Discussion in 'CoS Front Groups' started by ultrapoet, May 20, 2009.

  1. ultrapoet Member

    Look what I found in my gmail ads:

    At least the site it links to (yeah, I looked) admits to being Scientology upfront (unlike a number of Narconon sites.)

    Another sneaky way the Scienos are trying to grab people. Just putting that out there, for info gathering purposes.
  2. cinnamon Member


    The same thing happened to me, when I was e-mailing someone about Scientology. So I looked into it, and found that Google displays ads based on content (text) in your e-mail.

    Here is their information page about it:

    About Gmail

    In my case, when I clicked on the links for the two ads, one link sent me to the CO$ web site, and the other link sent me to a Freezone site.

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