W.I.S.E. relational database - project

Discussion in 'Projects' started by timthephoto, Feb 3, 2010.

  1. timthephoto Member

    W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    in the light of the rabbithole discovered during the fowler investigation - i've gone and made a relational db in M$access...

    intended to be perfectly crafted for linking all the bits & factoids together to display the W.I.S.E. rabbit-hole network, with company, person, company_owners, employees, disgruntal_employee, facebook-friends, vehicles, incidents, orgs etc etc etc <--what i got done so far

    i already have a web based inteface, i need to get the database tables up into the sql server on - tried using the sql thing in access but it won't connect, so converting for import seems a good idea

    can any dbfags help me out here? sql - v5
  2. anon0004 Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    I guess you need an export as sqlskript, or alternatively an importskript.

    I´d try to export it form MS access first
  3. OTBT Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    Since I don't have SQL, I can't access your database to have a looksee or add info.

    On a separate webpage or download, can you convert the data to some other format so others can see what you've done? Excel / Word / PDF / etc
  4. Boca Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    This please. :)
  5. timthephoto Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    erm - thats an microsoft access2007 file
  6. timthephoto Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    update. what a pain in the ass.

    that M$ DB couldn't be used, so i stated and made it again directly on the webserver, and found a gui to administrate with.

    here is a graphic of the DB in the gui,
    i'm just on with creating the relations, doing the relations (keys & foreighn keys) in a text file , so i can plan it all ahead of time and run said text as a script - everything gets done all at once, in a few seconds.

    won't be long til OSA raeg like MF's on multiple speed comedowns and a bad hangover - LOL :)

    this is a response to: a recent fair game attack purpotrated by the cult of scientology

    inb4. i just noticed that the graphical report is showing many entries as the wrong field type. i will check this, because i made that set of tables manually in phpMyAdmin on teh host.. not expecting errors
  7. Anonymous Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    why don´t you just use access as frontend for the MSSQL server you want to run this on?

    there is also a Database design tool within Visual studio which you can get for free pal, try it.
  8. timthephoto Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    it's not M$_SQL, thats the problem, it's mySQL which is nazi'd out of access

    also, just confuguring a web interface for data input
  9. ElenaP Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    Good job guys!
    How can I help with telling the WISE member companies or persons I know?
  10. WTF Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    I read that people from Fowler Software are really good at such complex database conversions like importing from an Excel spreadsheet...
  11. anon0004 Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project


    here is a converter
    Access To MySQL
  12. Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    I'd rather have a hole in my head (or2) than use Fowler Software.

    My apologies, I couldn't overcome the urge to play Captain Obvious.

    Excellent idea, Tim, thanks for taking this on, you may want to look at the connection between IAS donations and WISE businesses, their owners and employees such as Fowler Software which may be just the tip of the iceberg.

    My guess is that the total amounts are staggering and the number of WISE businesses that go under after pulling in millions for the cult is quite large as well.

    A lot of employees may "earn" a nice salary for said WISE companies and let's say show $80,000.00 a year on payroll, with required spending of a good portion on Hubbard Management and Scientology courses (Mo Money Fo the cult), deduct their contributions to the church, etc.

    WISE scams are quite wide-spread imho. Of course the owners could be compensated a percentage of all Scientology courses paid by their employees. (Religious righteous dollars kickback?)

    I also wonder if there's any way to find out the total number of WISE bankruptcies that have been declared over years with the owners and employees simply moving on, setting up or working with another WISE company.
  13. timthephoto Member

    Re: W.I.S.E. relational database - project

    i have to say that i re-made teh database directly using MyphpAdmin, i'm now in the middle of configuring a web interface. keying in the fowler data has made the requirements for more tables apparent, which have all been added.

    here is a text description

    Objects - items that take new data

    Goverment Building
    Phone Number
    Court Cases
    Press Release
    Facebook Profile

    Associations - Items that link Objects

    Owner -Persons
    Former Owner - Persons
    Employ -Persons
    Former Employ -Persons
    Disgruntal Employ -Persons
    Infiltration -Persons
    Court Cases

    Company (as above)
    Cout Case

    Driver -Person-
    Owner -Person/Company-

    Common Table, used in all entries


    Common Table, used for all entries


    Links person/company to amount and beneficiary

    Additional info - links to most objects

    Attributed to person - uploads

    Linked to company

    -Web Design-
    Links websites by designer person/company

    i can't guarantee that this is all it will be, but is coming on just fine and dandy now :) :)

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