "church policy" was the only error in scientology, the freezone would be much larger than it is today. but, as it were, without the enforced power of suggestion from a cult community to maintain attendance, people lose interest in the subject.

    the word itself has become a household joke (almost worldwide), thanks to the information age and anonymous activism. and it is only a matter of time before their collective ego is reduced to nothing. which has already become apparent in almost every area of the globe besides LA and clearwater. all other factors only effect the time frame in which they dissolve.
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  7. Anonymous Member


    TRUE TH@ M8
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  8. Anonymous Member

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  9. thefatman Member

    A) Reform won't happen, despite what MR^2 says.

    B) Dropping the religion angle and maintaining their current procedures also won't work as Hubbard's stuff just doesn't fucking work. It's quackery.
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  10. Zak McKracken Member

    I would like to subscribe to your church.
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  11. If L. Ron Hubbard's total fraud, mistreatment of children, slave labor, perjury, subjorning of perjury, illegal confinement, bribery, blackmail, tax evasion, forced abortions, intimidation of witnesses, physical and mental abuse of staff, illegal immigration of "religious" workers, government infiltrations, filing false criminal charges against critics, extortion, following Hubbard's unchangeable abusive, controlling policies and "scriptures" as well as many other Scientology crimes are legalized, well then.......

    I can't see any reason why not.............


    Keep Scientology Working............

    KSW.............Hip, Hip........Hoorray...........for sick, evil, demented, pill popping, rum swilling, child abusing, hypocritcal cult leader,

    ...............L. Ron Hubbard............

    Yay, Ron

    Google: L. Ron Hubbard / Child Abuse

    E.G. The Commodore's Messenger Organisation

    Hubbard's CMO's, tell me how that was not the abuse of young teenage girls by dear Commodore LRH

    Read his controlling, abusive policies, there are many that mandate the mistreatment of children and members.

    I do hope all current and former Scientologists overcome the horrible impact of simply following Hubbard's abusive policies has had on themselves and others.

    Many exes have, are now doing well and helping to end the abuses for those still in Scientology and other exes (free-zoners) who are still stuck in Hubbard's mindfuck.

    Most entered Scientology with good intentions, Hubbard's mind-numbing, controlling processing takes a toll........

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  12. pedrofcuk Member

    When people stop doing scientology it just disappears in an area, that is the only reform for this criminal cult.
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  13. I agree, this is exactly what I hope for the benefit of my family, for those still in and those who never got involved, it affects all. I feel the same for anyone who has had the horrible misfortune of buying into Hubbard's abusive, controlling, well-documented phony enlightment scam.

    I find the "Hubbard" in them nauseating.

    I'm fortunate to still have a fairly close relationship with them, (they're really not around much with their brutal schedules) never discussing Scientology abuses with those in ( I hate doing that and feel like a coward ), I simply can't let full disconnection happen because of the total impact to other family members with more moderate views who don't want to look into all of the abuses.

    I pretend to have been "handled", the ones out are well aware of my protesting, agree with me but don't want the upset, they all know what a fraud LRH was.

    Davey Miscavige has his "Back against The Wall, we're all just "Waitng for the Fall".

    May it come soon..........
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  14. Zak McKracken Member

    The CMO was not the abuse of young teenage girls by dear Commodore LRH,
    ....when it was the abuse of young teenage boys.

    Do you believe that a 10-year old David Miscavige entered into Scientology with ill intentions?
    Not all suffered equally.
    Some were harmed in body and spirit and still managed to escape with some part of their life left.
    Others were harmed but did not escape, or were crushed until dead.
    Some were harmed in body and spirit and became some kind of twisted mockery of all the good they had ever hoped to do, and to be.

    It may be hard to see DM as a victim today,
    but there was a time when he didn't beat his staff, because he had no staff.

    He learned this from somewhere.
    That was not the abuse of young teenage girls.
    The greatest squirreling of Tech DM ever faced, was being squirreled,
    and he himself is only partially complicit in that.
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  15. pedrofcuk Member

    I read somewhere that Hubbard once ordered DM to go spit in someone's face, which he did, then had to go back and tell the fat fuck exactly what happened in detail.

    And this is the great benefactor to mankind, yea right.

    Arrange the following words into a sentence: numbered days are their (answers on a postcard please)
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  16. willhaven720 Member

    would that be the church of WTFU perchance?
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  17. I believe Hubbard's creation of the CMO was indeed the abuse of young girls mostly, adding boys to the mix later.

    I guess I should have been more specific, i was not referring to DM at all in my post, it was about Hubbard's abuse of teenage girls when LRH originally set up the CMO, it was comprised of mainly young girls at his beck and call, all of these young girls had to be addressed as "Sir" and their messages were considered and treated as coming directly from the abusive prick, L. Ron Hubbard himself.

    As time progressed, so did the size and scope of his CMO expanding to boys as well. I believe that Miscavige is simply a product of Hubbard's abuses in the extreme, of course all have been affected differently by Hubbard's policies and processing, with no current or former Scientologist being affected for the better, imho.

    The abuses of the CMO and Scientology itself are initially by Hubbard, himself and spread throughout the scam leading to current day abuses by the likes of Miscavige who I do believe was a severe victim of L. Ron Hubbard but that does not by any means excuse his own brutal abuses today.

    Here's a little more info on Hubbard's original setup of his abusive CMO concerning Hubbard's abuse of teenage girls to which i was referring from Bare-Faced Messiah:

  18. Zak McKracken Member

    You weren't.

    Its not that pedo Hubbard was any less a monster,
    its that there was nothing remotely of value anywhere.

    Vulnerable female CMOs, vulnerable male CMOs,
    everywhere you see a duck, look again: the duck's fucked.

    I squirreled ur post into a rant about the abuses suffered apon "the manchild who would be King".

    Go ahead, beat me :(
    I deserve no less.
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  19. I'll beat my own ass, sorry I didn't pick up on that, lol well-played.

    The abuse of boys is equally bad, my bad.

    It's a sad day when my "tech" gets squirreled.
  20. Anonymous Member

    $cientology can never be reformed. The "tech" is dangerous on every single level. The entire library of scientology is reversed engineered mind control. Every part of it is damaging to your psyche. I don't think we should encourage talk like "reform."
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  21. AnonLover Member

    any chance u got any good still photos lurking on that HDD? If so - I'm looking for pics of Jesse.
  22. anon0004 Member

    after a quick search I found these. I don't know if this is what you were looking for.
    I also have them in HQ.



    Okay I admit it we use google wave because its awesome.

  23. AnonLover Member

    thks - those are perfect!
  24. BLiP Member

    David Miscavige is the perfect result of the dutiful application of L Ron Hubbard tech.
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  25. pedrofcuk Member

  26. Anonymous Member

    Churches never reform themselves. What happens is that sects break loose from the mother church and build their own church. That has already happened with Scientology. The Freezone is reformed Scientology.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    The Freezone is re-formed Scientology. Recasting shit in a cupcake tray doesn't make it cupcakes, not even with frosting. Captain Bill, founder of the Freezone was a damned evangelical loony-toons Scientologist.

    Wait, what's that you say? The Freezone is a jumbled chaotic mess that randomly picks and chooses which Hubbard spew to hold as holy writ? Then why did you say "The Freezone is..."?

    And what's your opinion on "Independent Scientology"?
  28. JohnnyRUClear Member

  29. Anonymous Member

    The Freezone doesn't have an OSA or Sea Org anymore. They don't practice fair game,disconnection, financial exploitation or any other abuses. Never heard any complaints about abuses from anyone about the Freezone. The only ones who complain are CoS-Scientologists and bigots, who simply can't stand it when other people don't believe the same things they believe themselves.
    So the Freezone is very much reformed Scientology. Independent Scientology is part of the Freezone.
  30. wait... i dint know that free zone and independent scientology where considered two different things?
  31. Anonymous Member

    So the LDS sects are reformed LDS?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Are you sure about that?
  33. Anonymous Member

    10 years old -- no wonder he drinks

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