Village Voice: Scientology Sunday Funnies

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, Nov 6, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    That's the thing. I can imagine you NOT going to church. I can't imagine you listening to boring preaching. Each time when I hear preaching I feel like arguing with the priest [not that I get to hear preaching too often].
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  2. AnonLover Member

    Priests make great debaters, and in my experience there's nobody who loves a rational but slighted heated argument like a theologian who will always take the time to hear the other side out. So I like to play a game with the priests i go to mass to regularly... i pay close attention to what they say during the service. Often times, have my bible with me and chk their cites as I listen. Then on the way out, during the vestibule handshaking cya later bai farewells, I hit 'em with a comment or remark that lets 'em know I not only paid attention - i absorbed it and spun it back around.

    Then i see how it long it takes the priest to let my hand go... and leave go of the urge to say "hey wait a minute, stop right there - thats a very good point - somebody actually listened to me!" :)
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  3. Anonymous Member

    I tend to make fun of their outfits [if they are catholic monks] and asking them how can they really believe that Mary was a virgin when in fact she was married. Most of the time they just offer to pray for me. With Jews it's a bit different - since I'm a member of the tribe and they are an elitist religion which doesn't let go of any Jew, they don't give up on me. They start debating various points with me, but I know the Torah well....they ain't getting anywhere with their arguments. So eventually they just say that one day God will change my mind, bla bla.
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  4. Anonymous Member


    < imagining >
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  5. AnonLover Member

    I liek how u think :p
  6. AnonLover is very rational for a Bible Thumper :)
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  7. Anonymous Member

    You know whose bible interpretation I liked the most? Steven Fisher's. He was hilarious when he told in his affidavit how he was watching virgin Mary bath every day, and when he was masturbating in the bushes, his sperm flew right into her and hence he is the biological father of Jesus Christ. LOL
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  8. AnonLover Member

  9. AnonLover Member

    That's merely cuz I'm well adapted to faking it ;)
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  10. RightOn Member

    wow IAS lifetime membership at age 4
    when oh when will this silliness and abuse stop?
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  11. Anonymous Member

    Sea Org font:


    Starship Troopers font:


    Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

    One is a sci-fi vision of a fascist future, and the other... is a movie by Paul Verhoven. (Ho ho).
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  12. AnonLover Member

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  13. AnonLover Member

    ^^I got a smile on my face so big it almost hurts :)
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  14. :) <3
  15. Zhent Member

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  16. AnonLover Member

  17. AnonLover Member

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  18. RightOn Member

    lol! nice
    But now I want to buy a tone scale chart for my very own
  19. Anonymous Member

    Be sure to add in Epic Fail Guy's face at the top of the scale (at > 9000, of course).
  20. AnonLover Member

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  21. [/quote]

    I've seen fake 'enthusiasm' on Scientology's tone-scale in action before.......

    This takes the cake.......

    WOW........ I'm a little slow,...... Soooo.....if.....I....... send...... ......THEM........from anywhere on the planet..........THEY will go CRAZY........... for ME?..........WOW........OT Chairman Suzie got me so EXCITED.....I HAD to DONATE............WOW!!!!!!!
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  22. zil Member

    What a good bargain.
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  23. Anonymous Member

    Fuck. The redardation. It hurts.
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  24. Sponge Member

    Scientology Sunday Funnies: May the Force Be With You!
    by Tony Ortega Village Voice. 29th Jan 2012

    Oh my fucking LOL
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  25. DeathHamster Member

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  26. another123 Member

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  27. Pique Member

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  28. Village Voice posted this on their site.
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  29. Django Member

    That one's been around a while, actually, nothing new. Still, what always hits me about this particular vid is the thinly veiled desperation behind all the participants. It's really sad...they're obviously being pressured beyond belief behind the scenes, and they're going for this "Hey, we're just having so much fun with this fundraising drive here!" vibe, but it just comes off as disturbingly, achingly wretched.

    Hope the participants read Debbie Cook....
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  30. Zhent Member

    That shoop is 100% pure win.
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  31. Moar like 1000% for me.
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  32. Classic.............Looks like sum1 Fowlered it up a bit........
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  33. another123 Member

    Caught that, did you? lol.
    Also, google news grabs shoop thumb for VV's Sunday Funnies post.
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  34. Nancy Cartwright: "Give More."

    The planet's eternity is at stake.........
  35. DeathHamster Member

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  36. another123 Member

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  37. Sponge Member

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  38. Anonymous Member

  39. Anonymous Member

    Oh god, Tony has something planned for tomorrow. Can't wait!


    Oh, it's a &quot;Learn how to Sell on the Internet&quot; course.

    They should add &quot;Learn how to tell between an SP and a true Scientologist client with the 'special handshake' &quot;, &quot;Discover how to sell all your possessions to pay for your Bridge when OT9000 comes out&quot; and &quot;Find out how to stand up against Anonymous when they start spamming and harpooning the shit out of your online business with entheta&quot;.
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