Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

Discussion in 'Jett Travolta' started by Madame_Guillotine, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. AnonKiwi Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Clearly you don't or you would have stopped posting.

    Believe me, anonymous (here) has been remarkably restrained.
  2. The Shadow Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism


    When you see CAPS, you know it's TRUFAX
  3. fotoanon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    "Bite my shiny metal ass" is a common phrase from the animated character Bender from the wonderful series "Futurama"...and would be understood by most people.

    It is a signature, and accompanies every post. It was never intended to reply to a specific person, but if you take it as such, who am I to argue.

    You write like Barbara Schwarz. If you start talking about nazi psych ear implants, I will wet myself.
  4. Plups Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    fotoanon, I love your avatar. Katie looks like her old self there.
  5. fotoanon Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Why thank you. I went avatarless until I found an image that called to me...and this one did.

    Katie will return. I truly believe that.
  6. Hostile Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism



    but in case you honestly think this,
    first off, we aren't calling travolta, we aren't harassing him, we aren't in his face and we're not attacking him.

    we are however, making educated guesses as to what could have happened.
    other posts have summed this up well, but I'd just like to throw in that scientology's violent opposition of psychaiatry and psychaiatric drugs is not what one would classify as "normal" and should definitely be taken into consideration when dealing with cases like this.

    also, your argument is flawed. you say that if someone was in a mainstream religion it wouldn't be taken into consideration.

    well, assume a family of devout hindus (hindi?) had a child die. that child had a rare disorder that required the eating of beef to stay alive and died under suspicious circumstances.

    If I were on the jury, I would definitely take the family's religion into consideration. not to say that said family had any part in the child's death, but just to take the religion as a factor and consider it alongside all other evidence
  7. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    What about Heribert Pfaff, a public scientologist, who died aged 31 in the Fort Harrison Hotel, Clearwater, in August 1988; thought to be result of an epileptic seizure caused by his not taking his medication? It could do with more docs admittedly but in 1988 who was counting?

    Edit: there is MOAR than I thought. Heribert was wealthy, had already spent $100,000 at Clearwater but his family had refused to send him $150,000 more. Appears his epilepsy followed a car accident and he was promised a cure by a Scientologist in Germany. The cure consisted of replacing his medication by vitamins and minerals. He died when he hit his head on a table.
  8. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Just when everyone was being so GOOD, we get shouted at.

    I looked at some list of kiddies killed by their families, often with good intentions, and was somewhat encouraged through the gloom to see that quite a number of cultists of different persuasions, including some Christian Scientists, had been convicted of murder or culpable homicide. So it is worth pursuing cases where there is suspicion, and this is certainly one of them.
  9. mrfyde Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    This type of tactic is often used by scientologists to come on message boards and start an argument to change the subject. (for those of you just passing by it happens here all the time) Scientology's Office of special affairs have people who are designated to do so.

    The topic of this thread is AUTISM

    Travolta denies his son has it but Kawasaki disease does not seem to be a likely killer in this case and allergies that his Mother ( an anti pharma spokeswoman) claims he has do not really seem any more likely

    The point is Scientologists die often because they are not taking medicine. Scientology often discourages being treated for Cancer.

    A few years ago a famous scientologist would not sign a autograph for a children's AIDS charity because she didn't believe AIDS was a real disease.

    So if Jett DID have Autism it is very likely that it would have gone untreated because such a disease would imply that the family or someone close to the family was a degraded being. (scientologists believe they are more evolved than homo sapiens they believe they are HOMO NOVIS
  10. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Alice - Rechercher jett travolta

    This site must have just about every available shot of Jett from birth onwards. To my eyes he looks perfectly normal until about 2000, when his sister (now 8) was a year or two old. Then about 2002 he disappears from all but a very few of the family shots. In October 2003 he looks a little odd, wearing a hood and walking on his toes, in 2004 he looks odder, still in the hoodie and putting on a lot of weight, and by 2007 he is evidently suffering from something.

    So it was not a birth defect, so not autism. Perhaps damage from cleaning chemicals as JT claimed. But not when he was a baby. It's a real tragedy. He was a bright and beautiful little boy.
  11. muldrake Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism


    Tell me this. How often do people with seizure disorders have fatal seizures when properly medicated? Go ahead, answer that, moron. (And yes, it's not unknown. Calculate the probabilities, given that the parents participate in anti-psychiatric hate rallies, combined with the actual death from a seizure. It's much more likely than not, considering those things, that the child was not properly medicated.)


    There's a better and IMO more documented example.

    From A Piece of Blue Sky
  12. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually, it's not as rare as you might think, especially if someone is alone and no one is there to gently physically guide them to the ground and away from harm so that the grand mal/tonic clonic can play itself out without the risk of the individual hurting himself on objects nearby.
  13. auchraw Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    OK, why was Jett alone with no one to guide him to the ground and away from harm?

    During WWII they even employed epileptics in steel foundries in Wales in the UK but always in pairs so that if one had a fit the other knew what to do and could look after him. It should not happen but if it does it should not be fatal.
  14. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Did they take showers in pairs?
  15. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    There could be many reasons. My point was that it isn't rare to die from a seizure, even if one is on medication. The actual seizure can cause death, too. However, from the media reports, it looks like the fall on the bathtub caused the fatal injury.
  16. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Ok- I am a mum of 10yr old Boy with Autism.
    I just wanted to say in regards to the people who are getting angry over other people commenting on obviously autistic traits- some of the people noticing, like myself, have observed these traits for many years (10 for me) We have indeed become sensitive to them and I can spot a child with ASD at shop now-and have meet them later and been proven right.
    I am no expert either- but I have done 10 years of research on Autism so yes I feel I know something-living with someone with Autism has also given me great insights.
    The reasons for exposing the reluctance on the behalf of Jetts parents to recognize their son's Autism is much like the daily battle I have faced for 10 years with my own son-for him to be acknowledged and to be accepted in his own right as a perosn with Autism, and not to be shamed by pretending otherwise... Ironically, my son's father has not seen him for years and years- Why? He is a Scientologist of course! -and refuses to accept our son's Autism. He even asked to me to cover it up and then left town on hearing the news. We do not know where he is now.
    The reason also for people to discuss this issue in a public forum is because the famous people are role models- imagine how much acceptance and pride they could have shown the Autisitic community if they had supported that? -rather than Scientology!?
    -By definition have put them selves in the spot light, by joining a cult that specifically rejects mental disability and therefore- their own child. I hope they are investigated due to the very sad passing of their son- simply because their beliefs warrent it necessary.

    Also- Autism does not present in all cases at birth - my sons did not manifest till around 12 months or so. There are differing types of Autism that present at different times.
    Another indicator -I was recently told by my medical professionl (child psycologist) -To watch out for Seizures, as the onset of puberty can in fact make up 40 % of people with Autism develop them.

    The point I am trying to make is above all- before you act all outraged for the parents- think about the child- I know I am -and with great saddness too.
  17. Plups Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Lourdes, thanks for your insights. So sorry to hear that your son's father abandoned him and you. But, I'm glad your son has you to care for him.

    I'm interested that you say autism can manifest at different ages. How late might that happen, would you know?
  18. Kiefersgirl Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    This is a terrible start to 2009 ... I've followed this site and story for a while but feel compelled to join and participate now. Without meaning to start any alarm bells ... Is there any concern over Ella - and if there isn't, should there be?

    R.I.P. JETT - Heaven must make room for another angel xx
  19. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually many people who are Autistic need personal care help- people with other metal challenges also fall under that umbrella- there is a good reason too especially with seizures -I am wondering why he was not wearing a helmet? -as is used here where I am a carer. I guess you wouldn't understand that but some people do have that degree of need.
  20. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Great post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge! You brought up something I'd forgotten - the role hormones play in autism, seizures, etc. Puberty can wreak havoc on a variety of medications and illnesses. Also - you're right about autism not presenting itself at birth. Most documented cases don't present themselves until the approximate age of 18-24 months. Interestingly, this is the same age as Jett was when he was diagnosed (via clinical diagnosis) with Kawasaki.
  21. Plups Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Raven, JT described to Larry King a very acute incident when Jett was about 2, that didn't sound to me as if it was autism-related. Did it to you?
  22. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Hi -Thx for the nice reply- no I know that there is regressive Autism (my son has that one) and another one- sorry I am hazy right now and it's like 3:30am here in Australia! I just had to read all this thread- I think it is very relevent :) If you want to know more about Autism- try goggling Professor Tony Attwood- he is a specialist here in oz:) Happy New Year for the other day too!
  23. RavenEyes Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Interesting question. The jury is still out as to all the causes of autism, but the medical community seems to agree that in some cases viruses can lead to/cause it. The symptoms of his attack when he was a toddler are very viral in nature. Also, they're very similar to Lyme Disease, which has been linked to autism. Since Kawasaki is made by a clinical diagnosis (rather than a blood test, for example) the doctor made his/her "best guess" based on symptoms. Kawasaki is very rare. Somewhere on this site I posted a news article where medical experts are chiming in saying they don't believe his seizure was a result of Kawasaki. But you're right - typically autism doesn't present itself via an event, but rather the fading away of communicative capabilities.
  24. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually I understand perfectly. I'm curious do you know how many seizures Jett had prior to this? Have you seen his medical history and all that stuff. I stayed at a holiday in last night so I feel I can talk about this subject based on a couple of vids and some news stories as if I have been his personal physician for years.

    This does not negate any of your expertise mind you, I'm just curious how it's possible to basically diagnose something without seeing it. I know, I know JT is an ebil scilon and hates his kids and drugs so everything else must follow. I'm just being "skeptical" about all these assumptions being made.
  25. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Since most of the speculation here is based almost entirely on the few facts the press has given, plus the perceived history of the cult's beliefs, it's probably best to remember that we really don't KNOW anything at this point in the venture.
  26. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Actually- you are negating my point of view- but that's OK- I don't really have anything to say as I know anything that is not in line with you point of view is immediately ridiculed by yourself- are you a scientologist?? LOL.

    For everyone else- Doctors have a specific check list for the diagnosis of Autism. First they test hearing , sight and blood work it done. This is too rule out any possible problems like lack of hearing a blood disorder etc.. Then a Child Psyc observes the child in different sttings -home, school, at play , with Family. There are a specific list of behaviours- and I mean specific- that are linked to Autism.

    Stimming, lining objects up, delayed developmental milestones, fussiness with food, possible panick attacks ,love of same routine and strong over reactions to changes, social problems, etc.. My son had 8 out of 10 of the indicators. If you want to know the full list- look them up. It is by observing and looking for indicators that a difinative diagnosis is made. There is no "test" it doesn't show up in blood work. SO - YES I think you could make an educated guess on a diagnosis- with or with out a doctors certificate- IF you knew what the idicators are and observed the person. :)
  27. Top Grunge Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Heres the thing. Scientologists think psychiatrists are the devil and started things like the holocaust. No lie. So the Travolta's would never have let a child psych near their kid. Theres a pic on another thread of Ms. Preston in a "Child Psychiatry Kills" shirt. So they never took the steps to see if he was autistic.

    Never. Their doctor is also a Scientologist I bet. Thus, he would never diagnose autism. Cause he thinks its fake too.
  28. DeathHamster Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    It depends on what they call medicine. It might have been mega-doses of vitamins, blue-green algae, cooking-oil, cal-mag and other magical thinking substitutes for medical knowledge.
  29. Skeptic1337 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Care to diagnose Jett for us? Is he autistic. This is the point of contention I have. It requires that I first agree he is autistic. I don
    't know if he was or not but I just can't assume it.

    Since you say you can diagnose based on 8-10 indicators. Feel free.

    I know shocking some one who would ask people making claims to back them up with any evidence. It's why this thread annoyed me from day one, it contains no DOX. I'm more than happy to agree with a conclusion it just requires more then stating it.

    Did the whole "are you a scientologist" thing work for you when trying to debate something prior?
  30. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    A typical Scilon technique is to simply change the focus of a discussion that is revealing the Dark Side of The Evil Cult.

    So far, that is all you have done via distraction, deflection and the changing of subject/focus.

    As for your Evil Cult affiliation, I would guess...Scilon?

    Anyway, I think Jett was AUTISTIC and this was covered up by a high profile Evil Cult family.
  31. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I would be happy to change the title to 'special needs', which he obviously is. If the majority so wishes.
  32. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I understand that- which is why I openly defend my right to ridicule them-the same way they have openly ridiculed how the rest of us find out- I am angry if they did not get a definative diagnosis- there is a lot of people who recognized the signs and they should have investigated them. Information is power as they say- the wrong information can kill. How would it be if a child had cancer and was given heart medication?? Would that spell outrage as clearly as this does?
  33. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    You only need to do it if YOU feel it's appropriate.
  34. Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Okay, will it mess up the google search?
  35. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    You attack people then wonder why they do the same back- why are you even on here? You just like to argue for the sake of it-and no I am not going to give you DOX- as this is a discussion board- it is where you dicuss things- I need not prove myself to you-ever little man :)
  36. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Also I NEVER SAID I was diagnosing him- I said you could make an educated guess- which of course you would follow up with professional help. But there in lies the problem- no-one did.
  37. Evil Zoe Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    You know what? That's a good question.

    Maybe you should just leave it alone.
  38. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    Very often a 'diagnosis' is really just an OPINION.

    That is a doctor's 'out'. He can always claim that "based upon the information available to me at the time..." blah, blah, blah.

    Anyone with enough money and/or influence can get a licensed 'diagnose' just about anything. It doesn't necessarily mean a great deal.

    Especially if that doctor is a Scilon.

    Many doctors are 'for sale'.

    You want Oxycontin....legally? Just go to enough doctors and you will find the 'right' one that will write you a legal prescription whether you really do need it or not.

    And the same holds true for whatever 'diagnosis' you are looking for.

    There are 'experts' on each side of every argument ever made.

    Also, it's very convenient that, after death, that there is no "conclusive proof" that Jett was autistic.

    How could there be? They kept him shuttered away all his life and certainly never went anywhere near exploring the possibility that he was autistic.

    That's called DENIAL.

    Let's say you had a mad uncle that was locked in the attic all of his life because the family was ashamed of him.

    He would try to bite people, howl at the moon and regularly fouled his own drawers.

    Upon his death, the family would keep denying that he was Mad As A Hatter.

    They would hold onto the lie/claim that he was never seen by the public because he (had Kawasaki Syndrome...or something) was a 'private' person.

    And, being that he was now is impossible (as was intended) to prove otherwise.

    Especially since the family isn't talking. And even if they did, it would be more lies.

    Maintain the dishonesty long enough to destroy the proof and then keep denying.

    Isn't that exactly what they did with Jesus H. Hubbard?
  39. Oswald2001 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism


    And how convenient that they never did.
  40. Lourdes11 Member

    Re: Video proof of Jett Travolta's autism

    I don't know about that- probably true of some. It is really hard to get a diagnosis here of Autism- It takes over 4 months and costs around $4000. They don't want to put kids in a box unless it is the correct one- the process we went through was long and involved a team- OT speechy, psyc, peaditatrician, play based assesment team, etc- they all have to agree on the final outcome. So yes I do trust the diagnosis for my son :)

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