want to help but...

Discussion in 'Projects' started by speedyc, Feb 1, 2008.

  1. want to help but...

    i want to help but.. im over 5 hours from a Co$ center and even farther from a major protest
    what can i do to help?

    (ps i have a website that i have currently replaced all content with links and videos about the truth of Co$, is there something better i can do with it?)
  2. donotstalk Member

    Publicize it to us, brother!
    Post it here and elsewhere, and it'll get an awful lot of traffic.
    it needs to be updated
    please post any vids and links im missing here and i will add them asap
    also i need to add a page for protest footage and posters
  4. Print up loads and loads of the secret documents...

    Uh... the OT3 papers is a good place to start, plenty of fucked up shit their.

    And just leave them in public places for the interested to find.
  5. Casually talk about it with people. Pass out flyers. Do everything that everyone is doing before Feb 10 hits.

    Every head you turn even partway counts! Ideas are more infectious than the plague.
  6. rasputin Member

    edit: ignore, misread a post
  7. Atomosk Member

    If you can't go to a protest, then send out as much information to the public as you can.

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