Village Voice: How Scientology Spied on Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Tom and Katie' started by AnonLover, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. AnonLover Member

    Hot off the Tortega monster's desk in the underground bunker, more celeb dirt on Doven!

    How Scientology Spied on Tom Cruise

    Lawl i <3 it when he works late!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    This is great stuff. Tony delivers as usual.
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  3. Anonymous Member

    Tidbit of info:
    "in Los Angeles at the Management Building on Ivar Street had a secret entrance we could use to get up to the 11th floor, where the RTC offices were."

    Has this entrance been photographed?
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  4. Anonymous Member

    consider the source of the information . . .
  5. anonanchovie Member

    It is on Ivar, across from the car park, AGP has caught it on video a lot. It is used in the main for mail and special delivery, and was handy for ASI. Micavige always used the front entrace on Hollywood because he had his own private lift there (elevator in America)
  6. AnonLover Member

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  7. Random guy Member

    Oooo, lots of goodies in that article!
  8. TinyDancer Member

    This one will get a lot of page views.
  9. Anonymous Member

    Miscavige's arse must be sore from the pounding it's been getting in the Voice... cheers, Tony!
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  10. AnonLover Member

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  11. tippytoe Member

    Anyone with a connection at Gawker or Perezhilton? May want to clue them in with a link.
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  12. Tin_Foil Member

    Gawker sucks now. They refuse to post most everything Scilon-related. They cut back on some of their regular 'gossip' reporting too.

  13. It requires a cattle-transport boatload of spies to be the most ethical people on the planet.

    'Commodore' L. Ron Hubbard's Apollo: Moooo

    Tom Cruise; "It's a pivilege to call yourself a Scientologist, You're either on board or you're not on board...Pheeew, wooo,,,hip...hip....hooray, Yay, Ron...yay"........

    Apparently poor Tom forgot about the great humanitarian's 'Overboarding' scripture, imean policy, yah scripture, thx for all the comforting scriptures, Ron..........

    There's more than 1 way to apply Hubbard's Overboarding 'Tech', just ask David Miscavige (nice choice for best man, Tom)

    DM is more like the Worst Man, KSW, ML (More Loot), The Registrar......
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  14. Budd Member

    This article - and series of articles - goes from bad to worse, and that's just the start of it.
    I love reading it every week, and seeing the new revelations.
    Whooda thunk that Co$ could ever be so wacky?
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  15. MagnumBerlin Member

    If Tony Ortega was here I would give him a long and wet tongue kiss. Even though Dianetics says that homosexuality is a perversion. He's such a cool guy. Love his stories.

    TonyO > DM
  16. Anonymous Member

    "Somebody some day will say 'this is illegal'.
    By then be sure the orgs say what is legal or not."

    L. Ron Hubbard, HCOPL 4 January 1966
  17. Anonymous Member

    LOL ^^^ ol' L Ron Fucktard missed that prediction
  18. DeathHamster Member

    RTC's legal business address is on Ivar. It wasn't until I was sticking pins in the map, that I realized it was in the HGB along with the rest of the happy clam family.
  19. AnonLover Member

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  20. Chipshotz Member

  21. Zhent Member

  22. AnonLover Member

  23. I don't believe that a download option exists on the page. I was able to stream-play on the page, but not download anything. I looked for "Podcasts" and came up empty.
  24. Zhent Member

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  25. Ahahahaha, also found in the village voice:

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  26. another123 Member

    OV picked up Amore's feed on the late story VIA Village Voice:'s Kate Casey: Tom Cruise's Assistant Was a Spy
    The Village Voice posted a very interesting article last week about how the Church of Scientology’s leader had Tom Cruise’s assistant (another Scientologist) provide him with daily reports on the actor's life. The spying started once Tom began seeing Nicole Kidman and he began to slowly cut ties with the church at the persistence of his soon-to-be bride and her parents. Unhappy to let a big star (and obvious obsession) pull away, the church's leader planted a spy to ensure that their aggressive plan to coax him back was tailored according to whatever weaknesses or problems Cruise had been facing. So basically they spied on him, manipulated him, and then brainwashed him. Fun times! [more]
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  27. Zhent Member

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  28. Anonalong Member

    Power is what you have to say, usually relationships to truth are the most powerful statements. Everything else like "popularity" or "sales pitches" or "scams" or "con jobs" are a false and temporary 'power' or illusion of 'power', and that disappears very quickly when the truth comes out.
  29. 00anon00 Member

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  31. The Wrong Guy Member

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