Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

Discussion in 'Think Tank' started by sonofaxeman, Apr 9, 2008.

  1. sonofaxeman Member

    Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    Now, I'm sure we've all heard of a certain fundamentalist Mormon named Warren Jeffs' (previously on the partyvan's top-10 must b& list) money-draining cult. The similarities to Scientology are striking (both are cults, both revolve around one man, both siphon money from their followers, secretive, etc.). CNN is doing what it does best (obsessing on one issue until something else distracts it), and it still hasn't given it up. But what caught my eye was the way CNN's Campbell Brown involved the taxpayers, exposing a plot to funnel federal food stamps and welfare money into the cult (it's actually quite clever, Google it). I figured "what if we could do something like that?"

    Now, media is a given, but because of all the hubbub brought up by this Jeffs asshole, we might be able to make the connection to the Co$' tax exempt status (at least in the States). With the recent success in Texas (progress is good), we should begin a media blitz, calling attention to them.

    Thoughts, anon?
  2. nightfire Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    K Please do not refer to THAT EVIL SLIME BAG as mormon or LDS

    His CULT split from the LDS church WHEN UTAH BECAME A STATE
    OVER 100 YEARS AGO!!!!
    and the leaders at that time got EXCOMMUNICATED..

    *rant over*
  3. sonofaxeman Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    Okay, let's refer to my post:

    "fundamentalist Mormon"

    His church is the "Fundamentalist Church of Latter-Day Saints"

    He's a fundamentalist version of what are commonly referred to (perhaps colloquially) as Mormons.

    Thus fundamentalist Mormon.

    Now, let's skip all the butthurt and just discuss the issue at hand, please? I know damn well he isn't a proper Mormon, but there's greater discussion to be had.
  4. monamia Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    The believe they are the right church, the true church, that they did not sell out ot he govt.
    They think of themselves as LDS and identify as Mormons. It's a struggle the bigger church suffers, but we do know that they live a lot closer to the way Joseph Smith and Brigham Young saw things than Monson sees things today. Like Scientology, the Mormon Church is seen as money-hungry control freaks. See Recovery from Mormonism - the Mormon Church. Even Main stream Mormons like Mitt Romney look forward to a plural marriage in the celestial kingdom (heaven).
  5. AnonNow Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    Like it or not the guy preaches Mormonism...
    And, yes, I do think this can be used to our advantage, just in the fact that cults are in the press right now so it's a good time for the public to be receptive to the message.
    If any cult is being trashed in the press other cults are almost bashed by association, if one cult is being investigated and we are protesting another then Joe Public just thinks "all cults are bad".
  6. sonofaxeman Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    See, that's my idea. Basically call news organisations and say "hey guis, we kno a cult 2 lol". Capitalise on the media's fixation on cults right now.
  7. nightfire Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    Umm you are mistaken here.. They do not live closer to the doctorine of Joseph Smith, then the LDS church...they teach thinks that are SO FAR diverged from what he taught that your statement is rather laughable. I will be more then happy to give you specifics privately. I'm sorry that YOU and some other belive that my church is money hungry... that is your right to belive so. I can see how that image is valid in small areas of my church (parts of Utah are NUTS) there are some really strange members of my church... but the Leadership of my church is neither corrupt, not money hungry. I know for a fact they live rather modestly (saw it personally)
    Our belife in Plural marriage in heaven is a small part of of larger faith. I understand that therer are people who are unhappy with my church, but comparing it to scientology is OUTRAGOUS!! WE DON"T HIRE PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS, nor do we sue detractors. We DON'T have anykind of work camps, children aren't forced to work long hours, nor do we have a uniquly favorable tax-exempt status.

    You can dislike my church. but please lets be clear about that my church ISN'T VIOLATING HUMAN RIGHTS. (tl;dr pics of the sameness or it didn't happen)
  8. Bumblefuck Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    Think Tank: It aint for the weak of heart.

    And in the OPs defense, A whole lot of what Warren Jeff's group follow was core scripture prior to the split.

    tl;dr--keep it civil, but I'll allow it (and I WILL slam anyone who starts pissing on the LDSers for intolerance)

    edit: unless overruled by Consensus (the mod or the group decision)
  9. Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    I wouldn't say capitalize on it, but this should serve as a reminder that this is what happens when organizations like this go unchecked. The government needs to do a little reflection on this and realize that something needs to be done to ensure that things like this don't happen. Are they going to wait for another victim before they do something about this?

    I just finished watching something on this on CNN about this and it talked about how they isolated the members of this cult and convinced them that outsiders were evil. That was one similarity to the CoS that struck me. How do you help someone that is conditioned to be afraid that you intend to harm them?
  10. fiddler Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    The LDS religion centers on the importance of families, and their well-being. Operation reconnect was a wake up call for a lot of us to join the anon forces (ok, and the Lulz are nice too).

    Everyone has the right to question any religion, and stand up against injustice. PLEASE DO SO! If people didn't question religions, we would still be experiencing the inquisition. No offense to Catholics, you guys rock, it was a long time ago!

    (cracks knuckles)

    So what makes up a cult?

    A cult is to its members as a parasite is to its host. A cult is any religious organization that is set up to benefit those in charge at the expense of its followers. It causes harm to many to benefit a few. Weirdness is not a factor. Who gets to decide what is weird anyways?

    So why would anyone knowingly join a cult?

    Empty promises- delusions of grandeur, fancy props, lights, smiling actors, promise of financial gain- etc..

    What is a religion? (or what should it be)

    A true religion should exist for the spiritual and moral benefit of its members and society as a whole. Not for the financial benefit of anyone in charge, or for the organization.

    Over thousands of years, mankind has come to recognize that certain things are good and other things are bad, for instance, stealing is bad, and giving is good. Lying is bad, and telling the truth is good, and on and on. (captain obvious takes a bow) A true religion should exist to benefit its members by helping them to gain these values and through it, become more enlightened people. In most cases these religions looks too a higher being for guidance and a moral compass for said values.

    Some of you might think Mormons are weird and all that, go ahead, I am weird, so what. its good to be weird. But we are not evil, we are family-oriented, we believe in free speech, we believe in honesty, humility, faith, justice and we hold the same values you do!

    I feel comfortable, for the most part (aside from all the swearing) on these forums because I believe we share values that are being threatened by the existence of the Co$. I feel a duty to stand up for what I believe in, and that is why I am here.
  11. Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    I read this thread earlier today and have given it some thought...

    We could create a web page that compares the Co$, DM, and LRH to the FLDS and Warren Jeffs.

    Things like disconnection vs. Jeffs' taking children under six from their families in Colorado City area (UT AZ border) to the compound in TX... JUST the children. Abuse. Threats given to kick people out and disown them if they question beliefs. Totally cutting people off when they leave. Etc.

    Then we can use the magic of google/search engines to make it so that when people google Warren Jeffs and the FLDS church, they get our site showing it's similarity to the Co$.

    That is all.
  12. Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    I say go for it. Getting the media and the public to link the two in their minds could be a recipe for much win. Do it carefully though.
  13. Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    I agree a comparison is in order, several in my circle have commented that the FLDS raid and resultant removal of children from the compound could only serve to assist anon v. co$.

    (and Nightfire: sorry to disagree with you, but my senior citizen mother probably will never be completely recovered from having grown up in the REGULAR C of LDS (and left as a teenager)'s partly in honour of her story that I was drawn to stand with Anonymous against the co$)
  14. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Warren Jeffs' Mormon connection

    :lrhtalking:STAY ON :lrhmoney: TARGET:lrhtalking:

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