Video of auditing with e-meter?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Anonymous, Aug 20, 2013.

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    I will be sending a Dianetics DVD to a psych but after watching it (yes, I did watch it and it was painful lol), I realized there was no mention of the e-meter (!?).

    I have lurked and so far I haven't found any video that explains auditing with the use of the e-meter.

    This psych has no idea what Dianetics is I would like to find a simple video (or a picture maybe...) that could explain the e-meter in context with auditing, to go along with the DVD.

    Can anybody help me out?
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    There is this, which involves a video, which has been leaked.

    It's from that Independent KSW group of moonbats:
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    There's the LRH text - Understanding The E-Meter - but I know of no videos that would explain and demonstrate how the scientologist is to use it. It's possible that someone else does.
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    You are squirrels the lot of you listen to SAUCE !

    L. Ron Hubbard - E-Meter Talk & Demo


    L. Ron Hubbard - Assessment


    L. Ron Hubbard - The E-Meter

    L. Ron Hubbard - On Auditing

    L. Ron Hubbard - Flattening A Process & The E-Meter

    L. Ron Hubbard - Flows, Prehave Scale, Primary Scale

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    C'mon now, We're trying to inform this guy, not drive him as insane as some hapless Lovecraftian protagonist.
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    Something like this was played to Lisa I suddenly realize
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