Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

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    I feel so sorry for Jett and so much anger directed at the fucking cult for murdering him.
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    No, the most sucessful con man in American history was not an idiot. Please do not make that mistake. the rank-and-file scilons might be suckers but the managment did not get where they are by being stupid.
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    I'm not typically one to post or reply to them, but I will take acception to this one. I am a parent of an autistic child, and yes, Jett does display some of the typical behaviors one would see in this disorder. BUT..a thirty second clip is not a definitive diagnosis. Also the word "hiding" is coming from someone who has no clue on children with special needs. One of the most important things we (parents of special needs children) know is the key to keeping that child calm is to protect them from overstimulation. Overstimulation by what? The media swarming, many voices coming from different direction trying to get questions answered, to name a few. But what else could they be trying to protect him from..FLASHBULBS! What happens when a child with epilepsy has several bulbs flashing around them? Seizuires! So if a child is not able to cope with these things then what would any protective parent do? Nothing different than what the Travolta's did. Back off..they are grieving the loss of this very special child of theirs who was not only taken away at a very young age but also died alone on a bathroom floor.
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    People don't really care if he had autism or not; regardless, he had regular seizures that could have been prevented had he taken anti-seizure medication. His parents refused to give him medication (due to Scientology's teachings that it makes you worse) and so he died. Death through negligence, not perhaps so much the fault of the Travoltas as those who gave them the advice. Backing off will do nothing except make it likely to happen many times again in the future.
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    John Travolta's Son's Nanny To Be Questioned By Police For Not Having Formal Childcare Qualifications | AHN | January 12, 2009

    Oh yeah right. The Travolta's did ALL they could eh? Funny how you don't mention the Manny. Lrn2Google, lrn2factcheck. Don't ASSUME the Travolta's did ANYTHING besides act in the fashion of radically devoted, $cilebrities. The cops are nao involved. Maybe you should develop a thicker skin and a healthy dose of cynicism and stop being such fucking bleeding hearts for people who are nao being questioned by police in a suspicious death, meh?
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    Thanks for posting.
    Jett is not the first person denied proper medical treatment because of scientology. Others have died from it and as long as it goes on others will.
    We would like to stop that.
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    No, not when there are other children with seizure disorders and other serious medical conditions whose welfare needs protection from the dangers of anti-science misinformation.

    Definitely not. Ever.
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    I find the videos to be rather sad and disturbing. :confused: Depacoat can be used for seizures or/and psychiatry. Why take Jett off of something that helped him??? To me, it's appalling and despicable!!! :mad: How dare John and Katie take Jett off of something that was helping him over his seizures. I don't understand Scientology nor do I want to, but some of their beliefs are imprudent!!! D*mn the CO$ and their stupid laws/rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :mad:
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    Much has been made of the relationship between Jett and John. many witnesses (the press etc.) were struck by how close the two seemed. Thats great; involved dads are wonderful but it begs the question: what about mom?

    Did mom just unload the little 'tard on someone sucker enough to be seen with it like she did with her first kid?
    It might help us to know more about this Kelly Preston person.
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    Dear mrfyde...What I refer to as hearsay is how so many on this thread claim as fact that Jett had Autism due to their personal experiences and the clip presented several times earlier. So far there hasn't been any proof or evidence that - that is what he had. There are many reasons why a person could suffer seizures, including brain damage. Furthermore, they wanted/want the Travolta's to stand up and admit that and criticize them as being bad and uncaring parents because they haven't or won't. Again, the case has to be proven first.

    People have also made claims as fact that they refused medical treatment for Jett thereby resulting in his death. What we do know , as John admitted as much, that Jett was on meds (Depakote) for a long time and after consulting with a neurologist, I think it was, they took him off as it was no longer effective and causing serious other problems. However, we don't know if he was on some sort of other treatment or not after that and up until his time of death. Him dying from a seizure is not proof. My neighbor is on all sorts of medication for her seizures and she still has the seizures, Grand Mal usually at night. These meds have to be monitored and changed from time to time. So again these claims are hearsay till evidence comes in to prove the contrary.

    Finally in regards to the police reports and conflicting stories of the time are right, there is some confusion as to what really happened. But what would the police reports be based off of? They weren't there the whole time so they would have had to question people there and perhaps consult the EMT's and doctors at the hospital. So of course they would have gotten their info. from the staff, parents, nanny etc. At first it was said he fell in the bathroom, hit his head and that caused is death. Later they said the same thing except that they don't know if he had a seizure first and fell and hit his head or by falling hitting his head caused the seizure. The time line seems to be in question. I find that suspicious too. As far as the death certificate is concerned it hasn't been released to the public and may never be released. So how do you know what it says? Last it was reported they say the cause of death officially is seizure. So I hope I have clarified what I am referring to as hearsay.

    As for their image both public and private I have no comment only to say that before I would crucify them the way many here are doing I want to know the truth. I am also not saying they are innocent...there just isn't enough facts presented for me to make that determination at this time. Oh something interesting I recently was an interview with Travolta and I think it was Rolling Stone - not sure, but, there he actually criticized the church saying that he doesn't agree with the leadership and management but does find merit in the principals of Scientology. So is he as devoted to the church in it's entirety as stated? Who knows...
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    If he'd been on medication for seizures at the time of his death they would have said it in the statement. Any neurospecialist who recommends coming off of one treatment and not going onto another to control dangerous seizures should be sacked, it seems unlikely that any independent specialist would do this.
    The only reason someone would take their child off of medication that controls dangerous seizures that otherwise occur once every four days is as a result of very bad advice or Munchausen's syndrome. The latter is unlikely so the former could be considered most probable.
    Who is likely to give out such poor advice? I think that much is obvious.

    The thing is, regardless of whether he had autism or not, he had seizures. If he had seizures, he should have been treated. If, through pure ignorance they chose not to give him medication, he should have been better supervised, who was the person allocated to care for him again?
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    There's a search function on this website. Use it to help you clear up all your misunderstoods. In the meantime, here's a little free education for you courtesy of the UK's Daily Mail.


    [SIZE="4"]Did John Travolta’s weird faith seal his son Jett’s fate?[/SIZE]
    10th January 2009

    As he struggles to come to terms with the sudden and terrible death of his only son, John Travolta is no doubt grateful for the all-enveloping support of his fellow Scientologists.

    Losing a child is an unbearable prospect for any parent. Having to cope with such a loss while countless millions around the globe gawp at your suffering is beyond comprehension.

    When you are a Scientologist, however, different rules apply. Or at least they are supposed to. As an ‘Operating Thetan’ on the fifth level of enlightenment, Travolta should not be concerned with such trifles as mortality.

    [SIZE="1"]Family tragedy: John Travolta with his daughter Ella, son Jett and Wife Kelly Preston[/SIZE]

    After all, according to Scientology’s founder, L Ron Hubbard, the human body is nothing more than a vessel for drifting alien spirit.

    It may sound like balderdash to most (and this, it should be noted, is one of the more believable aspects of the bizarre faith) but for Travolta and hundreds of thousands of fellow Scientologists, it is the truth and an undoubted source of comfort.

    The death of 16-year-old Jett Travolta, however, has shed a new and distinctly unflattering light on the beliefs which are so fundamental to his parents’ lives.

    Jett, who died of a seizure at the family’s holiday home in the Bahamas last weekend, had suffered from ill health throughout his all too brief life.

    His parents controversially blamed a rare condition called Kawasaki disease, but according to doctors the syndrome has never been linked with seizures before.

    [SIZE="1"]Creator: The late L Ron Hubbard, creator of Scientology and science fiction writer, who died in 1986[/SIZE]

    A far more likely explanation, many believe, is that Jett suffered from autism. The teenager, who was virtually mute, displayed many of the classic symptoms of the condition, which causes nearly a third of sufferers to develop seizures in adolescence.

    Scientology, however, does not recognise autism as a valid condition. Its exponents believe all psychiatric and neurological disorders are psychosomatic and sufferers are exhorted to shun medication, relying on a course of vitamins and minerals instead.

    It is a hugely controversial belief which detractors claim has caused many deaths, as well as ruining the lives of thousands of mentally ill individuals who have been drawn into Scientology.

    This has raised a number of questions about the circumstances of Jett’s death and whether more could have been done to save his life.

    A further number of discrepancies have been raised in the timeline of the boy’s death. Investigating officers have stated that Jett’s body had been left unattended for ten hours before he was found. A spokesman for the Travolta family vehemently denies this, claiming that the teenager was cared for round-the-clock by two nannies.

    The man who found Jett close to death on the bathroom floor, Jeff Michael Kathrein, was one of these nannies. Despite his position of great responsibility - in his latter days Jett was suffering grand mal seizures twice a week - Kathrein has no apparent childcare or medical qualifications.

    In fact, his day job is ostensibly as a photographer, running a small business with his wife.

    So why was he given the responsibility of looking after Jett? He is a fellow Scientologist, sharing the Travoltas’ outlandish belief that Thetans were imprisoned on Earth 75 million years ago by an evil alien dictator called Xenu.

    It’s the wild allegations which have long surrounded Scientology, coupled with repeated damning testimonies from former church members, which raise such disturbing questions about the very nature of Scientology.

    And in the case of Jett Travolta, there are many who believe he would still be alive today but for his parents’ slavish adherence to their religion’s controversial beliefs about mental health and neurology.

    In their defence, the Travoltas have stated that Jett was on medication designed to control or prevent seizures but was taken off it after a doctor advised them it had become ineffective.

    And there is no dispute that the Travoltas are convinced their guru L Ron Hubbard (or LRH as they reverently know him) was correct in damning conventional mental health professionals as ‘psychs’ - deeply unethical individuals who willfully cause untold damage to their patients.

    On Kelly Travolta’s personal website there is a prominent photograph of her taking part in a hate rally against psychiatry. (Sample slogan: ‘Psychiatrists create stigma and harm children.’)

    Yet despite their refusal to contemplate the prospect that Jett was autistic, many others were not so reticent.

    [SIZE="1"]Powerful: David Miscavige, leader of the Scientology religion and close friend of Tom Cruise - he was the best man at the actor’s wedding to Katie Holmes[/SIZE]

    John Travolta’s older brother, Joey, is understood to have urged the couple for years to recognise their son’s condition. While refusing to go public on the subject, he has gone on to make a film about the disorder, titled Normal People Scare Me, and founded the group Actors For Autism.

    Last year, the Travoltas’ neighbours, Tim and Patricia Kenny, proud parents of a five-year-old autistic girl, threatened to call in the social services over what they described as ‘abuse’ of Jett.

    ‘Scientology is keeping Travolta from acknowledging his son’s autism,’ said Mr Kenny. ‘They see it as a weakness.’

    Mr Kenny claimed the family left the overweight Jett to sit in front of computer games all day, eating junk food.

    Despite the criticism, the Travoltas have never acknowledged any suggestion that Jett may have been autistic. Instead, they have focused on Kawasaki disease, which, they claim, was brought on by overexposure to cleaning products, particularly carpet cleaner.

    They have often talked publicly about the Scientology-based detoxification regime they used to cleanse Jett’s body.

    Yet to the vast majority of medical professionals, the notion that such an approach could be used to treat seizures is nothing short of laughable.

    One person who can provide first-hand insight into Scientology’s treatment of neurological disorders is Tory Christman, a member of the religion for more than 30 years until she left in 2000.

    She was an epileptic using prescribed drugs to control her seizures but a few months after becoming a Scientologist she was told by an untrained ‘medical officer’ to come off her medication and take vitamins instead.

    The cause of her problems, she was told, was not physical but psychosomatic, caused by people antagonistic towards her Scientology beliefs (or ’suppressives’, as they are known by the church).

    ‘I began having grand mal seizures at home, out on the street by myself and in the Scientology organisations - this was a living hell for me,’ she says. ‘This went on for three months. I was losing my memory due to all of the seizures.

    ‘Finally, one morning in the shower, I knocked my front teeth out during a grand mal seizure. All this time my mother was begging me to go back on my medication and, after so much trauma, I realised that I wasn’t going to live if I kept on doing this.’

    Christman had the wisdom to ignore that aspect of Scientology and eventually left the religion, going on to become one of its more prominent critics. ‘I continue to speak out in the hope that anyone with any physical problems stays miles and miles away from Scientology,’ she says. ‘I cannot tell you how many people I know who have died from lack of correct medical help.’

    Criticising Scientology in this manner is no small gesture. People identified as suppressives frequently find themselves hit with expensive legal action, picketing and death threats.

    L Ron Hubbard introduced the Fair Game law, which stated that such people could legitimately be subject to ‘retaliation’. ‘They may be deprived of property or injured by any means by any Scientologist without any discipline of the Scientologist, may be tricked, sued or lied to or destroyed,’ he stated.

    And while this law has since officially been rescinded, many witnesses insist the practice is very much in place - and is extended to family members and friends of people considered suppressive.

    Undercover reporter Ian Halperin knows this only too well, as the only journalist to have successfully infiltrated Scientology.

    He attended church meetings for more than a year and was even hooked up to the famous e-meter (effectively a rudimentary lie detector machine invented by LRH which measures minute changes in electrical resistance throughout the body).

    Posing as an aspiring gay actor, he was informed that not only could Scientology help make him a star (with John Travolta and Tom Cruise cited as prominent success stories) but it could even ‘cure’ him of his homosexuality.

    KatieWholems.jpg tomcruisegivesthethumbsdd9.jpg
    [SIZE="1"]Power couple: Tom Cruise, who has been a Scientologist for 18 years, introduced his wife Katie Holmes to the religion when they started dating in 2005[/SIZE]

    ‘When I went along for the test, I didn’t have a care in the world but because I was posing as the nephew of a multi-millionaire who was interested in Scientology, I could see the dollar signs in their eyes,’ he says.

    ‘The test results apparently showed that I was “stressed, depressed, insecure, emotionally fragile and slightly unstable” - which was news to me. They said they could definitely help me with my homosexuality - even though I’m not gay - and that I needed auditing (Scientology-speak for religious therapy).’

    When he finally revealed that he was a journalist, Halperin was granted an on-camera interview with a Scientology official, only to realise later that a shadowy figure was standing in the bushes filming him.

    The subsequent premiere of his documentary on the religion had to be abandoned when it emerged at the last minute that the digital projector had been purposely infected with a number of computer viruses.

    There followed a period of intense intimidation, relentless threatening phone calls and one very explicit death threat.

    ‘Having spent the previous two years researching the subject, I was only too aware of their intimidation tactics - and a number of suspicious deaths - so I ended up in hiding for three months,’ he says.

    Another man who experienced the darker side of Scientology was Michael Pattinson, a prominent gay artist living in Los Angeles.

    He actually sued the church, with John Travolta named as co-defendant, claiming that over the course of almost 25 years Scientology had promised to turn him straight and he had paid more than $500,000 in fees for ‘auditing’ to achieve this.

    He says: ‘After that, I took even more courses and spent even more money, just waiting for the day when I would also be cured of what they called my “ruin”.’

    In his 1998 lawsuit, Pattinson stated that Travolta ‘knowingly participated’ in Scientology’s repressive regime. It went on: ‘Defendant Travolta has known of Scientology’s “gulags” and “concentration camps”… through both personal observation and information received from a certain former Scientologist, but has deliberately chosen to turn a blind eye to their existence.’

    Pattinson eventually dropped the action after running out of money. By this point the church had ploughed over £1.5million into the fight against him and showed no signs of relenting.

    These are extraordinary claims, and yet there is strong evidence to suggest that people are held in custody against their will by the church of Scientology - particularly those who suffer from mental illness.

    The biggest of these causes celebres is Lisa McPherson, who suffered a very public breakdown but was taken out of hospital against doctors’ wishes by Scientology handlers. Allowing psychiatric treatment - which she clearly desperately needed - was anathema to her fellow believers.

    Seventeen days later she was dead, having been ‘treated’ for her psychosis with nothing more than vitamins and auditing. According to the coroner’s report, Lisa was substantially underweight, severely dehydrated and covered in bruises and insect bites. There was evidence that cockroaches had been feeding on her body even before she died.

    Criminal charges were brought against the church but once again they were eventually dropped after Scientology’s astoundingly well-funded lawyers succeeded in discrediting the medical examiner.

    This is not, however, an isolated case. Margarit Winkelmann, 51, walked fully clothed into the sea and drowned herself in January 1980 after she replaced her medically prescribed course of Lithium - a drug commonly used to control psychotic behaviour - with a course of vitamins and minerals recommended by the church.

    [IMG] View attachment 2413_680732368_lisa_marie_presley__145__H162331_L. juliette-lewis-and-the-licks-057.jpg.gif
    [SIZE="1"]Famous followers: Actress Kirstie Alley, singer Lisa Marie Presley and singer/actress Juliette Lewis all follow the faith[/SIZE]

    Heribert Pfaff, 31, died of an apparent seizure at a prominent Scientology hotel after he was told to stop taking his epilepsy medication.

    And Jeremy Perkins, a 28-year-old untreated paranoid schizophrenic raised as a Scientologist, murdered his own mother. The frenzied attack, in which he stabbed her 77 times, was carried out on LRH’s birthday.

    Scientology officials say these deaths are isolated incidents and in each case refuse to accept any blame.

    Just as in the case of Jett Travolta, however, nobody will ever know if things might have turned out differently had conventional medicine - and wisdom - been allowed to help these poor benighted souls.

    The least they deserved was a chance to recover, with genuine science used to help them rather than the unabashed quackery which Scientologists spout with such vehemence.

    But with poster boys like John Travolta and Tom Cruise as the spearhead of its marketing campaign, Scientology is gathering hundreds of new members with every passing day.

    Now Will Smith, the most successful black actor on the planet, is showing signs that he may be about to join them, having handed out vouchers to the crew on a recent film entitling them to free personality tests at their nearest Scientology centre.

    He also donated a million dollars to a school which uses Scientology teaching methods.

    And so the slick and inexorable expansion of this dangerous religious cult continues unabated, helped on its way by the endorsement of privileged celebrities who have long since parted company from the reality of everyday life.

    Meanwhile, all around the world at this very moment, thousands more children whose families are Scientologists are at risk of suffering the same fate as Jett Travolta. But you won’t hear the film stars talking about that.
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    If this was only about an unpreventable and unfortunate death, there wouldn't be such a huge effort to suppress and handle the information media with this incident.

    Co$ is VERY worried about this, something is VERY suspicious.
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    Mutante, it will take years of therapy to get some of those images out of my brain. BAAAAWWWWWWW!!
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    Dont put words in my mouth- I never said you were attacking me or Autism. I am passionate about it because of my experiences. I express that- so what. As for putting the Travolatas to death?? geez- I am not the scientologist here mate!
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    Thank you for your post, however, I had already read that article a while ago when searching the internet for proof of claims made here...and didn't find any! I found allot of opinions but no facts. As for the "search" function on this website comment...why am I going to find facts or opinions? As for the "wall of text full of ignorance" statement added...ignorance is closing your mind off to any and all other possibilities, if anything I have kept a very open mind about this subject. I am not condemning the Travolta's for being scientologists, but if evidence comes to light that they failed in their parental responsibilities due to their faith then I will condemn them as parents. Because that responsibility supersedes any faith. I really do hope that the authorities are investigating this matter because it is unclear what was going on with this child. What disturbs me is that if you have a child who suffers from frequent seizures, especially serious ones, why didn't they check on Jett about 15-20 minutes later after he left them to go to his room? And even then, if he stayed in his room they should have been checking on him every half hour or so. They said they had 2 nannies in attendance surely one of them could have afforded that time to check on him frequently. Or at least that is what I would have done. So I am not giving my stamp of approval on this incident just waiting to hear some facts come forward. But I also am not declaring them guilty beforehand just because they are scientologists. If Scientology did have something to do with this, sad to say, but then perhaps this is what was needed to finally bring them down. We just have to wait for the facts to come out and I do hope it does and won't be swept under the carpet.
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    Ref: post #420

    You say..."Dont put words in my mouth- I never said you were attacking me or Autism." Your statement in post 420 - "!If you knew anything about Autism you would know it doesn't manifest until around 12 mths to 18 mths or later -but then again you haven't had to watch your normal child (which mine was) slide into it Autism...". Sounds to me like you felt I wasn't compassionate to those dealing with autism.

    You say... " As for putting the Travolatas to death?? geez- I am not the scientologist here mate! Your statement in post 420 - "You know -did it cross your mind that whilst your being all so "fair's- fair's" That you must not know who you are speaking of?? They have started this shit -so to sapeak- I make no aplogy for defending the rights of people with Autism and wanting others to do the same. The proof is all around you!!!" Sounds to me like you' re convinced they are guilty which means they caused Jett's death so then why shouldn't they suffer the same? Or do we not want to go so far when the decision is in our hands? You know whatever it is that they did or didn't do for Jett can you imagine the guilt they must feel, whether deserved or not? As parents we don't ever want our children to hurt in any way or die and when that happens we feel we failed because it was our jobs to keep them safe, healthy and happy even when it is out of our hands. But imagine it happening when there is or was something we could have done?
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    I imagine given the views of the church they believe the BS and don't feel guilty at all. Dont you know the stance on mentally challenged by the church ? They known as PTS's- possible trouble sources. Ever see a scientologist asked if Autism is real?? They can't and will not answer the question.
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    Many suggested to Travolta that his son was autistic because he exhibited autistic behavior. They have said that they were dismissed because scientology believes anyone who has autism is a "degraded being" who has brought this on himself and needs to cure himself. Travolta's brother Joey made a documentary about autism with the help of an autistic writer, in hopes of getting Travolta to see what he would not consider.

    While I sympathize with any family who loses a child, I have nothing but contempt for scientology which essentially brainwashes people into suggesting that children can be "degraded beings" who bring on their own physical and psychological problems and have to cure themselves of the evil Body Thetans (BT’s) inside of them.

    Kawasaki disease is not consistent with Jett's behavior and age. Kawasaki does NOT cause seizures, it causes heart damage (in young children, usually under 5) and is curable with treatment, which might be worse, since a child with the resources that the Travolta’s have should never have long term heart damage from this being untreated. And a little research quickly affirms that Kawasaki is NOT caused by cleaning fluids :rolleyes:
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    Yes I do know the position the church holds on the mentally challenged, both what has been stated here as well as listening to the video from ELR on YouTube. As I've said earlier I think it is a "Crock of s...", excuse the French. Yes, there are some people who have emotional problems and with therapy and perhaps meds they can help themselves. But, those who have such mental challenges as autism, down syndrome, retardation, physical damage to the brain etc...did not create the problem for themselves and can not cure themselves of it. We need to help such individuals through treatments and therapy and try and get them to live as normal of a life as possible. Not all are curable, yet. Hopefully one day that won't be the case. They need our support. However, I do feel that we have become an over chemicalized society and it's not just the adults we have now afflicted the young as well. As parents who may have a child afflicted with one of these conditions we need to be better informed than the doctors and very pro-active. Doctors are to quick to prescribe the drugs for everything. We need to know if this is necessary, we need to know about the drug, if there are severe side effects we need to know with what we can combat the damages through homeopathic means, changing drugs, altering dosages etc. I do believe what you say about Scientology not acknowledging mental have no argument from me there. What I question is whether the Travoltas were that committed to Scientology that they denied or ignored that something along those lines was wrong with their son. I also don't agree with you that they are not feeling guilty or anything else over Jett's death. For that to be true they would have to be less than human. Ask any parent who has lost a child to what ever reason if part of their grief does not include guilt. I think it is a natural thing to feel. All I saw, read and heard from the Travoltas about their kids is love and with that I do believe they are devastated over the loss of Jett. And I do believe, whether they admit it or not, they feel guilt. Perhaps not over what other's think they should, but it is there.
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    Again, there is no evidence or 100% proof that Jett was Autistic. There are other mental conditions that could explain Jett's seizures and behavior. But it doesn't really matter what he had, the church wouldn't have acknowledged it any way. The question here is whether the Travoltas were that devout of followers that they would have ignored their son's condition and denied that he had a mental condition. They had already admitted he suffered from seizures, so that is a mental condition. So they have already admitted to ,part of the way, what the church denies. And even though the church is against psychiatric drugs the Travoltas have admitted to giving Jett Depakote, an anti seizure drug. So would it be that hard to believe that the Travoltas were attending to their son's condition as best as they saw fit and not what the church dictates they should do?

    I agree with you about the Kawaski condition. It doesn't add up to him still suffering from Kawasaki and that eventually that would have led to his death. However their is one scenario that can be considered here and that is that when he had Kawasaki that he suffered such a high fever that it caused brain damage. Which would explain the seizures to follow later and the some what retardation. So it is possible that Kawasaki caused these 2 symptoms but he was no longer suffering from Kawaski. Again, my neighbor has suffered almost her whole life (54 yrs old now) with seizures and is some what slow and has communication problems it was all caused by a high fever when she was a child. And she DOES NOT HAVE AUTISM. The meds also have added to her slowness, moods, balance and communications skills and memory. So part of what the Travoltas say can be true just not that his condition later was due to Kawasaki. I had heard too that carpet cleaners do contribute to the Kawasaki condition. My old co-worker's son came down with the condition when he was little and it happened after she had shampooed her carpet. The doctors then told her as much. He was treated for it was healthy thereafter. So no seizures or retardation or anything. But it could be they treated it early too.
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    The forum rules state, among other things, that Religious bigotry is a three-point penalty. How many points did Madame_Guilotine rack up in this 20+ page Scientology hate fest?
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

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    Am I wrong to believe that psych drugs and psychiatry are,for the most part, harmful? Am I wrong in thinking the only difference between other so-called religions and Scientology are thousands of years? Shouldn't ANON be attacking ALL religion? I am. Concentrating on a few celebrity members of Scientology the way this site's members do seems to miss the bigger point for me. Aren't ANONS the greatest purveyor of Scientology literature now? How many weak-minded people have you given the lit to who then became Scientologists? Not sure what to think or where to go from here.
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    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Psych drugs and Psychiatry can be harmful, but this is well documented and there is no secrecy there. Consumers are alerted and warned before hand.

    It is the Patients and yes, the Parents choice and responsibility, but there is still accountability in spite of this and John and Kelly need to be accountable, just as the person who takes medications needs to be accountable to monitor and to alert those who prescribe the medicines of side effects they are having.

    scientology needs to be accountable for the mass generalizations of "psych drugs and psychiatry" in order to gain a market share under a religious cloak and you need to be accountable if your opinion supports this and be humble if your opinion is wrong, which is something scientologist, typically can't do.

    Can you ?
  27. not shure Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Its not really an attack, its just exposing the truth.
  28. Mutante Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    It would be best for you to self-learn more about human biology, and see your own doctor with any specific medical questions. In the context of Scientology, Hubbard mentioned psychiatry only a few times in his writings. His underlings have spun this out into open hostility towards the medical industry.

    This is primarily because the strong science of modern medicine is a direct threat to Scientology's pseudo-scientific and dangerous anti-knowledge.

    Yes, you are completely wrong. Scientology is a mafia-like scam hiding behind the language of religion. Google the Declaration of Lawrence Brennan to discover how Hubbard's empire was shielded behind a cloak of religious language in order to avoid taxes and tough questions.

    No. Project Chanology does not currently target any religion.

    Celebrites are used by Scientology as a sales tool. It's too bad for Scientology if their words and actions draw negative press.

    The traffic stats for this site reflect widespread public interest in gossip but celebrity information only accounts for a moderate proportion of posts. Activism on this site clearly has a far wider scope. Count the threads up for yourself.

    The internet is where an increasing complete collection of Scientology literature can be found for free. Many including ex-Scientologists have contributed to dissemination of available material. They feel it is very wrong that new Scientologists are not aware of what they're getting themselves into until it's too late i.e. until they have paid maybe hundreds of thousands of dollars and been disconnected from their non-Scientologist family and friends.

    Anonymous does not charge for this service.

    Any member of the public given complete access to documents that expose Scientology can make a free and informed choice. If people want to throw their lives and money away on a corrupt pyramid scheme, that's up to them.

    Most sensible people don't, which is why Scientology likes to keep itself so private, why it keeps confessional files obtained using a faux lie detector in order to coerce members into paying more money, and why it litigates so aggressively against critics.
  29. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I think a lot of those who protest against Scientology would agree with you; however lots of others who are equally against Scientology have never thought about the wider picture, or are faithful members of some other religion, or live in a culture where religious tolerance is very strong but still recognise than Scientology is NOT a religion and harmful in itself. It really is worse than almost every other modern religion.

    And we are not wasting time. Once we get Scientology out of the way it will be time to agree on the next target.
  30. muldrake Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Yep. Pretty much.
  31. Jettlag Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I think you've fallen victim to $ci anti-psych anti-neurological propaganda that's been around long before Anon. Buyer beware and informed decisions is best course of action for any/everything but the $ci's did damage and stigmatization to neurological conditions and its treatment. Actually, what pisses me off is stigmatization/hiding/shame isn't good and how many kids have they negatively affected by parents wary of getting the right info and treatment bc of bogus propaganda?

    Think about it this way. If you had an LD/dyslexic/ADHD kid would you want them turning out like Tom Cruise? Illiterate upon graduating HS, then an unstable egomaniacal cultie?

    The intervention treatments for autism are for the symptoms - so speech therapy, occupational therapy for sensory issues, social skills therapy, language rich classrooms, etc. Depending on where a kid is on the spectrum, enormous inroads can be made if intervention is correct, early and intensive. Participating in society is much preferable to 16 yo's reportedly glued in front of TV's, eh? Autism is not really a medication issue at all - it's if autism has a comorbid condition/dx that meds come into play e.g., seizures.
  32. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Kelly Preston's attitude:
    Fighting for Kids June 2, 2005, Kelly Preston, Huffington Post
  33. none given Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Scientology is not a religion; scientology is organized crime.
  34. chipmunkproof Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I agree it is relevant. It shows how CO$ are a dangerous cult. The son didnt have to die but the parents chose to not help them. They were brainwashed into not helping their son. They probably even thought they could command he body back to life with their OT powers.
  35. IDontGetU Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I know this thread is months old. But, as I was mysteriously compelled to read it, someone else might be as well. There is obviously something about this boy that wasn't right. That conclusion I can reach with certainty based on the limited video. In the same situation, instead of being led around and buckled into the van, my own 16 year old son would be shielding me and helping me into the van, then turning to make a typical teen wisecrack to the paparazzi. However, I see no "video proof" that Jett was autistic which is the assertion made in the thread's title. The truth is you have no idea what was wrong with him. I can think of a dozen different things that I could sit here and speculate were the cause. It could have been the long term effects of epilepsy, or even the Dapakote he reportedly took. He doesn't appear either abused or neglected to me. As far as the Scientology concerns, you also have no evidence of his parents' Scientology beliefs doing him any harm. As this is a bash Scientology forum, that is to be expected. But all you have in this case is speculation based on very few sources. One thing I find especially galling is the assertion that they should have spoken out and been activists. If I were his parents', I would shield him from your prying and wild speculation too. The Travoltas are under no obligation to make their son a poster child, or to become advocates for any disability themselves. It's been my experience that most people who are as passionate as some of the posters on this forum, who cannot contain their emotions or check the profanity, who are overly concerned about other people's families, lives or business, will find that their own families, lives and business are in disarray or dysfunction. I hope that is not true in your case.
  36. Anonymous Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    so...ahh...didja come here to take an active part in protesting the abuses of scientology?

    or just to tell us that we'redoinitwrong and to criticize our fucking profanity?
  37. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

  38. El Diablo Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I am hardly a long-time participant in this forum, but with your grand total of 1 post thus far, I fear you may be inviting the kind of reaction that will only further cement your views of this forum. So being one of the few bleeding-heart types around here I'll be nice to you and try to address some of your concerns here:

    First, you should know, that just because it isn't always the loudest voice, there are plenty of people who's opinions are not dissimilar from yours. I know my own view is that the "effects of ongoing seizures" seems the most likely scenario, but I will openly admit this is based on very scant information and would not be shocked to find this view contradicted. I'm probably not alone, since this forum tends to produce quite a range of views, (as evidenced by frequent arguments).

    Okay, you're confounding two issues:

    1. Whether one thinks the parents' Scientological beliefs cause Jett Travolta harm (and remember, this doesn't necessarily imply they meant harm to him).

    2. Whether one thinks that public advocacy is a moral obligation for parents of a disabled child

    (1) is still open for debate, and if you want a lengthy discussion on the implications of Hubbardarian pseudo-science to personal health outcomes I'm happy to engage you in that. See, the Jett Travolta case may not ever amount to more than just public speculation, but that doesn't mean that those speculations cannot be valid lines of inquiry for those of us who are interested in the stuff I said in the first sentence of this paragraph. See?

    (2) is a total side-issue, unless a general spray of moral outrage with no argument-structure was what you were going for. I'll be nice and assume it's not. No really, unless there is any kind of satisfactory answer to whether, and if so, in what way Jett was disabled (which seems unlikely anytime soon), this is not a question that can't be given a sensible answer and is only obscuring the issue.

    Okay, that is sooo not the way to endear yourself to a bunch of people you don't know. I know the "I hope that is not true..." is a bit of a disclaimer there, but the message is loud and clear. Do you really want people thinking *WOOOOO WANKER ALERT*, just because you got a bit cheesed off?

    Might I suggest a little humility when it comes to the extent of one's knowledge, because people write many different things for many different reasons, and personally, it's probably better they find a nice outlet like speculating on the lives and deaths of celebrities and celebuspawn on the internet (where lets face it, nobody is gonna take what is said as anything other than wild speculation), than doing it to their friends and co-workers...or say "attacking" one another. See, really, the outcome here is quite satisfactory. Just a matter of perception.

    Anyhoo, this thread is dead for a reason. There is an understanding that there is little more to be said...and certainly nothing new and verifiable, hence why there has been no comments for months. Now let us go back to whatever else it was we were doing.
  39. Buttons Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    How did you find this board and why are you posting?
    How can you comment on a board that you have obviously not taken the time to understand.

    Your comments on this one thread, have all been debated in other many other threads on this board. Please take the time to learn more about the Church of Scientology and how it's practices influenced the Travolta's care and treatment of their son.

    What a shame on them!
  40. chrisanon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism


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