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Discussion in 'Situation Rooms' started by sceptical, Mar 22, 2017.

  1. sceptical Member

    Does anyone have any links, advice, points of contacts to help getting people to wake up and come out of Scientology.

    The person I know is becoming more and more involved and heavily immersed into Scientology and now getting their other family members involved too. Their partner is what you call a Scientology child, born into it so knows no alternative.

    It has its impacts and cross overs as it creates a certain outlook and approach to matters as they apply their beliefs and techs in everything they do.

    I know I am being vague but I don't wish to reveal too much in a public domain in case I get ratted out and potentially face a disconnection scenario.

    I also know telling them I think they are bonkers, what they believe and what they are learning is just rubbish and simply deluded and is the wrong approach to take. It has to be a subtle and slow approach but I just don't know how to tackle this!

    Part of me believes they will get to OTIII and just wake up once they see the content but by then they will have wasted so much time and money. My other concerns is their sanity should they come out and realise what they have wasted and what a con Scientology is.

    Any help or advice would be great
  2. The Internet Member

    If you have a real relationship with this person, I think you want to preserve that if you can. Scientologists avoid critics so don't be one when you are with the person.

    If they say something factually wrong, you have an opportunity to provide better info. For example, if the person says vitamins help you "detox," you can say, "you know I read something about vitamins, especially the anti-oxidants, that you might find interesting. Turns out the body uses oxidizing enzymes to kill cancer cells. So too many anti-oxidents actually will cause a person to get cancer." Then you can google "vitamins cause cancer" and show them an article.

    So little by little you can help the person to have better info about the world without being a Scientology critic. Once a person's head is full of better info, Scientology teachings will seem more contradictory.
  3. sceptical Member

    Yeah and they bang on about vitamins all the time, however I think they will only follow their own "data".
  4. The Internet Member

    Of course they will, at first. But cancer is scary. Scary enough to make a Scientologist wonder whether Dear Leader was always right about everything. This thought will come back to them every time they hear about a fellow Scientologist who dies from cancer.

    Printing out or forwarding a link to a news article with "interesting info" is not criticizing Scientology. It is a friendly thing to do. It is planting a seed. And perhaps, the person you care about will stop taking harmful amounts of vitamins.
  5. sceptical Member

    Well they are back from a holiday or so I thought. Turns out it was very much scientology orientated trip and now planning 6 months at East Grinstead. So many things you want to say but the fear of disconnection and being declared sp is the issue!
  6. The Internet Member

    My heart goes out to you. This is why we protest.

    The ESMB might have more members able to give tips on your situation. If you post there and learn something useful about provoking Scientologists to question their beliefs while flying under the disconnection radar, let us know.
  7. If you're ready to seriously commit to helping, get Steve Hassan's book "Freedom of Mind".

    Cults use various techniques to impose a "cult personality" on its members, and suppresses their inborn natural personality. Keep bringing up things from the past that they feel good about. Remind them that the cult is not the source of all good things in their lives.
  8. An ex-member suggests that revealing scientology secrets to them may help.

  9. hannap Member

    So why are people so immersed and drawn into this religion? That is, if it's a religion....
  10. Because they are gullible and in all probability searching for something better in their lives , Scientology promises much but fulfills nothing and some people never quite understand that.
    It's not a religion it's a massive pyramid scheme to rinse every last buck from anyone unfortunate to get sucked in by it.
  11. My advice is to keep reading about this stuff here and find out about the real horrors of it including the deaths.
    Yes I said deaths. No exaggeration.

    Read, and keep reading.
  12. conchosunwi Member

    Phường Mỹ Phước dog ! 4 n ? % o

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