Village Voice: Tommy Davis, Scientology Spokesman, Secretly Recorded Discussing 'Disconnection'

Discussion in 'Media' started by AnonLover, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Anonymous Member

    This is not the first time Tommy Crap Head has been caught on this!
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  2. Anonymous Member

    Lol, getting our knickers in a twist, aren't you? YOU were the one who stated definitively(before you edited your post) that the meeting was in "Shane's apartment in the valley". You had absolutely no dox, you simply assumed. Now you want to get all huffy because you got called on not being the all seeing eye? I didn't state anything other than what was clear from the story, I didn't make claims that simply had no basis in fact. You did.
  3. Smurf Member

    LOL. Your momma teach you to whine like that, moonbat?
  4. Anonymous Member

    It doesn't matter. Chill.
  5. Triumph Member

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  6. Anonymous Member

    The meeting took place at OSA INT @ 6331 Hollywood Blvd. It was in the OSA Int conference room.

    Until next time...
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  7. Smurf Member

    Tommy's brother, Mike, has put up his Santa Barbara mansion with ocean & mountain views, on the market.

    While Mike & wife Teran live in pricey homes in Santa Barbara & New York, Tommy lives with his wife in the Bronson Apartments. Now, that's dedication.

    Edit: I was part of a conference call this morning with Tommy & an attorney threatening to sue me for defamation for posting "vicious, hostile, defamatory remarks on the Internet" about his lovely wife, Jessica Fessbach. The call lasted a good 45 minutes. After speaking to my own attorney experienced in these matters, I called Tommy back & agreed to sustain from making future "defamatory & insulting remarks" of his lovely wife in the future. I also apologized to Jess as well (demanded by my attorney).

    My actions were more cringeworthy than a few years ago when my former attorney Graham Berry demanded I apologize to Ava Paquette for calling her a "whore" & a "fucking bitch" on the telephone & in letters.
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  8. Anonymous Member

  9. Smurf Member

    Hmm.. Wonder why Tommy tape recorded the interview. The 10th floor conference room at the HGB is wired for electronic eavesdropping.
  10. Anonymous Member

    Why the sudden jump in price?

    Price History

    DateDescriptionPrice% Chg$/sqftSource

    08/10/2011 Listed for sale $14,700,000 30,847% $1,466 Village Properties
    07/02/2010 Listing removed $47,500 -- $4 Dominion Enterprises
    05/20/2010 Price change $47,500 -99.7% $4 Dominion Enterprises
    05/11/2010 Price change $17,500,000 -- $1,745 Dominion Enterprises
    12/22/2009 Listed for sale $17,500,000 -- $1,745 Dominion Enterprises

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  12. Smurf Member

  13. Anonymous Member

    Looks like Mike and Teran got way more success after they quit the cult.

    Meanwhile poor little Tommy gave all his money to Davey and now gets to eat rice and beans, while little Davey tries to screw his wife.

    KSW, huh Tommy?
  14. AnonLover Member

    i thought he was a half brother or step brother... same dad different moms?
  15. slobeck Member

    that recording was awesome. O tommy you so crazy. I still wanna have mad animalistic sex with him tho.
  16. Anonymous Member

    Would you use the pull out disconnection method?
  17. Anonymous Member

    Channelling Nixon perhaps?
  18. It was supposed to make Shane give in and act like a good cult member because he'd be so concerned about his family listening to the interview, little did those two retards realize they should have been the ones concerned about anyone listening to the interview.

    At least Tommy knows how evil Hubbard and his policies really are and enforcing them should be kept from the public at all costs, yep Tommy you pulled this one in, someday you will realize everyone who enforces Hubbard evil does nothing but 'pull in' grief for themselves. If Hubbard's batshit crazy cult policies worked as you claim, your cult wouldn't be a complete train wreck.
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  19. Orson Member

    You can trust this information, fyi.
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  20. Anonymous Member

    Thanks for the confirmation. I figured this was a trustworthy source. :)
  21. Thank you Broseph, as you already know, I trust ALL ANONYMOUS sources! :)
  22. Smurf Member

    William Lloyd Davis is Tommy & Mike's father. They have different mothers. Tommy's father has not been in his life since Tommy joined the Sea Org & became DM's submissive. Tommy also has a sister (different mother). He also has a stepbrother, Jeff Jastrow, a Scilon, from Anne Archer's marriage to Terry Jastrow.
  23. AnonLover Member

    Was Tommy's dad & brother mike ever a scilon?
  24. Smurf Member

  25. AnonLover Member

    Thks Smurf! <3
  26. AIN Member

    You don't realize how big of a tool this is. Next time you are out protesting, we can show, hey look, Tommy Davis says disconnection is real and alive.
  27. DeathHamster Member

    His dad must have been clued in on Scientology because he seems to have set up the trust fund so that Tommy hasn't been able to directly pillage it for Scientology.
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  28. DeathHamster Member

    Intimidation. With that kind of voodoo, the victim has to know that it's being done. If he really wanted to lay it on thick, he should have dragged out an old reel-to-reel job.

    Looks like Tommy's curse backfired.
  29. Smurf Member

    Tom's dad was raised as a Christian Scientist and married Anne, a fellow CS. She later converted to Scientology. I think his Dad, like the rest of his family, bought into the whole PR scheme of the cult, that it is a new religion... and the family wasn't aware or cared less about the church. The Christian Science Church founded by Mary Baker Eddy has also been referred to as a cult, so perhaps, this had something to do with Tommy's family not being concerned with allegations that Scientology was a cult, but I don't know that for a fact.
  30. Smurf Member

    From what Shane said in the interview, and what I've heard from others close to Shane, he felt put upon & exploited by Marc to a degree & Tommy, which is why he brought up the litigation shtick. I don't know the whole story of how Shane's working for Stefan & Marc at MODE resulted in Shane's name appearing on a court document in Marc's lawsuit against the cult, but Shane, obviously, felt exploited in some degree & that his only intent was to be gainfully employed. He was, however, smart enough to realize the blackmail & extortion scheme Tommy was threatening him with, and stood up for himself.
  31. AnonLover Member

    Christian Scientists are common in my neck of the woods, i know several & have some for neighbors. and prior to all the media attention Scientology got since Anon came about, i would speculate the same thing - u say the word "cult" to a christian scientist and if their not familiar with what your talking about, they'll ask "Do they believe in God?" and "Do they accept Jesus as the personal savior?". If you answer yes to the first question, their response to "cult" is pretty much "Meh"

    Back in 2008 I was talking about Scientology at a neighborhood cookout and ^^This was the exact reaction i got from my neighbors who are christian scientists and their only comment was the usual "people always confuse us with scientology" followed by a "hhhrrrrummmppph" and they got as far away from me with my "cult" talk as they could.

    But when the AC360 series was running on TV, two of those neighbors come over to talk to me when they seen me getting out of my car. Both wanted to say they had seen Anderson Cooper and wanted to know - did i still do internet activism related to Scientology? And the rest of the convo was very positive & supportive, with lots of "we are nothing like that" mixed in between the answers i was giving them to the many questions AC360 left them with. End result - christian scientist seemed very much opposed to Scientology too, once they stopped tuning it out at the "cult" word.

    And their biggest issue with it was the Scientology cross, that didnt go over well at all. and it was my feeling during those convos that the picture of the cross over Anderson's shoulder is what made them pay attention.
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  32. Anonymous Member

    Well, I understand that you have a crush on him, did you take the opportunity to propose to him? I mean, it's not that the vicious, hostile, defamatory bitch Jessica Feshbach, who also happens to be a fucking bitch whore, and Tommy are already married.
  33. Smurf Member

    When pissed-off attorneys are involved & litigation is threatened, frivolity and humor takes a rest. :-(
  34. Anonymous Member

    What was most telling to me in those tapes was that Tommy was defensive for the sake of "the group" much more that for "the faith". He never brings up ideology or concepts of spiritual progress which should be his priority, really. People truly comfortable in their spiritual/religious beliefs neither get aggressive or defensive about it, really they don't.

    Consequently, it compels me to think without a doubt that even Tommy knows/knew that scientology as a bona fide religion is a bunch of donkey dung.
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  35. xenubarb Member

    Presumably, he's in the RPF again. But, I think part of the lure is the exclusivity of the hierarchy; when you're at the top, it's hot shit. Those people in the front row of the Big Events, those peeps have spent huge sums for the right to sit there. The Superpower building has a series of lounges; depending upon how much you've kicked in, this determines the size of the room, the view, and whether or not you get leather chairs instead of naugahyde.

    But Tommy Davis is kind of Scientology royalty as Ann Archer's son. But he's such a screw up that preferential treatment is not an option. He doesn't have to work, so I can only guess what keeps him around is (or was) his access to the wee Mister Big, hangin with celebs, getting googly eye looks from rank and file like some rock star. In the real world, if he took a job as dog catcher he'd wind up getting eaten by weiner dogs.

    What I don't understand is, some of the uberrich idiots who have donated millions in exchange for recognition and Scientology trinkets are, by virtue of being uberrich, likely to encounter special attention wherever they go, so what makes Scientology brand attention so attractive?
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  36. They are paying because they believe the exclusivity they are purchasing will grant they respect and the envy of millions, when in fact it there are less than 50K Scientologists world wide and the other 6.5 billion people on the planet think they are fucking morons for dumping that much money into a cheesy 1950s science fiction role playing con game.
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  37. Anonymous Member

    Mutual masturbation and corporate sponsorship wrapped into one; but once out of the room, one brags about it and the other one's publicist says to shut the fuck up, please.
  38. AnonLover Member

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  39. Diablo Member

    That's how you know it's a cult...they ask someone to write this stupid fucking letter saying all this bullshit about how good Scn is. At the bottom she writes to not listen to the show because it is "weird" and has "squirell stuff" on it.

    Any NORMAL person would be intrigued and listen to the show the next time it was going to be on...not cult, they obey like blind sheep.

    The ones that don't, becuase they have some self integrity, end up BLOWING!

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