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Discussion in 'Help Iran Online' started by Unregistered, Jul 5, 2009.

  1. Stacy Member

  2. I believe so.
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  4. As your whois shows, the site is hosted in Canada. The point, however, is that those with the wherewithall to take it out (bot herders) could care less where it is located. My post is a request to those that can to take it down.

    The fact that it is NOT in Iran makes it a much better target, as it will not slow the effort of those in the thick of it.
  5. Stacy Member

    The server location is in Virginia, but I don't deal with whois enough to understand all the info there.

    If it is in Canada, it would be foolish for anyone in the US to take it down, it needs to be handled a different way. Canada would press charges, unlike Iran. That's the entire reason this could be done to sites hosted in Iran, they aren't going to press charges and if they did the US is not going to let a US citizen be extradited.

    Some more info, it still looks like it is in Virginia to me.

    Geo/User/Host Results for SHAHABNEWS.COM
    IP address:
    Host server:
    Network: PEER1-SERVERBEACH-03A
    ISP/organization: ServerBeach
    ISP/organization address: Suite 225-2350 Corporate Park Drive, Herndon, VA, 20171, US
    Latitude: 38.931479
    Longitude: -77.400850
    Geographical location: United States
    Country Codes: US, USA
  6. Stacy Member

    This one could use some work in being brought down. Also anyone that is more familiar with whois, is this hosted in the US? In Virginia?
  7. I say open up your TOR browser and DDoS the hell out of them. It will get their attention faster than petitioning them to shut down the site, and that extra time may save some lives.
  8. jadt65 Member

    It is located in the same bldg as Symantec

    in VA...close to Washington.....a think a low tech email might work (or else just get Norton to remove an "in-house virus.":)
  9. Stacy Member

    I don't think it is a good idea for a US citizen to do that.
  10. jadt65 Member


    a concerned citizen e-mail, from outside US?
  11. Stacy Member

    I had to go back and edit my post and add the quote because you posted before I could. :)
  12. There are plenty of people here who are not from the US. Anyone from China wanna help? I know you all downloaded the DDoS software. I hope that was to help, and not to save and use against the US later. Just joking, maybe.

    Still, there are a lot of people outside the US that are part of this that can DDoS that US server that is hosting the pictures of the protesters faces. Maybe that will get the attention of the owner of the server, and make him/her read their emial. Last time I checked that site was still up with the faces.
  13. jadt65 Member

    No prob.....not a good idea to DD0S.....US Gov't internet storm monitoring at server beach as well.
  14. Stacy Member

    Hmmm....not so sure about that.

    Attacking US based servers might not be a good idea, but that's up to the individual.

    I just wanted to put that out there about US citizens because there is information on this site showing how to do some of this stuff so it doesn't require any computer knowledge. I think we just need to make sure to put the cavet of "server in the US and US citizens might not want to do this" on there.
  15. Stacy Member

    Oh no that wouldn't be good.

    That's probably one that needs people sending off emails and/or calling. It can be taken down right away.
  16. jadt65 Member

    I will see if I can get phone number & will be awhile before business hours....I will email too.
  17. Stacy Member

    Please post all the info you get so it is handy for anyone that comes in here.
  18. jadt65 Member

    Short & sweet

    Here is their website: have a chat feature&international #'s.

    Address & Phone:2350 Corporate Park Dr # 225
    Herndon, VA 20171-5805
    (703) 435-7806
    Parent Company: Peer One.
  19. jadt65 Member

    Uh-oh..that news site violates TOS

    This is from their TOS

    f) Utilize the Services in connection with any tortious or actionable activity. Without limiting the general application of this rule, Users may not:

    i. Utilize the Services to publish or disseminate information that (A) constitutes slander, libel or defamation, (B) publicizes the personal information or likeness of a person without that person's consent or (C) otherwise violates the privacy rights of any person.
    ii. Utilize the Services to threaten persons with bodily harm, to make harassing or abusive statements or messages, or to solicit the performance of acts or services that are illegal under applicable law.
  20. Stacy Member

    Just posting their picture means they have violated the TOS then. It shouldn't be a problem to have the site taken down, or the pictures at the very least.
  21. jadt65 Member

    Contact to report violations

    b) Reporting Non-Copyright Violations. SERVERBEACH encourages Users to report violations of this policy by e-mail to:, including in any such report the name of the offending domain (for example,, the IP address and the type of abuse (for example, spam, illegal acts, harassment, etc.) in the "subject" field of the e-mail.

    This info 4 copyright violation..I am sure they'll forward.

    DMCA Notices
    Attention: Joseph Lopez
    Suite 500 - 101 Marietta St.
    Atlanta, GA 30303
    Telephone Number of Designated Agent: (678) 365-2801
    Facsimile Number of Designated Agent (404)745-8355
    Email Address of Designated Agent:
  22. Stacy Member

    Ok, shot an email off to both addys just to be sure. :)

    I will also call when they open if the site is still up.
  23. jadt65 Member

    Just faxed legal dept....I will call Atlanta if site still up (I doubt it will be..Atlanta atty's are very risk averse)
  24. Stacy Member

    Fax is good, a lot of times people take a long time to get to emails sent to accounts like that. There are usually tons of emails to those type addresses a day.
  25. Stacy Member

    Ok, called a couple of numbers. The one listed a couple post above, went to a voicemail. I called the number 703-435-7809 @ serverbeach, he tried to be helpful but had me call "service". I called service, they said my email would be investigated, the guy was not helpful at all. I told him if he wasn't going to be helpful I would just post the number and others could call. He still wasn't helpful.

    So here's the number 800-741-9939

    There is a menu, I just pressed 1 others might want to try other numbers in the menu also. I will be making more calls to this number and the above number. They really need to be slammed with calls to make them act fast.
  26. Stacy Member

    Oh and the 800 number is 24/7.
  27. If they are dragging their feet in taking it down:

    1) They could be on the terrorist payroll
    2) They could have a gun pointed at their back.

    Either way, we want to know.
  28. Stacy Member

    I just check this site and I couldn't get on and I checked to see if it was down, got the following message:

    Seems it is down now, GREAT!
  29. jadt65 Member

    Just still down....looks like the sun is shining again @serverbeach:)

    Excellent work everyone!

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