Village Voice: Scientology Targeted South Park's Parker and Stone in Investigation

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, Oct 23, 2011.

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    You know what?? If I was Miscavige, even with the money, at this point I'd shut it all down.

    But he has no dignity.

    This just makes Ortega even more powerful.

    And crying about child sex abuse is laughable when Jan Eastgate Head of CCHR is awaiting court judgement for concealing child rape.

    Fuck, I just love this cult. Every day brings moar LULZ.
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    http colon //villagevoicepimp dot com/
    mod edit: skanky url, approach with caution

    Tony O posted the link to his FB page.
  5. AnonLover Member

    (rubs grubby lil twitfag poonage paws together)

    Indeed! Oh look, targets! on a golden platter!!!/VVPimps/followers
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  6. sallysock Member

    OMG. Look at the followers...many of them are ESCORTS.

    What is going on here? Maybe I am just retarded, I do not get this.
  7. The Wrong Guy Member

    Mark Chauppetta, Private Eye Who Worked for Scientology at the time of the South Park Investigation: "I'm a Fucking Mercenary" - New York News - Runnin' Scared

    Just got off the phone with Mark Chauppetta, a private investigator who has done work for the Church of Scientology, sifting through the trash of the church's perceived enemies.

    Chauppetta worked for Scientology for several years, including the time the church was investigating South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, in 2006. (Chauppetta says he wasn't personally involved in the South Park operation, but added that he wouldn't confirm it even if that was the case.)

    I told Chauppetta that our readers have been fascinated with leaked internal documents which suggest that Scientology paid private investigators to case the South Park offices, sift through Parker and Stone's trash, and also to pull the trash of their friends, such as actors John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn.

    After the jump, Chauppetta explains what it was investigators were looking for in the trash of Scientology's enemies.

    "I do a lot of trash-pulling for a lot of different clients," he says. "You're looking for a Post-it, an envelope, anything that would give you a name, anything. You look for anything but a bloody tampon and a banana peel," Chauppetta told me by phone from the Boston area, where he operates.

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    Reminds me of Geppeto.

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  13. The Wrong Guy Member

    Another one, today:

    VVPimps VillageVoicePimps
    “Classified: Humans for Sale.” The Village Voice / Backpage Scandal…
    3 hours ago

    On that link:

    Contact Me:
  14. Squirrel King Member

    This is so fail... It's begging people to visit and arrange a hook-up for 100 "Happinesses". They funny part is they are sooo clueless...
  15. Anonymous Member

    I trust ANON is running the origins of this new religious group to ground. I have no doubt that it traces right back to the clams, however my meager search on whois led to a dead end...why hide your identity if you are who you say you are?
  16. PodPeople Member

    hah. Don't 'ya just wish, just once, that people like Mike Rinder would be as blatantly honest as this Mark guy? "Yes, I was a fucking merciless puppet and paid harlot and mini me dictator and I don't regret it and it was legal, so what, so there!"
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  17. DeathHamster Member

    Naturally the domain is privacy protected.
    • Creation date: 28 Sep 2011 22:10:00
    • Expiration date: 28 Sep 2012 14:10:00
    That's pretty recent if it's supposed to be a group that been protesting VV for a while. And these days, who registers a domain for only one year? (Other than CoS on their main sites.)
  18. Anonymous Member

    The tactic is cultish, the writing is cultish. I smell clams all over that blog. And the targeting of Ortega to the exclusion of the rest of the staff? No matter what deodorant the clams wear, you can always smell them.
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  19. acepi86 Member

    He had two sick kids so he made the deal with the devil.... As a skip tracer I've warned PI's over this cult and what they do.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    He needs to word clear ethical.
  21. AnonLover Member

    Not if he's using his client's definition of "ethical."
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  22. Anonymous Member

    "The greatest good for us at any given moment". Yeah, that fits.
  23. Anonymous Member

    "Log onto and purchase my first PI book, Happens All the Time: Cheating in the Good Ol’ U.S.A.," says private investigator Mark Chauppetta. "A percentage of the purchase price helps fight Duchenne MD, a terminal disease that has affected my twin 16-year-old sons."

    "Hiring a PI can be pricey: most charge $75-$100 an hour," says private investigator Mark Chauppetta. "I always recommend leaving it up to a professional for various reasons, like safety and admissibility — although in today's day we are all computer-savvy, and that is usually where most people begin on their own."

    "Anyone that is not convicted felon can attempt to become a PI," says private investigator Mark Chauppetta. "If interested, there are two ways: one, coming off a police force with detective hours, and two, working as an apprentice for a licensed PI firm like I did 20-plus years ago. I suggest checking in with the Massachusetts Department of State Police Licensing Division for further details. I teach PI 101 at Massasoit Community College, on both the Brockton and Canton campuses. Next classes begin February 2012."

    "Covert PI equipment can be found just by a simple Google, and anyone can purchase them," says private investigator Mark Chauppetta. But he cautions against doing your own investigation work. "[We can all buy] a football and baseball, and that doesn't mean we should be starting for the next football game for the Patriots. If you are going to purchase your own equipment, pay attention to certain laws because just because it is offered doesn't mean it is legal. For example, Massachusetts has two-party consent when it comes to audio recording. You can also purchase software to spy on someone’s cell phone, although you are looking at wiretapping violations. See why I suggest a pro?"

    "You would be surprised with the number of calls I receive on daily basis; most of them center around infidelity," says private investigator Mark Chauppetta. "Boston in one of the busier cities, and both men and woman alike hire my services to see if [their partners] are with another person other than them. I would say that in 9 out of every 10 cases, the client has suspected something, done some snooping of their own, and just wants to get that confirmation or video confirmation with us. Other cases that we handle are criminal defense, domestic relations, backgrounds, asset searches, security, debugging, and much more."

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    Obviously hasn't met Miss Bloodybutt
  26. Anonymous Member

    Way to let them get DNA evidence to plant on a bomb threat.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    Only for telephone conversations. The 1st Circuit recently blew away the twisted interpretation of a wiretap law that police were using to bust people recording police in a public place. Apparently they didn't like beat-downs showing up on YouTube.
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  29. Triumph Member

    Village Voice
    Scientology Investigation of South Park the Last Straw for Katie Holmes: Aussie Magazine Report

    teaser article
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    I have hope for Katie. She's too nice to look at to be part of that ugly clam network.

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  32. Squirrel King Member

    GQ had a tongue-in-cheek snippet about her pouring wine over Tom's e-meter this month and begging her to leave him and "come back" to making good movies. --GQ 11-11 pg. 108
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    This could wind up back on the Stern show, if someone cares to poon them:
    The reason is that Stern is VERY pally (or was) with both John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn.
    It could get interesting.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Yeah OK lust then.

    She's still to pretty to be a fuckin' clam.
  35. Sponge Member

  36. AnonLover Member

    Imma in your virtual lap, whispering in your ear... your just too engrossed to realize it was me who thought it first ;)
  37. Anonymous Member

    I shoulda been a Sponge ;)
  38. Anonymous Member

    Tory has a video about it, addressing Katie Holmes:

  39. Anonymous Member

    Tory is so awesome.
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  40. muldrake Member

    I believe this about as much as I believe the Tom is gay heterosexual rumors or, for that matter, the half-dozen other stories that Katie has left Tom. That said, I don't mind that the "Scientology is so weird it breaks up marriages" meme is now widespread enough that even a supermarket tabloid can just toss it off and expect bored housewives to get it without explanation.
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