Village Voice: The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology

Discussion in 'Media' started by Sponge, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Sponge Member

    The Top 25 People Crippling Scientology
    by Tony Ortega, Village Voice 5th August 2011

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  2. another123 Member

    surprised he didn't include this gem in the article:

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  3. Anonymous Member

    This brilliant- I've not seen it before..needs more mirroring!
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  4. Sponge Member

    Ah, but who really is Xenu?


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  5. SwordofTruth Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

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  7. Anonymous Member

    a pair that should make the list (at least with a dishonorable mention)
    and the PAIR is NOT Scilon Stacy Francis's Gi-normous Ta Ta's

    its the two Boobs posing with Her
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. RightOn Member

    did the ex list make the list? LOL!!!!
  10. Random guy Member

    That is a blood good article.

    Now I'm really looking forward to Urban's book!
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  11. grebe Member

    The response to the accusation that Scientology fawns over celebrities: "We do have Celebrity Centers, but they're not fondling these people."

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  12. wolfyrik Member

    On Xenu "Think about it, for about 19 years, after L. Ron Hubbard dreamed the sucker up in a pill-popping and boozy haze while sailing the Atlantic and Mediterranean in the mid-1960s"

    Love it. Great article so far, I can't wait to see who's #23!
  13. Anonymous Member

    Can Scientologists have Freudian slips?
  14. Anonymous Member

    I was thinking Delphi schooling, but maybe it was a slip.
  15. Anon PTS Member

    From Tony's facebook page:
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  16. Anonymous Member

    Post in the VVV comment thread:


    that Beliefnet, a resource that claims to be a forum for religion, would give
    credence and column space to someone who is obsessed with denigrating the
    Scientology religion. Tony Ortega's "news" is Tony Ortega's
    hallucination—broadcast the "demise" of a religious movement during
    its most impressive era of expansion to date. Ortega and the Village Voice's
    warped concept of Scientology notwithstanding, there are millions of
    Scientologists like me who are thriving, studying the books of L. Ron Hubbard,
    gaining new understanding and certainty and ability and awareness every day.
    And if you were really holding to your purported purpose you would be
    supporting the work of Scientologists not giving voice to an anti-religious
    fanatic who has turned his so-called paper into a 21st century hate-machine the
    likes of which would have made Goebbels drool.
    Notice how it is supposed to be posted to the Beliefnet site. Dumb shit didn't even realize he was posting to the VV site as he attacked Tony, lol
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  17. Anonymous Member

    My best for the top spots

    #2 - Anonymous. Rollin' and trollin' for over 3 years, we were the ones who didn't just tickle the sleeping dragon, we walked straight up to it and pissed in its eyes. And in so doing, we discovered that the cult wasn't nearly as scary as people thought.

    #1 - David Miscavige. He's been running the cult into the ground for decades.
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  18. Anonymous Member

  19. DeathHamster Member

    Copy-paste, copy-paste, copy-paste...

    It's a tough job trying to handle the Internet, and you expect them to remember where they're pasting?
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  20. DeathHamster Member

    Tom Cruise ought to be in there somewhere.
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  21. Anonymous Member

    The BeliefNet one is basically a plug for the VV so the comment makes sense for the other site.
  22. Sponge Member

    ctrl-c,ctrl-v, check, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, check, ctrl-c, ctrl-v, oops!
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  23. Sponge Member

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  24. Anonymous Member

  25. Anonymous Member

    but possibly disqualified because he's dead and Ortega used the present participle 'crippling', though I could argue the case either way.

    This is a fun game Ortega invited us to.
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  26. Full 100% agreement with that! Tony's commitment to and work upon the $cientology file amazes me.

    Kudos to all the Anons on the comment threads of this Runnin' Scared episode. It's a marvel to behold!
  27. Anonymous Member


    List also needs honourable mention for Tommy Davis.
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  28. Anonymous Member

    LRon is not dead!
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  29. Sponge Member

    David Miscavige #1 we love u long time.
    Why? For putting his complete faith in Tom Cruise (see below), for propping up more and bigger shiny new buildings for a declining membership especially in places where scientology membership is in the toilet and is never going to take on, for phsyically and mentally abusing his staff and generally continuing Hubbard's policy with his own personal sick twists added on, for re-releasing old shit as expensive new shit then regging people to hell for it and causing many to back out, doubt and sometimes blow completely.

    Basically, by punishing or getting rid of any voice of well intentioned dissent from within, Miscavige has ensured that the scientology dictatorship will be left in a corner with a small concentration of the biggest and most delusional miscavige-approved retards and psychopaths running the show, supported by a small infantry of directionless batshit insane cheerleaders which causes even the lesser informed wogs to give them a very wide birth. Arguably this has already happened.

    Although hardly an achievment, the only sensible thing that Miscavige has done and continues to do for scientology is to avoid being interviewed by the media because, these days, if he ever opened his grade school educated gob in another live lengthy Ted Koppel style interview again then he'd likely loose it totally this time if not downright incriminate himself in front an audience of millions. This lack of real contact and interaction with people outside his own assylum, without being filtered by his fearful yesmen, means more spectacularly bad decisions.

    Tom Cruise could have been #1 but he seems to have learned a little bit of a lesson in recent years to tone down the crazy and not allow himself to be PA'd to the detriment of his career quite so much as before (although that is arguably too late). He must still be right up there because scientology wasn't getting much critical attention until he declared himself a psychiatry history expert, calling Matt Lauer glib, rubbishing Brooke Shields and her post-partum depression, generally pushing his moonbattery on anyone that would listen, and then trying to ban the Trapped in the Closet episode of South Park. He has some credit in that he had sweethearted governments such as Spain which recognized them as a religion. However, it was because of Tom Cruises decision not to listen to his non-moonbat advisors way back in 2005 that scientology finds itself being made fun of and mistrusted by the potential raw meat at large to this day. It also created yet another generation of critics to add to the previous OG before anonymous came along and took criticism of the cult to new heights.

    Senator Xenophon must feature in the list due to the results of his win in the Australian senate who's reccomendations were subsequently taken up in the 2011 budget legislation, albeit yet to come to full fruition. Having a politician at the height of influence in the senate that listened to the concerns of ex-scientologists and acted with such compassion, determination, speed and effectiveness is something which I don't think we've ever seen before.
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  30. Anonymous Member

    So who else? Possibilities:

    Haggis (weak)
    Rathbun+Rinder (tho arguable since Ortega said 'Scientology' not 'Church of Scientology'...prepare howls of protest just in case)
    Latey (hmm maybe not)
  31. Tangerine Member

    And Tommy Davis.
  32. Awww, how could we forget Tommy? Just because he's been in the RPF over his failure to handle the New Yorker article...
  33. OTeleventy Member

    My guess is it will be celebrities in general. Tho Tom Crz is whack job enough to warrant his own spot, I'll admit
  34. Random guy Member

    I think Cruise will have his own spot. What would Channology be without Crazy-Tom?
  35. Sponge Member

    In any list of celebrities, include Nicole Kidman, because it proves that when you are married to a celebrity scientology nutjob your career stagnates and then after you divorce it takes off and the awards come flying in. How many oscars has Tom Cruise won?
  36. Anonymous Member

    I'm thinking Jeff Hawkins should be there somewhere since he seems to be the last person to actually run a successful marketing campaign for Scientology, hence his departure is crippling.
  37. Loki's spawn Member

    I would go with Lisa McPherson.
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  38. Anonymous Member

    David Love going after Narconon in Canada.

    Kyle Brennan's mother Victoria Britton for filing a wrongful death suit. This has the potential of becoming another Lisa McPherson scandal.
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  39. Anonymous Member

    Oh yes. I expect her near the top of the list. Comments on that one are either going to be completely avoided by the Scilons or will get nasty.
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  40. Anonymous Member

    Xenophon and Brian Seymore?
    how about Farrakhan?

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