Warning about TTIP (and CETA)

Discussion in 'Anonymous News' started by KittyKatSpanker, Oct 7, 2015.

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  1. The "disastrous" pro-corporate trade deal finalized Monday could kill the Internet as we know it, campaigners are warning, as they vow to keep up the fight against the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement between the U.S. and 11 Pacific Rim nations.
    "Internet users around the world should be very concerned about this ultra-secret pact," said OpenMedia's digital rights specialist Meghan Sali. "What we’re talking about here is global Internet censorship. It will criminalize our online activities, censor the Web, and cost everyday users money. This deal would never pass with the whole world watching—that’s why they’ve negotiated it in total secrecy."
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  2. It began long ago when psychatrists zapped lesbians in America for being lesbian. America joined eugigenics in the early days, and even after world war 2

    American standards are always dictated by big bussines

    Big bussiness began to buy politicions in America from circa 1975.

    So that's why you have an army of WORKING POOR in America.

    Imagine that. Willing to work your butt of for next to nothing.

    That is called slavery.

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  3. EFF analysis: "you'll notice that all of the provisions that recognize the rights of the public are non-binding, whereas almost everything that benefits rightsholders is binding."

  4. Pure Capatalism = Right of the strongest

    That is why it needs to restrained. Used to benefit socïety but within boundaries
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  5. xxSocialismxx Member

    What is the TTIP?

    The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, now generally known as TTIP, is primarily a deal to cut tariffs and regulatory barriers to trade between the US and EU countries, making it easier for companies on both sides of the Atlantic to access each other's markets. Industries it would affect include pharmaceuticals, cars, energy, finance, chemicals, clothing and food and drink.


    It really will be a tragedy for every country if TTIP gets larger.
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  6. recon Member

    reporting in from canada how can i help
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  7. Disambiguation Global Moderator

    Hi recon
    Here you find your own place. Take some time and look through the forums and find somewhere you want to work.
    This is a ongoing OP- the Cult of Scientology trolls for new members on Craigslist, the newest trick is to recruit 16 year olds by pretending to offer acting classes.
    This OPis a good "Starter" OP, you are working with old fags.
    If you need advice or have questions ask a Mod but first the Ask Questions Here thread
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  8. xxSocialismxx Member

    Capitalism and Corporations have devised a new method of slavery under the guise of the free market system. We are led to believe that we live in a free economy, and have the right to choose both our profession and employer. If you examine how our economy really works, you will find that corporations in a capitalistic society are not very different from the slave owners of the earlier generations. The social level we are born into generally dictates our profession and opportunities for employment. In fact, I believe that corporate employment is no more than a new method of slavery that is even more profitable for the ruling class. I heard a quote recently from Chairman Mao of China that stated, �Capitalism is the highest form of Communism�. We have been duped by propaganda into believing that we have economic freedom, when this is actually far from the truth.

    Read the full article at:
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  9. TomNoone25 Member

    TTIP is an acronym of Transatlantic Trade and investment partnership. The contents of this agreement are complex, but it incorporates the European Union and the United States of America. The negotiations between both affiliations take place behind closed doors which demonstrates a secret agenda, thus the misplacement of democracy is prevalent. This ubiquitous agreement will set standards and future trade investments at a pandemic scale. Resulting in an overshadowing of necessities of humanity so transnational corporation entities will prosper eternally. Is this accurate???????
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  10. It's the lowering of consumer standards across the board and the ISDS thing that comes with it that is the problem

  11. Sekee Member

    There’s a site here that lays out some of the objections to TTIP and CETA. I find the secrecy of proceedings and what appears to be a corporate power grab disturbing.
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  12. TomNoone25 Member

    Interesting, when is it coming into effect? do you vote? or believe in voting?
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  13. TomNoone25 Member

    Can we stop the TTIP? And how can we? this conscious revolution is slowly materlising, but society is too brainwashed to do anything about it.
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  14. UK has bummed out of the EU so Germany and France or saying nah not going to go for it anymore now,

    "Ironic isn't it"

    De Gaulle Vetoes Britain's Entry to Common Market 250113-09

  15. Yes I believe in voting but do you know the reason the European Union does not have elected Commissioners,


  16. The UK always has been as De Gaulle said the American Trojan Horse inside the European Union doing US bidding. Now it is out they can not press TTIP in its present form anymore
  17. So the Independence Day like Brexit has actually been our(oh yeah I am an European) Independance day from a Sour Puss UK

    Next thing is universal phone tarifs allover the EU
  18. Sekee Member

    The UK is still a member of the EU. First they have to trigger article 50, which the government is planning to do at the end of March. Then on April fool’s day the two year countdown to leaving starts. In the meantime if the deal is signed we would be in the TTIP agreement along with the rest of Europe.

  19. If this applies:

    I like a one on one with you while the presidential debate is on. Damn

  20. That could be the reason May is invited by the other 27? CETA and TTIP ?
  21. Sekee Member

    The conservative government is very much in favour of TTIP and would sign the UK up in a heartbeat. I think there’s a lot of resistance to it in the US with both Clinton and Trump claiming to be against it.

    During the Brexit referendum Obama said that if we left the EU we’d be at the back of the queue in any trade deals with the US, which is one of the most coherent reasons to vote Brexit I can think of. I believe that if any government tried to reverse the signed TTIP Contract they’d be sued by the corporations into bankruptcy.
  22. Sekee Member

    <3 Wallonia!
  23. The higlighted red sentence describes how we worked out conflicts thinks out when I still lived with my parents and sister: Wich isn't a bad thing persé

    As I read it- living in the country next to Belgium- Wallonia has become poorer and poorer and they now have a podium. I think they deserve and need a shitload of EU money for restructering their Economy that can be diverted away from the UK.

  24. Sekee Member

    …the Belgian Workers’ Party set out a challenge in an editorial on its website: “Organise a European referendum and you’ll see that the Walloons are not alone.”

    Campaign group War On Want said the commission’s “chickens [had] come home to roost.”
    “Since talks first started on Ceta back in 2009, the deal has sat alongside TTIP as an example of how not to do a trade deal — absolute secrecy, zero input from public interest groups and sheer contempt for the very valid concerns of people across Europe,” said senior trade campaigner Mark Dearn, adding that the deal’s failure “lies wholly with its anti-democratic approach.”
    And Britain’s TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said the collapse should be a “wake-up call” to British politicians.
    She said Britain’s post-Brexit trade deal with the EU “mustn’t follow the Canadian model,” adding that an approach that protects workers rather than big business “is only possible if trade unions are meaningfully involved in negotiations from the start.”

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