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Discussion in 'Iran' started by Green Aardvark, Jun 16, 2009.

  1. If the government of Iran said that Ahmadinejad won, and the opposition says he didn't, how do you know with any degree of certainty who's right and who's wrong?

    Where's the proof one way or another?
  2. I Ran Hubbard Member

    If your bank says you have $0.01 in your account but you thought you had $1,200 who's right and who's wrong? Where's the proof?

    How can we ever know? Let's throw our hands up in the air.
  3. Ummm. How do you know for sure that the vote was rigged? I'm waiting for a serious answer for a serious question.
  4. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Are you in the right venue for your philosophical discussion. Why not got over to

    Maybe someone will want to match wits with the concern troll.
  5. Please. Answer the question. How do you know that the vote was rigged? Just answer it up front in plain language. The whole site is centered around this election, and the question is center to the election.
  6. Yes, I'm in the right venue. This is a free speech forum.
  7. Nihad Subasic Member

    The vote could've been rigged or not, obviously. There's debates as to whether it was rigged or not. Regardless of factual evidence however, at this point in time, we must assume that the election was in fact, rigged. Take a look at the videos. This wouldn't have happened if it was obvious that he either won fairly or it wasn't rigged. We help the Iranians and human beings of Iran because of the hardships they face, and we operate through this community as a single entity. Not based on our own ideals, but the ideals of the community, and for the citizens of Iran.
  8. swilling mendation

    Green Ardvark ahs been spamming this "devils advocate" shit on twitter all night. Expect lots of his spam in here now.
  9. I should add that this is all to draw hits to his failure of a blog.
  10. I Ran Hubbard Member


    Poor concern troll "devils advocate"... no one will bite.
  11. I'm not that same person.

    Please stay on topic.

    Why should we trust Moussavi over Ahmadinejad? Why not go by what the official count said. If you believe that Moussavi won, then please tell me why.
  12. Nihad Subasic Member

    What if we believe that Ahmadinejad lost?
  13. Thank you for a response addressing the issue. If you don't know for sure, then why claim as if you do know?
  14. I don't know about you but I'll be hard pressed to count 45 million HAND BALLOTS in half a day and confidently announcing the result even before the supposedly 3 days rule
  15. Nihad Subasic Member

    In my opinion, solely my own opinion I do not impose this upon anyone else, I truly believe the election is rigged.

    However, I understand I must keep it open for debate, and I am open to all input, which is why we must still ask questions even if we are 100% sure in our own minds, we must take others into account. After all, taking others opinions into account is what this is all about. :)
  16. I Ran Hubbard Member

    I personally think Ahmadinejad probably did win, but maybe more like 52%. His problem was it appears rigged in certain provinces and Tehran. He didn't get 63%, and that's his stupidity or hubris. Unfortunately it doesn't matter what you or I think. What matters is that a city of 3 million knows they didn't vote 50% for him. Like a quarter million people took to the streets because they believe it was rigged. That's all that matters, not your concern trolling.
  17. Besides, on top of that Ahmadinejad and Supreme Leader Khamenei are no supporters of human rights. That in itself makes them unfit to rule.
  18. Nihad Subasic Member

    I've got a strange feeling that *if* Ahamadinejad did lose, it was by something very small like 49%.

    The tension was brewing when he was in charge, and I think that I can trust in the actions of those people fighting on the streets right now... It's very influential.
  19. And for us, it's less about the vote counts and more about the ability to protest peacefully.

    Which is exactly what the anti-Ahmadinejad rallies are doing, by and large.

    If anyone returns a punch with riot police or militia that have been routinely beating -- even shooting -- people, then that's just a consequence of self defense, and not a sign that the protests were anything but peaceful intentioned.
  20. We don't know.

    We do not know if the vote was rigged. We do not even know if the vote was rigged where I am here in USA.

    [MOD EDIT -- removed Clint Curtis video, let's keep it on track]

    What we need to implement is instead of voter id cards, we need unique encrypted digital fingerprints issued. And an archive of every issued fingerprint and every fingerprint vote along with receipt given so in the event that the count is disputed the recount is indisputable and the archive can be compared with receipts. Lets try and make some friends in Iran in the meantime, human to human. Forgetting politics and war. Democracy is very hard to upkeep the closest thing to democracy that I have heard of on this planet is Switzerland. So lets spread some honest friendship.
  21. I Ran Hubbard Member

    Iranian ballots are counted by hand.

    Start a new thread at BBV if you want to discuss voting issues.
  22. Good luck

    I dont know much about whats going on, to my understanding the person who won the election by it possibly being rigged is not a good man with good beleifs. It shows by the fact that he has shut everything down and not letting no one in. I wish you all good luck and hope the people fighting the greater good come out ahead
  23. To have a recount, don't you first have to have a count?

    -The Daily Show

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