Videographers Needed ASAP - Operation Hanoi Hilton

Discussion in 'Projects' started by AnonMSW, Jul 4, 2008.

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    Videographers Needed ASAP - Operation Hanoi Hilton

    The "New Village Academy" (NVA), or as some of us older people like to think of it the new, improved, and ever-imitative North Vietnamese Army, has infiltrated Calbassas, California with $cientology study "tech."

    Here is a crosspost from another thread that lays out the issue of our "dissemination" in forums like YouTube, which frankly has only of late begun to be more than a pittance.

    Post begins:

    "I was asked to do a video covering the situation, however unless I can get my hands on the actual study tech material I MUST decline."

    "It's a great time to strike, instead of just hoarding info."



    Here's his Youtube channel link: YouTube - 13Heathens's Channel

    If you haven't seen his videos, I commend them to you. He's very good at cutting through to the heart of the matter, and I think we should try to accomodate his needs in order to get him up to speed.

    Thoughts, comments, LEAKS???


    Videographers needed to take the next step. There's sufficient reason to question the nature and curriculum of the school, as well as the staffing heavy in $cientologists without apparent teaching credentials, as well as numbers not adding up at present, in order to justify taking the next step in getting "Charlie" out of California.

    Relvant information for content can be found:

    Scientology's Study Technology - Essay - Dr. David Touretzky

    Download Assorted scilon -

    I and others have been working on this situation for some months now, and can answer questions or help to author / edit scripts for videos if someone(s) with mad skillz can get on board this project.


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