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    Request for retrial rejected, Gholamreza Khosravi in danger of execution Again

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    Five prisoners were hanged publicly in Iran today
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    Seven political prisoners executed in prison west of Tehran
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    Iran: 33 Executions within the last 12 days of 2012

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    Two brothers were hanged publicly in western Iran today
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    Two prisoners were hanged in western Iran
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    85 years old Baha’i prisoner banned of visits
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    Death Sentences of Five Ahwazi Arabs Are Upheld By Iranian Supreme Court- IHR Urges The International Community To Act
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    Groups decry death sentences for ethnic prisoners
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    Four Prisoners Executed In Iran Today: A Juvenile Offender Among Those Executed According To Unofficial Source
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    URGENT: Three Prisoners Scheduled To Be Hanged Publicly In Southern Tehran Tomorrow
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    Public Hangings in Pakdasht (Yesterday) and Urmia (Today)- Two Men Are Scheduled To Be Hanged Publicly In Tehran Tomorrow
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    2 more public hangings in Tehran
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    Photo of the Day: Public Execution in a Sports Staduim in Iran
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    Four prisoners hanged across Iran, one of them publicly
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    Two prisoners Executed In Iran- 16 Executions in 8 Days
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    One Prisoner Was Hanged Publicly In South-Eastern Iran Today
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    Five Prisoners Were Executed In Southeastern Iran
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    Prisoners’ News

    A- Transfers

    • Student activist Amir Chamani moved to workshop section from the quarantine ward in Central prison, Tabriz.
    • Pan-Iranist member Milad Deghan [43 days of interrogation in solitary ] moved to Ward 8 in Karoon Prison
    • Political prisoner Reza Sharifi Boukani was moved from RajaeiShahr, Karaj to ward 209 in Evin in Tehran.

    B- Arrests/Incarcerations

    • Sasan Aghaie, journalist, arrested.
    • Pouria Alemi, journalist, arrested.
    • Emily Amraee, journalist, arrested.
    • Saba Azarpeik, Journalist, arrested
    • Javad Daliri, journalist, arrested.
    • Soran Daneshvar, Kurdish student, arrested in Marivan.
    • Ali Dehghan, journalist in Bahar newspaper, arrested.
    • Milad Fadaei Asl, head of the political section of ILNA news agency, arrested.
    • Taher Faghih, student of Ayatollah Dastgheib, arrested in Shiraz.
    • Davar Ghasemi, Kurdish student, arrested in Marivan.
    • Narges Joodeki, journalist, arrested.
    • Saman Mahmoudi, Kurdish student, arrested in Marivan.
    • Keyvan Mehregan, journalist arrested.
    • Journalist Soleiman Mohammadi arrested.
    • Zana Moeini, Kurdish student, arrested in Marivan.
    • Ali-Akbar Montajebi, journalist, arrested.
    • Pezhman Mousavi, journalist, arrested.
    • Fatemeh Sagharchi, journalist, arrested.
    • Motahereh Shafiei, journalist, arrested and released the day after.
    • Arash Shaltooki, dervish Gonabadi, arrested in Isfahan and sent to Evin.
    • Reyhaneh Tabatabaie, journalist, arrested.
    • Nasrin Takhiri, journalist, arrested.
    • Hossein Yaghchi, journalist, arrested.


    • Popular singer Arya Aramnejad released from Babol prison after serving out his sentence.
    • Imprisoned Freedom Movement of Iran member Jafar Ganji granted a prison furlough to attend mother’s funeral.
    • Editor-in-Chief of Maghreb, Mohammad Mehdi Emami-Naseri, released after 120 days.
    • Participation Front member, journalist Mehdi Mahmoudian has been released on furlough.
    • Didar Raufi freed from Rajaei Shahr at the end of his sentence

    D-Other News

    • Gonabadi Dervish, Hamid Moradi was beaten severely in ward 209 of Evin.
    • Imprisoned Zoroastrian citizen Abolfazl (Pouria) Shahpari denied furlough to visit mother undergoing chemotherapy.
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    Syrian Government Bombs Aleppo District, Killing 16

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    Surviving Rape in Iranian prisons - Testimony of Maryam Sabri
    Maryam Sabri namePlace of birth Tehran, IranDate of birth 1988Occupation ShopkeeperInterviewer Iran Human Rights Documentation Center (IHRDC)Date of interview December 3, 2009Interviewer IHRDC Staff

    Maryam Sabri testimony approved November 9, 2010

    PreambleMy name is Maryam Sabri. I am twenty one years old and I was working in a shipping company before leaving Iran.

    I was admitted to the University of Art in Tehran in 2006 and I became a member of the political council of the university. I was not affiliated with any particular political party and I had no political activities at the university. I have participated in programs and non-political events on campus. However, the Office for the Protection of the university and the intelligence unit of the university decided to exclude temporarily in 2007 and later confirmed to me in writing that I no longer had the right to attend course. So I was finally expelled from the university a year after being admitted.

    I started to political activism during the 2009 presidential election. After participating in the events, I was arrested by plainclothes agents and transferred to a detention center I do not know where I was abused and raped repeatedly.

    The electionAt first I was hesitant to vote for the 2009 presidential election. I was even in favor of a boycott of the election. I thought the vote meant that we were satisfied with the system, but when Khatami came into play, presented Mousavi and ask for the support, I've changed my mind.I found hope and thought that if Mousavi was elected as the company open during the reformist Khatami era. So I joined the Mousavi campaign in Tehran and I campaigned for him. I went out every night Mousavi participated in a debate. The passion and enthusiasm of the people were full of promises. We chanted "Ahmadi, bye bye" because we were sure that Ahmadinejad would lose the election.But our hopes were dashed. The Islamic Republic has played us. We voted but the regime had decided in advance of the winner. The vote was a game plan that played with us. We took to the streets to declare that we were robbed of our votes and to show our dissatisfaction with the result of the election. We asked supporters of Mousavi and Karroubi out show to prove that we were more than the number that the system assigned to vote for Mousavi and Karroubi.

    EventsI participated in all events until my arrest on 30 July 2009. I do not remember the dates but I remember the days when the events took place which I participated.Monday (15 June 2009) we had to start the event Enghelab Square and walk to Azadi Square, but plans have changed and we left the place to go Imam Hossein Azadi Square. Tuesday and Wednesday (16 and 17 June) we gathered in front of the radio and television Vali-Asr street and place Haft-e-Tir. Thursday afternoon we gathered up Haft-e-Tir. On Tuesday, there were two events, one spot Haft-e-Tir and the other Tadjrish. The demonstrators marched to the place of Tadjrish Rah-e-Ahan at the other end of the Vali-Asr Street. The Monday following the event was Karegar street.Our events had a single purpose: to express our protest against the official results of the election and publicly denounce cheating the government. Most demonstrations were peaceful. We did not want to face the security forces especially the plainclothes agents. We scandions slogans but we did not resort to violence. But sometimes we plainclothes inciting violence. For example, the events of Tuesday and Wednesday before the broadcaster responded to the supporters of Ahmadinejad yesterday. We took to the streets to show our strength, our popularity and our numbers larger than supporters of the government.At that time, it was not easy to inform people about events. Cell phones do not work. We called from landline and we use social networks like Facebook, Yahoo 360 blogs that were not blocked. There was a lot of blogs maintained by activists that we use to inform others. Our slogan was "We are the media and we are stronger if we unite our voices. 'I expressed usually with four or five friends. Two were classmates in Tehran. They are currently in hiding. The other two were arrested the same day as me and I know nothing of what they have become.Security forces battled protesters who belonged to special forces police Tehran, Basij and Revolutionary Guards (IRGC). They used all the violence against civilians and beating protesters mercilessly. They beat everyone, boys, girls, young and old. All were equally brutal.There were more plainclothes agents who battled protesters. It was unclear whether they belonged to the IRGC or the Basij. They were more aggressive and ruthlessly beat demonstrators. The Basij in Tehran have a look all their own. They all have beards or unshaven, their clothes collars are buttoned to the top Mao collars, pants and shirts too large. Even if bassidjs do not wear uniform, the way they dress makes them recognizable among all.Fedayan Rahbar-e-(Special Forces Supreme) were also involved in repression of demonstrations. We recognize the Fedayan Basij-e-Rahbar. This is actually a subsidiary of the Basij very dedicated to the Supreme Leader and ready to die for him. They see the Supreme as indisputable. If the insult is insulted as if one of their relatives. They are even more expensive than their relatives.It seemed that the security forces coordinated their actions. I think we did not dare ask them to identify themselves. They were very hostile and did not respond to any of our questions. They had come to fight, not to help us. For example, I saw a young man beat street Haft-e-Tir. He asked them why they are constantly fighting but they continued to beat him without saying a word.As the protests continued during the first week, security forces deployed in the streets increased in number. I saw the NAJA bring more security forces bus and vans in Tehran. For example, I saw a land NAJA two minibuses full Vanak Square.Usually, before we tackle the baton, electric or not, the security forces used tear gas or pepper sprays. They beat us, chasing us and stopped us. Sometimes we respond, we knocked and they escaped. It looked like a game of cat and mouse. The plainclothes officers chased the demonstrators into homes and beating them. For example, one evening I was Saadatabat, Kadj up with a handful of other young people on a Saturday night. The bassidjs saw us and chased us. We ran to hide. They extracted some young apartment and arrested. They also arrested the owners of the apartment where they were hiding.Sometimes the security forces attacked peaceful protesters to annoy and turn them into angry mob. For example, a Monday, Azadi Square, we marched in Imam Hossein Square to Azadi Square chanting slogans. We stayed in Azadi then decided to go back up Imam Hossein. In return, there were no slogans, we marched in silence with portraits. The bassidjs arrived, began to insult us and attack us. They moved and provoked us. Azadi Street near Enghelab Square a group of them mingled with the crowd and insulted the wife of one of the demonstrators and began to fight. They were plainclothes Basij and wore a baton in the belt.Another time, I saw security forces beat protesters group and members of the secret police who used knives and razors from the crowd. I think it was Thursday Vanak Square. We Vali-Asr street and we headed towards Park. Security forces and attacked us bassidjs Vanak Square and beat those who were on their way. One of them had a knife. I saw it out of his belt and run towards the demonstrators. I was very scared for my life and I ran away. I did not stop to see what he was doing with his knife.I also saw security forces fire on the crowd Azadi Monday. A young died. He had been shot in the back of the head. Was shot from the roof of a building of the Basij. The victim was in front of the building of the Basij Azadi Street.I also heard gunfire on a Thursday Vali-Asr Street. The demonstrators gathered Vali-Asr street usually up or Haft-e-Tir Thursday. I was earlier in the street when the shooting began towards the end of procession about two or three blocks south of where I was. Everyone started running. We tried to find a hole for us to hide. Later, I heard that two people were injured that day. I think the plainclothes agents fired directly at protesters while uniformed forces fired in the air or used buckshot. I had half the bruised leg and I had a bad time.

    ArrestOn Thursday, the 40th day of Neda's death, I scandais slogans Behesht-e-Zahra: "Our Neda is not dead, it is the government which is dead" "Dictator, resign" "Shame on you Ahmadi , let the people alone. " We wore flowers and scandions "Military, my brother! Do not kill your brother "We gave the flowers to the guards. We threw flower petals in their direction. The guards did not act against the demonstrators. They just observe.But around 17:00 or 17:15, some shouted "run". When I returned, I saw masses of bassidjs and Sepahs behind us. They were about a hundred. I started running in the cemetery and running, I was struck several times. I fell. When I got up, I was surrounded by plainclothes agents. They started beating me with batons and give me kicks. Then they took me. They were five and all were men.I was transported in a white van that carried no distinctive. I was blindfolded and handcuffed in the truck fast enough. I heard the footsteps of those who came while I was sitting in the van. After a few minutes, the truck is started. They asked me questions like my name and wrote my answers in the van. Many other people were arrested with a girl I did not know, I do not know where it is now and one of my friends whom I said in the truck that I do not know. We were about five people arrested in the van where I was and there were many other vehicles full of people arrested. I myself counted 7 or 8 vehicles full of protesters. The only reason for our arrest was to have participated in the event. The government treated rioters.I do not know where they took me. He spent a lot of time between my arrest and off the vehicle. I guess I'm down car in a yard that was not great because after a few steps, I reached the stairs. I'm down to a basement. After a few steps, we opened a metal door. I was in a small square room. I could not lie down on the floor, I could only sit on the floor to stretch my legs on the tiled floor. There was no window, it was completely dark and I could see nothing. It was very dirty and smelled very bad.We did not registered prisoners here. I did not see the guards because we blindfolded to take us to the toilet or questioning. When I was not blindfolded, the guards wore a mask that left see their mouth and eyes.I suppose that all prisoners were being held in isolation cells. The silence was absolute when you took me to my cell toilets were horrible, if I slipped, I fell into the toilet hole. It looked like a toilet in a remote village where we have dug a hole on a steep slope with a triangle on top. I had the right to go to the bathroom 4-5 times a day.I stayed there for 14 days and I've heard a lot of screaming, tears and curses. A day and a half after my arrest I believe I was taken for interrogation. People who interrogated me were different but none told me what I was charged. I have not seen any of those questioned me except the last which I disbanded eyes and showed me. He was tall with blue eyes, fair skin, light hair and a broken nose. He had a horrible appearance, something I will never forget until I die.During the interrogation, they asked me who was my boss, who had orders I received, how I coordinated my activities, where I was, where I met my friends, and other similar issues. The first interview lasted about two hours and a half.The second and third interviews were conducted as the first. It was not the same people who questioned me, but they asked me the same questions. At the end of the third interview, he asked me who was very angry and threatened serious consequences. He told me: "You looking for trouble. If something happens, you will be solely responsible. You will not be able to blame you. Perhaps you will open your mouth next time. If you do not cooperate with us, we will change the attitude towards you. "These are the threats to my place by the third person to have interviewed me. Then I sent in my cell. I did not understand the significance of the threats.

    Repeatedly rapedThe fourth interrogation began like any other. I was asked the same questions. Then I said: "Apparently, you do not want to talk about? "When he saw that I did not answer, he added:" You do not want to cooperate? "I remained silent. He said, "Okay, you wanted your vote? I'm here to make. I'm gonna go now and see what it was worth. " I felt my shoulder catch. There was never caught me beating me so hard. He picked me up from the chair and undressed me strength. I cried and I cried, I begged, I swore on everything that I thought. He laughed and said: "I do not have God or prophet. Do not care. I was crying, saying, "Please, for the love of God, I will do whatever you want, whatever you say. "He replied:" No, you do not cooperate at the beginning and now I want to make your vote. Why are you bored? Why are you crying? It's no use crying. You missed reflection and you ask for your vote and now I'm running out of your thinking and make you vote. Do not cry. 'Then, what should never have happen happened. He raped me. After I was only semi-conscious when I brought in a cell. They acted as if nothing had happened. They threw me in my cell. I do not know how much time has passed. Every moment seemed to last for years.The fifth interview was conducted by a different man. I was asked questions that I already answered. Then he said: "Apparently, you do not want to open his mouth. Agree. We will behave with you as you understand. "He began to undress again. I screamed and laughed. Then he said: "Even if you die from shouting here, nobody will hear you. "Then he raped me for the second time. I sent. I went to the toilet before entering the cell.This was repeated during the sixth examination. The only difference was that this time I did not cry, not screamed and begged him not. The interrogator laughed and said: "Why do not you beg me? Beg me, sometimes I feel pity and I'll let you go. Weep, weep for I let you go. I may have mercy on you. "But it was as if I already knew what was going to happen and I do not importais more. I did not cry, I did not beg because I was sure what would happen. I sent in a cell.Next time, when I was taken for interrogation, I was asked the same questions and then raped me. The interrogator pulled the blindfold from my eyes and I saw his face. He sat in front of me and began to speak. He asked: "Do you think we'll let you go? Do you stay alive? Do you see the world outside? "I cried and answered:" Yes. I'll do anything you say, but let me go. Kill me or let me go. Do me more harm that way. "He laughed and said," No, we will not kill you right away. We will let you go but there is a condition, it will take you go where they tell you to go and you do what we tell you to do. And it will not tell a soul what happened here. If you tell, you're dead, you will not stay alive. We constantly follow you and will not let you slip away. If thou doest not well, you will not stay alive. Like many others who have died without anyone knowing you, too, will die. "I cried and I said," Okay, let me go. "Then he threatened me again:" You owe me. If you go, you will do everything you're told. 'He told me again that would take me to court and that I had to prepare myself. He added that if I was nice, the court relaxerait me and if I was not nice, I'll never get to court.I was released on condition that I cooperate with them. I finished by saying: "I will do what you want, let me just give me time." He laughed and said: "But you're okay. You may feel pain in the bones, dislocations. But none of this is important. You're still alive. "I said," Okay. " I had to work with them, participate in events, taking photos and filming, I manage to know the participants, how much they were. That was their plan but I never participated in the demonstrations after that and I did not cooperate with them.It brought me back to the cell. It was some time. Then they came, I climbed the stairs as I came down. I reached the court and I felt fresh air. They put me in a car and let me go to the park Tchitgar. It was dusk, it was dark. I discovered that we were on 14 August 2009.

    After the liberationAfter my release, they called me three or four times on my laptop. I had two SIM cards. I thought they did not know of one. I said, "We will call you and order you where you need to go and what you do. "I asked where and he added:" This does not concern you. It will tell you when we need you to know. "Then he ordered me not to cut my phone to be reachable and answering calls. He added: "We will tell you where you must go to meet us. We have something for you. 'I was very scared. I threw off my phone and my SIM card. Then I got a call at midnight. I did not think it was them who called. I said, "You thought to escape us? "I replied that my laptop had problems. He started to insult me: "Why did you turn off your cell phone? Why do not you answer? Where the hell have you been? Why do not you come home? You thought we were joking with you? "I hung up and threw my SIM card.Two days later, I left Iran for Turkey. I went to the UN office where I filled a folder.I do not know who was responsible for my arrest. After my release, I had a television interview that prompted the government to admit in an article that it was the IRGC that I had stopped.After my flight was arrested my brother and my father. My father was detained for three days. He was summoned to the Revolutionary Court. I do not know what happened to him. It has been five years since I've had no contact with my father, that I have not spoken to him. My cousin, with whom I was in contact by email, I was made aware of what happened after I left. He told me that my father and brother were pressured to ask me to come home and make televised confessions to say that I had lied and that I had not been raped in prison.

    source: Collectif Francofone pour un Iran Libre et Democratique
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    Secret Mass Executions Resume in Mashhad’s Vakilabad Prison: Several Hundred Prisoners Possibly Executed In Past Four Months
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    New Reports: Daily Secret Executions in Rajai Shahr Prison
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    News about prisonners


    Ahmadreza Ahmadpour political prisoner suffering from a multitude of diseases is hospitalized because of drugs administered in prison.
    Adel Naimi was transferred to Evin Redjaï Shahr.

    B-Arrest / Imprisonment

    Two weeks after his provisional release, Amrabadi Mahsa has returned to Evin prison.
    The leading reformist Feyzollah Arabsorkhi is back in Evin, he left the hospital before the end of treatment.
    Dr. Latif Hasani, Azari militant arrested.
    The graduate student Khaled Mohammadi was arrested last week, no news since.
    Shahram Radmehr, Azari militant arrested.


    Ali Dehghan, journalist released on bail.
    Political prisoner Zahra Mansouri was temporarily released for medical reasons, she is suffering from breast cancer.
    Mohammad Tavakoli member of the teachers union Kermanshah is released on bail of 50 million toman.

    D-Other News

    Dervishes in hunger strike Saleh Moradi and Kasra Nouri forced to sign a letter saying they're fine.
    3 political prisoners of Rajai Shahr are denied visits from his family because they refused to wear the prison uniform ..

    News of injustice in Iran

    Sentence reduced to 1 year + a fine of 600 Toman for prisoner Mohammad Hossein Nakhaei 85 years.
    After 7 years in prison an Afghan citizen was executed in the prison of Varamin.
    3 executions in the prison of Ispahan on Tuesday.

    University - Culture

    Iran releases the news site Tabnak close to Mohsen Rezai.
    The site Baztab reports that he is subject to cyber attacks.

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    A clandestine cemetery containing the bodies of four executed political prisoners found in Khuzestan.
    February 11, 2013 news reached us via the site Awhazi Info Arabs. further evidence of persecution and atrocities that Iranian people and Arabic minority in the southern province of Khuzestan suffer daily . A clandestine cemetery containing the bodies of four Ahwazi Arabic-speaking political prisoners, secretly executed last year, was identified by a witness and resident of the city of Bakhtiari Baghmalik, according to local sources.
    This witness testified that the bodies of four men were moved by the agents of repressive forces in Iran. Who then poured cement into the mass grave of those, According to the statements of this witness this tomb is located underground near the village of Ghale-tal near the city of Baghmalik. Agents and three Iranians would have stayed three days on site to ward off potential witnesses.
    The families of these four men - Taha Heidarian, Abdolrahman Heidarian, Heidarian Abbas and Ali Sharifi - who were executed under international controversy, were never informed of the exact location of the graves of their children, this is is in direct violation of the Iranian Islamic custom. Worse security services Iranians had provided conflicting reports these families, leading them to believe that their loved ones were still alive and that they were "missing."
    However, the funeral of the four men were organized by their families despite the absence of the bodies of their children. Families who remember it as had protested and proclaimed the innocence of the prisoners. Who were sentenced to death after unfair trials behind closed doors and with "incriminating evidence" largely flawed and deficient.
    In the province of Khuzestan, as in other parts of Iran, the bodies of political prisoners sentenced to death and executed, are often buried in anonymous graves. That members of the Iranian regime called the graves "Lanat Abad" which literally means "graves or we bury people cursed people."

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    Shirin Ebadi’ letter to Dr. Ahmed Shaheed Regarding the Recent Arrests of Journalists in Iran

    Thu 31 01 2013


    30 January 2013
    Your Excellency Dr. Ahmed Shaheed,
    The Honourable United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran
    Since 28 January, the offices and homes of Iranian journalists have been raided by the security forces. Several journalists have been arrested. Although some of them, including Motahereh Shafi, have been released, 14 are behind bars at present: Emily Amrai, Nasrin Takhayori, Saba Azar Peyk, Nargess Judaki, Ali Dehghan, Sasan Aghai, Akbar Montajebi, Javad Daliri, Milad Fadai Asl, Keyvan Mehregan, Hossein Yaghchi, Soleiman Mohammadi, Pejman Moosavi, Poriya Alami.
    The important point of these arrests is that according to judicial authorities, the detainees are charged with acting against national security and "These arrests will continue" (state news agency ISNA on 29 January 2013). In other words, the security forces are trying to intimidate the journalist and force them into silence by launching these mass arrests and false accusations.
    These arrests are in violation of the laws of the Islamic Republic of Iran. According to the information received from the family of the detained journalists, despite ISNA’s report, they have not been formally charged and no warrants of arrest have been issued. Detainees have been denied access to legal representation. Due to lack of due process, all arrests are considered to be arbitrary.
    I would therefore like to draw your attention to this issue and state that the continuation of this situation not only limits dissemination of information but it is another step to create fear among citizens to prevent them from any possible lawful protests.
    With best regards,
    Shirin Ebadi
    Human Rights Advocate and 2003 Nobel peace prize Laureate

    The Office of Madam Navanethem Pillay, honourable United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights; The Office of the United Nations Secretary- General, Mr. Ban Ki-moon; The Honourable UN Special Rapporteur on Freedom of Opinion and Expression; UN Working Group on Arbitrary Detention

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    Two Prisoners Executed In Iran Today- One To Be Hanged Publicly Tomorrow
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    One Public Execution And Public Humiliation of Young People By The Iranian Authorities In Tehran Today
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    News about iranian prisonners:


    Jailed journalist Mohammad Davari is in intensive care after a heart attack because the news of the death of his brother.
    Amir Eslami, lawyer Gonabadi dervishes, transferred from Evin to Heart Hospital Tehran, after a few hours, he returned to Evin.
    Emergency hospitalization of religious imprisoned Arash Honarvar Shodjaï.
    The jailed member of the Association of Green Kurdistan, Kamran Rahimi, exiled from Sanandaj prison to Maragheh.
    The human rights lawyer jailed Mohammad Seifzadeh was hospitalized.
    Political prisoner Mostafa Tajzadeh is again hospitalized for various health problems due to 27 month of fasting .

    B-Arrest / Imprisonment

    Fardin Eghsani, Baha'i, arrested at his workplace in Orumieh.
    The Baha'i Taher Eskandarian sentenced to 3 years was arrested and imprisoned in Semnan.
    Ardeshir Fanaian, Baha'i, arrested in Semnan him.
    Shidrokh Firoozian, Baha'i, arrested at her home in Semnan.
    Arrest of Hossein Karroubi, son of opposition leader Mehdi Karroubi Monday morning he was released Monday afternoon.
    Farahnaz Moghadam, Baha'i, arrested at her home in Orumieh.
    Arrest of Zahra and taunted the girls of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi Monday morning they were released the same day in the afternoon.
    Yassan Moussavi, Houman brother (their parents were executed in the 1980s) Tehran bazaar trade unionist and member of the Mousavi campaign, was arrested last week.
    Mehdi Tajik journalist went to Evin prison to serve his sentence of 2-years.
    More than 50 Arab Iranians arrested in Ahvaz.
    Tehran Police stopped 80 people accused of being thieves and vandals.


    Bahman Sadeghi political prisoner on bail for 4 days.
    Arash Shaltouki, Gonabadi dervish, released on bail of 50 million toman.
    Political prisoner Mohammad Ali Velayati bail on medical grounds for 3 days.
    Shahin Zeinali political prisoner on bail for 4 days ..

    D-Other News

    The prisoner of conscience Arjang Davoudi launched a hunger strike to protest against his imprisonment in solitary confinement.
    Rafsanjani's daughter Faezeh Hashemi is isolation.
    Mousavi's wife Zahra Rahnavard, accompanied by security guards was allowed to visit his mother.
    Iranian student activist Majid Tavakoli was awarded the prestigious Norwegian Students for Peace in absentia.
    Is not allowed for Shahrokh Zamani to have personnal visits and phone calls.
    The Families of journalists arrested 20 days ago, still have not been able to visit them in prison Thursday ..
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    Iran: Six Prisoners Hanged Last Week/ Two of Them Publicly
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    Executions one day before scheduled date: 8 prisoners among them one woman hanged in Shiraz Today
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    One Young Man Hanged Publicly In Central Iran- Four More To Be Hanged Publicly Soon
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    Five Prisoners Were Executed For Drug-Related Charges in Iran
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    Six Prisoners Executed in Iran- Four of the Executions Carried Out in Public
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    News about prisoners

    Former MP Mousavi Mir Taher was transferred to block 350 after more than 8 months in solitary confinement

    B-Arrest / Imprisonment
    Mohammad Reza Afkhami arrested while traveling from Hamadan to Tehran.
    Mohammad Bagher Alavi, a member of freedom movement arrested.
    Mona Ameri, from Baha'i Gorgan, arrested.
    Hadi Ehtezazi arrested while traveling from Hamadan to Tehran.
    Amin Faridian arrested while traveling from Hamadan to Tehran.
    Ebrahim Firoozi converted to Christianity has been arrested another time by plainclothes security agents.
    Pedram Ghaderian arrested in Paveh.
    Hossein Loghmanian former deputy arrested while traveling from Hamadan to Tehran.
    Member of the Movement for Freedom in Iran Mehdi Motamedi Mehr arrested at his home.
    Rofia Pakzadan, from Baha'i Gorgan, arrested.
    Mehdi Ramezani father of martyr Ramin Ramezani, summoned to Evin prison to serve his sentence of three months in prison.
    Sadegh Moradi-Sarvestani, brother of Farzad and Hamid-Reza Moradi-Sarvestani, Gonabadi dervishes, arrested in Shiraz in front of the prison Adel-Abad.
    Behnam Yadollahi-Farsi, brother of Farshid Yadollahi, Gonabadi dervish, arrested in Shiraz in front of the prison Adel-Abad.

    Mehrdad Ahan-Khah, bail for Norooz.
    Ahmad-Reza Ahmadpour, bail for Norooz.
    Hassan Assadi-Zeidabadi bail for Norooz.
    The poet Mostafa Badkoobei bail.
    Emad Bahavar, political activist and leader of the youth movement of the liberty Iran bail for Norooz.
    Jila Bani-Yaghoub bail for Norooz
    Mehdi Khodaï, bail for Norooz.
    Faradji-Hassan Mousavi bail for Norooz.
    Saman Hamidi-Azadi bail for Norooz.
    Faezeh Hashemi-Rafsanjani released at the end of his sentence.
    Behzad Houshmand-Mavid, bail for Norooz.
    Ali-Akbar Mohammadzadeh, bail for Norooz.
    Shahabeddine Mortazavi bail for Norooz.
    Fatemeh Rahnama bail.
    Mohammad Rezaei, bail for Norooz.
    The journalist Mohammadjavad Rouh was released .
    Madjid Sedaghat, bail for Norooz.
    Nassim Beigui-Soltan, bail for Norooz.
    Nasrin Sotoudeh, bail for Norooz.

    D-Other News
    Kouhyar Goudarzi left Iran.

    News of injustice in Iran
    The death penalty cyber activist Vahid Asghari was overturned by the Supreme Court and will be retried.
    Students of Tabriz University Babak Baghaei was sentenced to six months in prison for defamation regime ..

    The BD of Marjane Satrapi was banned in the Chicago Public Schools .

    Inside Iran Protests
    Protest against non-payment of wages at the Brickyard Guilana before the governor's office Roudbar.
    Drivers demonstrate outside parliament against the confiscation of their imported vehicles.

    Closure of operating theaters in Iran because lack of medicines.
    Iranians are dying in large numbers because of adulterated penicillin which origine is Chinese and lack of medicines, including anesthetics for operations.
    An employee of drunk Saudi Embassy in Iran causes a fatal accident in Tehran.

    Source: Collectif Francophone pour un Iran Libre et Démocratique.
  36. iraniam Member

  37. iraniam Member

    Nine Prisoners Executed in Shiraz (Southern Iran) Today- Six Executions Carried Out in Public
  38. iraniam Member

    Five Prisoners Executed In Iran Today
  39. iraniam Member

    11 Prisoners Among Them 2 Women and 2 Afghan Citizens Were Executed in Iran
  40. iraniam Member

    Seven Prisoners Hanged in Iran-One Hanged in Public

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