Videos of Tom Cruise laughing like a lunatic?

Discussion in 'Projects' started by Rachel Summers, Feb 2, 2012.

  1. Hey all. I'm throwing together an insane laughter montage purely for the lulz. Right now the only clips I have are of Tom on the Letterman show telling the story about shutting off his friend's oxygen and the Mission Impossible themed promotional video.

    Anyone have any other good ones?
  2. Sonichu Moderator

    Have you not seen the Tom Cruise on Scientology Video on Youtube? This one:

    Use that there is plenty on that one.
  3. There are segments in the famous 2008 video that have manic laughter sequences. Recently, I found all the chunks of the video at youtube and downloaded the set.

    This link should present all four chunks:

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  4. Yes, I referred to it as "the Mission Impossible themed promotional video" in my original post. Maybe I could have been more clear.
  5. SPRTT Member

    I recall one interview segment where he laughs so hard he's almost crying, after telling a story about how he piloted a plane, realized he had underestimated on oxygen, then lowered the levels in the back for his passenger who passed out. Here's a link to the story; trying to find the youtube. Was about to say that I was sure he's scrubbed the interview by now, and looka found that he has.

    Here's the WWP thread with linky.

    Here's a story link.

    If anyone has the clip, would be perfect for your insanity montage. Hate him. What a putz.
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  6. SPRTT Member

    EDIT: here, I found it at about 2:40. I am unclean now. Don't say I don't love you.

    He's nuts this whole interview. DESPISE this man.
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  7. Diablo Member

    ^^ Fuck is he kooky...I bet the person passed out in the back of the plane was the midget
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  8. Diablo Member

    ^^^He may be partially retarded....really!
  9. At first I couldn't tell if he was stupid or just emotionally unstable but after a while I realized it was both. So in a way, I actually began to pity him since he's obviously such an easy target for a cult like Scientology. But after a while I realized no matter how emotionally and mentally impaired he may be, he's had 22 years to figure out who these people really are and is still a militant crusader for their cause. Thus he is as deserving of contempt as any other enabler of crimes against humanity.

    And yeah, I have clips of that Letterman interview in there. I actually mentioned that in the original post. Did anyone read the full thing? :p But thanks anyway. I appreciate the gesture.
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  10. SPRTT Member

    Sorry, no, did not read the whole thing. I see "Tom Cruise," "laughing," and "insane," and I'm like

    zzzzzzzt zzztttttt.....Buzzz! Pow! Woosh! Yiiiii~! Blamo! Shammalamma ding dong! Woah! Fttttt!

    I filth'd myself needlessly. Sorry, Rachel Summers.
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  11. BlooAnon Member

    I haven't watched the movie since I found out he's insane, but near the beginning of The Last Samurai, he does a really over-the-top fake laugh. Might be what you're looking for...
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  12. Demented LRH Member

    From the Tom Cruise memoir.

    “Who said that alien abductions do not exist? I was abducted once by the Fifth Invader Force. I was an inspiring actor and a male prostitute when the abductors responded to my escort ad. Instead of doing to me you know what, they took me to Venus. They said that they have a shortage of locomotive engineers. Somehow they knew that I used to run trains before becoming a hooker.

    Venus was a part of the evil galactic empire whose ruler was Xenu. At that time I did not think that the empire was evil because my judgment was clouded by psychiatric drugs. I loved those drugs, I was even transporting them in my freight train from production facilities to the Venus cities and small towns. The job was easy, especially under the drug influence. I was praising Xenu every day for giving me this job.
    One day I was in my locomotive driving a load of drugs to the capital of Venus, New Marcab. Suddenly I saw a fat dude who mounted his humongous ass on the rail. The blippard scared the hell out of me. I tooted, but he did not react. I hit the brakes, but it was too late, his ass got amputated.

    When the train stopped, I got out of it and run towards the idiot. He was bleeding, but not profusely; after couple of minutes the bleeding stopped. He had some willpower, I must say. “Finally I got rid of my ass”, he said. “What was wrong with your ass?”, I asked. He smiled and introduced himself. “I am ElRon. My ass was a habitat of a body thetan. Son of a bitch used to tell my friends funny stories about engrams and implants. Nobody listened to him, people used to say that it was my ass talking. But now that BT is gone for good, without him my IQ already jumped 164 points”; said ElRon. I had no idea what he was talking about.

    “You have to go back to Earth. You are full of psychiatric drugs, only Narconon can help you”, said ElRon. Actually, I did not want to go back to my old job. But ElRon could be very persuasive, he convinced me that I should go OT, although I could not understand what that means (I still do not understand what an OT is although I am an OTVII, or, maybe, OTVIII -- I do not see a difference between those two).

    “It is impossible to return to Teegeeak”, I said. But ElRon was on it, he pulled a radio out of his amputated ass and begun calling someone. Then I heard Tom Hanks’ voice.
    “What do you want?”, said Tom. “Houston, we have a problem”, said ElRon. “There is no problem, this is Polar Express, it can flow you back to Earth”, said Tom. “How we do that?”, I asked. “Press the EASY BUTTON, it is underneath your seat”, said Tom. I pressed the button.

    Next thing I remember I was back to Earth. I was in my bed at a mental hospital. ElRon was in the adjacent room, I heard him screaming, “This damn KGB agents are electrocuting me!!”
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Kindly go fuck yourself nao.
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  14. xenubarb Member

    Stupid? Maybe kinda. Pretty rich and famous for a stupid guy, what?

    However, considering that Hollywood royalty dwells in this alternate reality bubble in which you and I are mere impediments to their egress to the Viper Room, mere niglets to be brushed aside, often by large, apelike hominids in suits.

    They live and breath the same rarified air. They share the same gossip and trade news. They are often occupied by things you can't even afford to think about! They are shielded from the rabble by money, cars, and goons.

    Okay? Now add another scoop of crazy on that cone. Tom's reality is filtered through Scientology. He dwells in an exclusive bubble within a bubble; DM's BFF (that's gotta be weird and icky) and all the people engaged in keeping Tom Cruise from knowing anything about what his chosen "religion" is doing IRL.

    So he can bray like a jackass and act super double foolish because he is super double OUT OF TOUCH WITH REALITY. On at least two levels, if not moar.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    Hey gaiz, remember when Tom Cruise bought a sonogram machine so he could watch Suri before she was even born?
  16. DeathHamster Member

    He was pretty glib about where he's actually gone climbing. Strange, 'cause I'd imagine that most climbers would tell you in great detail about their favorite climbs.
  17. Anonymous Member

    Seems legit.


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