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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by OsX, Nov 16, 2011.

  1. OsX Member

    I'm coming from the Fench part of WWP forum. So sorry for my english.
    There is a problem in France (one more...) : THE VOXEL PROJECT

    History :
    November, the 13 : The website of BFMTV (news Channel on french television ) is hacked. The hack is claimed by the voxel project. The message is confused but this group wants to destroy the anonymous. Strange idea.

    Since, most of websites used by French Anonymous seems to be attacked.

    Have you heard about something ?

  2. Anonymous Member

    Dox? You're over-exagerating things here.
  3. rEVOLution Member

    Yes he is.
    Our IRC has been under DDoS for a while now, though.

    Edit: Since the 13th, actually. And there was an IP leak, dox is one of the Irc's OP
  4. LeJoker Member

    Hello there

    Well, the voxel project will try to stop Anonymous French.

    This Hackers suggest to give names of "Leaders" (lol) of Anonymous and some kiddies the 25th december to the Police authority. They pretend not to be old members of anonymous and there are ready to rise against us because they thought we are a danger for our country. There are made up of Russian & French.

    We forgot to specify that a text accompanied the video.

  5. WeLegion Member

  6. Anonymous Member

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