Virtual Private Networks

Discussion in 'Keeping Your Anonymity In Iran' started by RUNARMY0F1, Jun 22, 2009.

  1. A good way to hide your identity on the net is to use a Virtual Private Network (VPN). It will completely mask your IP and encrypt every packet. Not even your ISP can see what your doing. Although you usually have to pay for a VPN i know of a program that gives you a free one. it's called HotSpot Shield. It's a free program that will let you connect to their VPN's. If you want to pay 15$ a month for a faster VPN i buy mine from . ive had mine for about a year now and they havnt let me down yet. If the internet in Iran is being restricted try using hotspot shield and see if it helps.
  2. Two Directional Data Transmission

    The product does not state that the data going forward to the product is hidden from the local ISP provider.

    The product appears to only state that once the data/connection is made to the host product that when the data is transmitted from them it is cloaked.

    So traffic going to/from the user to the local ISP provider would all be monitored. It appears this product simply masks the user from external web sites.
  3. TheONE-IRAN Member

    Do you know how a VPN works?
    Virtual private network - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    In any VPN scenario the provider/host should be assessed to verify that it confirms with best practices.
  4. echo-IRAN Member

    Someone said that, like most other VPNs, it uses OpenVPN, a well known, trusted open source project. Hotspot Shield repackaged it a bit so one cannot be sure. But it's been in use for years so anything fishy would have been reported. Like any one stage proxy, you trust the company with your IP and the content you browse. Also, it's not specifically designed for censorship circumvention. Recently Hulu blocked it, which has been widely used by foreign users to gain access to US TV.
  5. Hmm

    There needs to be a portal on either end of the VPN, which has its own IP

    Idea is fail

  6. Let's be careful not to spread misinformation about good, solid, VPN networks.

    If they have properly implemented encryption, your ISP CAN certainly see a connection to the providers entry node, but absolutely CANNOT decipher the nature of your traffic due to encryption. It's all random noise to them.

    There are several very reputable, high grade commercial anonymity providers. One might consider Perfect Privacy, Diclave, Xerobank, or Kryptohippie. Reading other posts looks like Xerobank is offering free accounts to those in Iran and media representatives. Not sure about the others.
  7. stillstanding Member

    VPN has been filtered from everything I've seen, so its pointless arguing about it.

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