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Discussion in 'News And Current Events' started by Michael Aequitas, Jun 18, 2009.

  1. A professor of mine wrote this analysis of the current situation in Iran, as well as some background on events leading to the rigged elections. Apparently, there was a fatwa which essentially called for the rigging of the election by the Revolutionary Guard -- can anyone confirm or refute any of this?

    I generally trust this guy's opinion on Iranian politics -- he's incredibly highly educated on that area of the world...
  2. That looks good to me...from what I know from my Iranian friends, the professor's analysis seems balanced and accurate. That is not always easy to do...he knows his history and is up on what is happening currently..and the article does not appear to show any bias, just the facts...which, of course are not exactly flattering to Ahmadinejhad.

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