Village Voice: Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesman, Secretly Recorded Discussing 'Disconnection'

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. AnonLover Member

    Tony Ortega strikes again!

    Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesman, Secretly Recorded Discussing 'Disconnection'

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  2. Anonymous Member

  3. AnonLover Member

    The original denial of disconnection...

  4. Random guy Member

    Oh golly, golly, golly!
  5. RightOn Member

    another one for the list?
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  6. Sponge Member

    Fuck! Yes!

    brb: gallon of coffee, bucket of nibbles and comfy chair.
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  7. RightOn Member

    Poor Smurf....
    Davis will never get out of the RPF now.
    If this is true about Davis being put on the RPF, why does his mother Archer put up with it?
    Does she agree with the RPF?
    I would love to see her get interviewed on the subject
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  8. Anonymous Member

    I guess people can ask her or get an autographed photo lol!
    To correspond with Anne, or to request an autographed photo, please write to: Anne Archer Post Office Box 57593 Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
  9. Sponge Member

    Village Voice Exposes Church of Scientology Lie
    Fishbowl LA. 20th August 2011

    Scilon comments:
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  10. AnonLover Member

    let the VV rehash media feeding frenzy begin!!

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  12. 2.7 Million people became Scientologists in 2009, and the cult has 150,000 registered Volunteer Ministers

    Tommy, don't get me wrong I enjoy the lulz, but your cult has already pegged out the lulz meter, don't you think your freak show of a cult is already enough of a laughing stock why add to it with retarded numbers like that?

    But seriously Tommy you're getting me a little worried, your incoherent babbling, talk of Human Rights, and Nazi Analogies is making sound a lot like this mentally unstable fuckbag, the handing out of the little paper cups of Kool-Aid can't be too far away.

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  13. Anonymous Member

    And consider that Tommy knew that he was on tape, at least his tape, and that this is the way he speaks even then. This is his guarded, almost every word considered expression.
    He talks about church expansion as though Shane were not a Scientologist and defines terms that he shouldn't have to define for Shane. Does he know that, or consider that a tape could be leaked?
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  14. He was trying his best to use his 1950s Hubbard grade school reverse psychology, on someone who is no longer a shit for brains Scientologist. He still hasn't figured out that Hubbard's cheesy ass cult tech only works on people stupid enough to take fuckbag Hubbard seriously and are willing to participate in the role playing game of Scientology.
  15. What an incoherent, cliche-ridden (just say 'so on and so forth' one more time, I dare ya), blustering way to beat about the bush, Tommy.

    I guess what you were trying to say was "Look. We have your Mom and Dad. We got your sister and brother. Do what we tell you or you'll never see them again'.

    Obviously didn't watch the old gangster movies too closely. Edward G. Robinson or George Raft would have had that over with in half a minute.

    The moll, Feshbach, didn't sound terribly convincing either.

    Epic Fail.
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  16. I could see how those two idiots would have a hard time using his family as leverage when he wasn't allowed to communicate with his mother for the last nine years even was he was in good standing.

    If you do as we say we will not force your family to disown you, but they will still be confined to a fenced compound in the desert and you still would be allowed to communicate with them.

    I think you're going to need a little more leverage than that Tommy, if you want to do some arm twisting.
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  17. Anonymous Member

    Listen very carefully on tape 7 where Tommy admits that those who were "thrown in jail for breaking the law" from the Guardian's Office can be OT 8s and OT Committee Chairpeople.

    But doesn't the church tell everyone that these people were expelled and were bad and got the church in trouble, yet they can be OT 8? Tsk tsk Tommy I sense another footbullet here...

    Of course, factually, virtually all those folks were let back in and allowed to go up the Bridge. Probably having access to much more than our sorry little OSA friends fighting it out in the comment threads.
    So perhaps we should point this out to them? Hehehehe....
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  18. Anonymous Member

    Anyone with an anonymous P.O. Box and the testicular fortitude to write and ask her if she knows where Tommy is?

    Just askin'
  19. Diablo Member

    i'll send her some KY...cobb-webs in her panties
  20. I doubt she even knows that P.O. Box exists. It's probably one in a block of a few hundred her agent leases
  21. Django Member

    I realize that Shane was recently out and his head was still spinning. That said, I was screaming at the screen, "Why aren't you challenging him on this Nazi comparison ferchrissakes". Jeez Loo Eez....

    I hope Davis's rice-and-beans ration is halved for this leak...
  22. LocalSP Member

    Just out of curiosity where were did the taping of this meeting take place?
  23. Anonymous Member

    It's too bad Scientology changed its tactics and nowadays no longer has a spokesperson. It would have been so much fun to see Tommy or somebody else go on CNN and claim that those tapes were taken out of context or that it was body thetans that made Tommy say all those awful things.
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  24. Sonichu Moderator

    No see he's a suppressive and he pulled it in. That's why he's doing the "voluntary" Purification of the Rehabilitation Project Force.
  25. At first I was thinking the same thing, but then after thinking about it a little longer I'm glad he let him keep it goes, it shows just how delusional and retarded the cult's line of thinking is even more.
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  26. Miscavige seems have a perfect record for picking SPs to be the spokesperson for Scientology. I wonder who the next SP he picks will be? ... or maybe since there are so many SPs in the cult he should do the job himself to ensure it gets done right.
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  27. Anonymous Member

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  28. Nancy Beazley Member

    What I LOVE about this little coup of Shane's is that California is one of those states where both parties have to give their permission for a conversation to be recorded.

    And brilliant, young Tommy offered his permission right at the front of the conversation.

    Thank ya, Jesus! Thank ya!
  29. DeathHamster Member

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  30. Smurf Member

    I assumed it was Shane's apartment in the Valley.
  31. Diablo Member

    I would have got up and kicked the living shit out of that little faggot TD when he said "SOB" and "2-Digit IQ"

    Especially in my own house...fuck him!
  32. Anonymous Member

    No it isn't. Then why is he the one zipping up his bag and leaving?
  33. Kilia Member

  34. Smurf Member

    LOL. This was pure Tommy... exasperated at not being able to control the environment and realizing he sucks at coercive persuasion, he pouts & insults. I lol'd at the last 5 minutes of the meeting where I detected Tommy doing his level best to be diplomatic and polite (knowing that he was being taped). Tommy has never been comfortable walking on egg shells & it intimidates the shit out of him to have his wife there with him... don't believe for a second that Jessica wouldn't betray her husband and earning him a long spell in the RPF. Knowing Tommy, Jess might want to watch out. She may become the punching bag of his frustrations in the near future.

    Edit: legal.
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  35. Smurf Member

    Maybe he was leaving for work? Why does it matter?

    I wasn't there, but Tommy & Jess are known for making personal (and often surprise) visits to people's homes. I know this from personal experience.
  36. Anonymous Member

  37. Anonymous Member

    I love the fact that his bitch mentioned his work for OSA which he quickly refused doing.
  38. Anonymous Member

    Read the story and listen to the last video again. It matters because you are talking out of your hat.
    Tommy says,"When you walk out of here" (basically that that's it). And Shane is zipping his bag to go.
    Why would he be "walking out of here" in his own home?

    It matters because don't answer the question if YOU don't have dox or know for sure.
  39. Smurf Member

    Were you there? Do you have dox to prove it wasn't Shane's apartment? It matters because don't answer the question if YOU don't have dox or know for sure, hypocrite.

    I've contacted the source to get confirmation since you're obviously going to continue to wet your pants until you get the answer you're looking for.
  40. Anonymous Member

    I for one believe that Tommy & Jess are known for making personal (and often surprise) visits to people's homes... it's the kind of creeps they are.

    This should definitely be somehow played at orgs and hopefully to Katie Holmes... her people need to know what a nasty bitch is Flechback or whatever her name is...

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