[VIDEO] [OFFICIAL] IAS 1993 Event -Tax War Over (single video, mp4)

Discussion in 'Leaks & Legal' started by Mafiawog, Jul 1, 2011.

  1. Mafiawog Member

    This was requested over on ESMB, so figured I'd put it here too, since my original copy was 2 videos which I merged.

    IAS 1993 Event - Announcement of the "war" with the IRS being over.
    Audio should be in sync.
    Runtime - 2h39m08s
    Video: 512x384 MP4 (h264)
    Audio: MP3, 44khz, 160kbps stereo (source was mono I think..?)

    I had to join 2 AVIs together, looked clean on my end, might be a 1/2 second "skip" about 1h22m into the video.


    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part01.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part02.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part03.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part04.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part05.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part06.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part07.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part08.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part09.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part10.rar (95.78 MB)
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part11.rar (21.39 MB)


    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part01.rar C3A3C3A52CDDFB046ECF35D7305CE898
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part02.rar E8F2E0401D7884F46EFD27837737DE35
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part03.rar C43E29A0812491E90ABE65F11CA82BDE
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part04.rar 0D3DB2E60078E2F2B0988376A475FD83
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part05.rar 5CDFC770A4CC4FFF5B11C0291A3AAC38
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part06.rar 8A134585D656FA0FE01B15917E21CC51
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part07.rar 625333F45FD4BD52E6A9F9A04DBCEB03
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part08.rar 57632F9A9C0AF5592B50FEE4AB4EF51D
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part09.rar 19D83A49661EAD81F3220A681FECADF8
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part10.rar 400A92809EF7973AA467F09E1E7C580A
    IAS-1993-IRS-War.part11.rar BE22F62958377E0D55B15D4F65ABA47A

    Spread or archive for research and lulz!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Is this a better quality rip or the one that was already leaked?
  3. El Ron Member

    I skimmed through it a while ago. It's pretty good quality, looks like it's been ripped off a VHS copy.
  4. Anonymous Member

    Any chance of a re-up?
  5. pooks Member

    Could you be a dear and upload these to mediafire.
  6. El Ron Member

    My hard drive died since that post and I've lost, well...everything, so I'm afraid I won't be able to give you the IAS video. Scavenging torrents has been no fun trying to replace all of the missing files.
  7. Anonymous Member

    Bump - Did anyone else get this first time around?
  8. YouSeeNothing Member

    Portions of the "War Is Over!!!" video appear in the Rock Center episode featuring Lawrence Wright's interview.

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