Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Hubby came over tonihgt with a flier from a local pub. Sounds cheezy enough, but wait... MY FAVORITE band from the 80's , yes I'm that old! Is having a meet and greet after party, after they do a concert in my city. The pub is VERY close. Now, he couldn't afford tix to the concert ( who cares, local pub is much better) but he asked me to go see them! He hates this band (mainly because I LOOVVVEEE the lead singer) so this is huge for him! I get a real night out. Still a month away. Almost as good as going to DC! I really remember what I liked to do before scientology F***ed with my head!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Aw, you guys are going to get back together.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    1. That's what Scientology wants you to believe, and they're very effective at making people fear them this way. This is how they work. Don't speak out, OR ELSE! You know how to beat that? Simply don't allow it to happen. If you allow it to happen, it will happen. If you defy it, you'll defy it. 'At cause' if you will. (What have you people done to my vocabulary??)
    2. Speak your truth. There is NO crime for being honest. The more people know, the more they will defend your truth. The more people defending your truth, the more who are defending you. The more eyes on you, the more secure you are.

    Much like this war, you're only in trouble if you're trying to hide the truth.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Not cheesy AT ALL! My favorite bands are from the 80s!! (and - I'm older than you, so don't feel old!) You will have so much fun in the more intimate pub environment - and actually get to meet them!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Its great that you're reconnecting with your ex. Try to remember to have a life and not let fighting the cult be as consuming as being in it. I know its hard, but you deserve some down time to just chill and enjoy life.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    People who do not understand Scn and their ways, find the truth very hard to believe. I found, that even with the agents, one was sceptical, until I pulled out hundreds of pages of docs, detailing even non-relevant things. I hid nothing.

    As for the grammer, well, I'm currently trying NOT to speak Scio! Not correcting my children when they have a so called MU! It's only more mind control BS!

    I can't let somethings go...I have to fight for my own sanity. Anger is all consuming. I would love to file suit for a refund, but there are precious few lawyers with the nerve or experience to go up against the CoS.

    The only thing I have is a voice and the truth behind me. The CoS took everything else.


    I forgot to mention the newest fair gaming.

    Apparently there is a website, well, "someone" has listed my last 4 addresses with complete lies. Childish!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    You have printed out copies of these lies, right?
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    Many copies, all over, I am not ignorant enough to give orig/only copies away.

    I find myself defending what I say all the time. I'm not telling/giving what I have to them for anything other than justice. I have no agenda.

    Yes, I am angry at the things done to me via fair gaming. I am angry with myself for allowing the mind control for so long. I am disappointed in myself for falling for such an obvious scam, and staying in so long, but that's not my motivator. Even the financial downfall of my family, first by spending/donating, second by trying to avoid the tactics of the CoS, is not my motivator.

    I cannot say for certain, but I'm not sure if I would have taken on this powerful org IF they hadn't made the first move. I may have just been the coward and walked away silently. They do not even allow this as an option.

    I do not regret my decision to come out, even though my motives have been questioned several times. Once I did what I did, there was no turning back, just having enough staying power to follow though. I look around and don't know who to trust half the time. I get PM's and wonder what the motives are. A screen name on a message board dedicated to the movement against the CoS doesn't mean that they are not associated.....

    It really sucks to have to live this way. It sucks to cringe when the phone rings, knock comes at the door, or I just take my kiddies to a public place, and look for someone with a camera!

    They have put me in a position where I cannot pay my bills, and this fight is not on a level playing field! Having to move, from a place where my husband had a great job, to a new city, not having a job in a horrible economy, is a blueprint for failure.

    My only motivator is my anger and to see that their practices are exposed for what they are. Nothing fabricated, nothing omited.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I completely understand your anger and I know that you have a lot of support from people here. If I hit the lottery tonight, I'll send you some money through Tory! LOL

    Your motives are your own, and you have very valid reasons for speaking out. Do not pay attention to anyone who tries to make you feel bad for exposing the lies, crimes, and greed of this power-hungry cult. It is people like you who make the real difference. Anonymous is making information known publicly, but it is the documents and testimony of ex-scis that will be providing the evidence needed to destroy this cult once and for all.

    I hope that your husband is proud of you for what you are doing. It's not going to be an easy road, nor an easy fight, but without voices like yours this abusive cult will continue their harmful practices against innocent people like yourself and your family.

    Keep your chin up, your eyes open, and fill the rest of your life with people who love you! You deserve it!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Warning..might be TL or a Rant...

    OK I made no bones about the fact that Scn disconnected me and my family. I also told you that I didn't have the parents most kids wanted, forgiving ones. Dad, career military then public company and Mom, worked her ass off and never really getting ahead, just getting by. She is a stickler for the "rules". OK, I'll agree, playing by the rules is the right thing to do, but who's rules? They are her rules...

    When I uprooted my family for the last time (and this is it!) I came back home after being gone for over 15 years. In my city, who would have thought that the CoS has such a stronghold here! Well, they do! Now I understand why--how--and probably not going to change in the near future.

    My goal was to just get on with my life, deal with the CoS and OSA as need be and try to make amends to the people I hurt. Mom and Dad are surely not open to this idea. Mom will talk to me, in very short vague conversations, but nothing substancial. OK, she's hurt and I didn't play by her rules. Strict Catholic rules. Hell, she even had me excommunicated!

    About 3 weeks ago, I went into a local pub/rest. and I go there often for coffee (don't drink) and low and behold my Dad was there. After I sat down he was in arms length from me. I had to look hard to make sure it was him (haven't seen him in years) and I knew it was. He never met my husband (nor had Mom) or my 2 youngest kids! I said " Dad?" and the man just turned away, asked for his bill and left. I thought for a minute, it wasn't him...

    I asked the waitress if that was ***** *********** and she said " sure was, how do you know him?" I was floored! I said " I'm his daughter". It promoted a conversation in the entire place about my Dad. I found out more in 1 hour of listening to his friends talk about him and his family, than I knew myself, in almost 2 decades. I went home in tears.

    A few days later, I decided to go to his home and see if he would talk to me in private.His wife answered the door and saw it was me telling me she doubted he wanted to see me. I told her to ask, as I was left on the porch. She came back to the door and delivered the news, that indeed, my own father had no interest in seeing me. I left him a message on the phone a day later, and tried the next day, only to find they changed their number.

    OK, my Dad has always been an ass...but he still is/was my Dad.

    Why am I telling you this? Because disconnection doesn't end with leaving the CoS. Sometimes you hurt the people around you so bad, they can never really forgive. My two youngest children will never have grandparents, because of me. This is what ex's live with. People tell you it will get better, but I know that the damage is done. The things that I got to experience as a child, family birthdays, Christmas', etc. are something my kids won't have. All my friends for the last (almost) 12 years have been Scientologist. My daughters birthday is coming up and no family will be present. It's a new city, so she only has a few friends. Some kids just plain hate her because of her disability (kids are cruel). This is what Scientology does to families. Do I know if things will get better? I hope so, but no guarentees. It's not like we would be planning a huge party, as I can't even pay the bills these days, and she understands that. Unfortunetaly, they have had to learn alot the hard way. It would have been nice to have a few people there for her....

    Depression is not something that also goes away when you leave. I think personally, it's as bad, just in a different way, guilt.

    Speaking out helped me. Talking to the authorities empowered me to some extent. Going to a protest, well, I was able to let out some of the anger I had in a positive way. The one thing I can't do is let go of the guilt....

    Both my little kids know all about what I've done, they had to for their own safety. They are old enough to understand. As my son says "we're past double digits Mom". The abuse that SO kids suffer is apparent. The abuse active public Scio kids suffer is silent. Leaving them to go to the org, disconnecting them from their family, taking money for food, bills birthdays, to do whatever...that's the silent abuse no one talks about.

    Sometimes I don't know if I will ever find my feet again. If I have doubts, then I know the kids have to feel the same way. Do they wonder if Mom is going to move them again? I counted the schools that military girl was in (moves because of CoS) and it was 14! I used to justify this by saying they were being exposed to all different cultures, but that's BS, it's not normal. I know that I will most likely have to move soon, for inability to pay rent. That's yet another move to put on the books.

    I'm sorry for the long rant, but I had to explain the silent abuse and continuing effects of Scientology even after you blow. Don't get me started on OSA!!!!!!!! Whole different rant.....
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    Jeez, I never thought about disconnected family not welcoming loved ones back into their lives after escaping. From what I have read, I understand that the disconnection is very hard on families.

    Have you tried just sending them letters and photographs of your children? Maybe if you explained to them that you were brainwashed they could find it in their hearts to forgive you?

    You are a good person. You wanted to help people. Don't feel guilty for wanting to make the world a better place. It isn't your fault that the Co$ is built on a foundation of lies and that it takes a long time to discover this once you are inside. Don't punish yourself for things you look back on as being mistakes. We all make mistakes and learn from them. You are out and that is what really matters.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    No. They do not have loving grandparents because of choices made by their grandparents.
    Frankly, we build can build our own families, and that's what you are doing.

    On another hand though, good for you...going to hear some music.
    Having something to look forward to is a very important life skill.
    MY RULE: Always have something to look forward to.
    FOLLOW IT and you'll be glad.

    Keep on keeping on.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    While still in, I send both Mom and Dad school pictures and xmas presents. Mom kept them, Dad always sent back "return to sender". I went to a family friend in this city to get my hair cut and she was very confrontational about my lifestyle. Now, she babysat me as a kid and knows my Mom well, but it was the most uncomfortable 45 mins outside of the CoS.

    Apparently, she was not given the entire story...only Mom's side (not like I had much of a defence). She told me how Mom worried and had to block me out not knowing where I was blah blah blah...She ALWAYS had contact info!

    I'm not defending my actions, because I deserve what they give me, but the kids don't.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I know it's tough, keep hanging in there. I know you feel guilty about your kids not knowing their Grandparents, but your Dad is making his choice, you've done all you can really to try to mend things. Please don't be so hard on yourself.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    First, thank you.

    My rant was to point out that very active public members of the CoS, their children are often the silent victims of abuse or neglect. I never hit my kids, and they always had a sitter so I knew they were safe. What they needed was a mother! I understand having a sitter while you're at work, cool, we all do that. But then yet another sitter for your "work" at the CoS?! That's called neglect my friends, and I am guilty as sin! The trickle down effects don't stop at the obvious. No doubt SO kids are abused and neglected, but so are active public kids. Low practicing public, maybe not so much.

    The protest I went to, I saw a child in the org, and it broke my heart. It also brought out many feelings and thoughts for me to pounder. In one picture, taken by someone else, this child was on his knees looking as if he wanted out very badly. My kids rarely went to the org with me, because of my own reasons, but what's worse?! Both ways the kids get screwed. Either by scn itself or by not having parents around to be parents. Then family disconnection, well, some families just won't reconnect, can't forgive.

    I have a new theme in my life. I can forgive, but not forget.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I'm not gonna get into details, but suffice it to say that I grew up in conditions very much as you describe.

    You will always have friends within Anonymous, I'm sure. Take strength from that. Within our cells are bright, enlightened, caring and compassionate people, despite what you see on the *Chans, Ed, etc.... Use the collective strength.


    Now, speaking from personal experience, and sorry to say, you're dad's a douche. You're going to have to suck that up and deal with it. However, may I suggest you mend what bridges you can. Your mom is distant, but seems receptive. There's an avenue to pursue. Mothers always have an innate affinity for offspring, and they have sooper seekrit dad convincing powers. Try to mend that... "ARCX" with your mom and maybe, just maybe, she can get pops to stop being such a raging twat. Who knows?

    I'm really sorry this shit is happening to you.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Sucks about how your parents feel right now, but don't lose hope! When you left, you broke their hearts, and that kind of pain takes time to heal. From their perspective, they probably don't know (having never been in a cult) how hard it was to leave, how much pressure you were under, etc.

    Cults are really nefarious like that.

    But don't lose hope, because they're still your parents, and the optimist in me refuses to believe that your father will never really speak to you anymore.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    FormerlyIN, I suspect you have the courage to say sorry to your children for the things you've mentioned. Saying sorry, and then changing how you behave, mean a great deal. Your kids will forgive you.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    Did you post the VM somewhere?
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I know the truth isn't easy for those who don't know to accept. But, in time, it will be. That's what we're here for, and we've exposed the church over 20000% from what was exposed last year. There's still a way to go though. But, the public is learning. The media is becoming much less afraid. They're bringing awareness to themselves through massive advertising, which I personally see as a positive thing. The CoS can only survive by being secret. We know it, they know it. "I'm not a scientologist, but...." They know the truth will destroy them.
    Then speak the truth. Don't EXPECT results, just put it out there and maybe that seed will grow.

    As for rottenneighbors....that's interesting. We did the same thing to their buildings. They've adapted our strategies. (Also, google map reviews.)
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    Thank you sharing your story! =) God Bless you and your family!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I'm sorry I haven't updated in a few days, but I have been dealing with the authorities for several days, getting a tap on my phone, changing # and getting new cell (that I can't work the dang thing). Next week I have to give a taped affidavid. Having said that, they are offering precious little help.

    I know I did the right thing, but you know the saying "no good deed goes unpunished". Also, "you do the crime you do the time". I guess they cancel each other out...

    Things have heated up with the calls and emails. I gave them my main email that I've had for years and all the sudden I'm getting all this weird emails like money scams, includng phone numbers in another country. The country code is 22...

    This is not going to be a fun task, and if they are sucessful (and they have told me that it may very well take some time) I WILL have to testify in open court. I hate this as it puts my kids in the line of fire. In the meantime I will continue to be a target of fairgaming. I can't let my kiddies out of my sight for fear of what will happen. It's a sad way to live.....!

    I gave the CoS my main email that only friends and family have, because I was "IN" then.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Formerly In,

    Open a new private gmail account that you give out to only a few trusted people. This is very easy to do though gmail. After you are sure that everyone you *really* want to be in touch with has the new address, save the emails from the old account and cancel it so that you do NOT receive any more cult related emails. Gmail also has an excellent spam filter--the best I have seen yet.

    I say this because I think it is VERY important that you devise ways to prevent eruptions of the CoS into your daily life and communications. So that you have as much as possible "non-CoS" space and time as possible. So that you can *really* leave the cult, on a psychological level as well as physical.

    You are being very brave, but don't fall into the trap that so many exes have, which is living life as an ex after leaving by fighting the cult 24/7.

    good luck and stay safe...
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    The reason they wanted me to get a new phone, besides the obvious (new #) is that this phone has video and camera...only works IF you know how to work it! The manual is the size of a phone book!

    I'm taking my kiddies out today for a lil while, for some quality time. Tired of being a prisoner in my own apt!

    All the "unnecessary meds" (according to the CoS) that I'm now taking for my injury, under strict medical supervision, has some nasty side effects, so dealing with that too. Wouldn't have been so bad IF I started them right and learn huh?!

    My teckie kids are all off at college or military only have two 13 and under @ home so they are little help with this godforsaken phone! I hate to go into the cell store as it will tell the PI what carrier I'm with....dilemia..... Can anyone who makes these gagets speak english?!

    Still waiting for baby to arrive (first grandbaby). She's several states away and had told me of some strange things/people coming around. People supossedly looking for a "neighbor". I explained the best I could, how to watch her back and told her to go look at Boris' utubes....Man messing with her would be a BIG mistake! Don't mess with my kids!
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Standard scientology technique called Noisy Investigation. The point is to make the person aware that they are snooping around on their relatives as a method of intimidation.

    Noisy investigation - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    This is nothing more than a scare/intimidation tactic. Report this & so should your daughter. In fact, now that the FBI is doing a formal investigation according to Boris, you should both report this to the FBI.

    Something else to do is to inform all of your neighbors. Your daughter should probably do the same.

    Here is a sample flyer one Anonymous has created.
    You may want to edit it to your specific situation. The file was created in Open Office, which you can download at download: Downloads

    The point is to go ahead and notify all of the neighbors to be on the lookout for strange people snooping around. This limits their ability to snoop around and intimidate unchallenged. Neighbors can be quite helpful when they are aware of some of the not so nice activities of scientology.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    NM im an idiot
  27. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Thank you Grog.

    I have informed my landlord and she isn't the mean critter I thought she was.. She allowed the posting of no tresspassing signs to better help the police when people come on the property to harass. I will send the info to my daughter ASAP.

    Big bad OSA picking on a pregnant woman!

    This is the side of Scientology you don't see when you're in, unless your high up staff.

    I'm working with the authorities and playing by the rules (to quote my Mother) but if they mess with my children, all bets are off.

    I have to say, the authorities are moving quicker than I thought they would, and many others thought they would. This is helping me keep my head screwed on straight. Either the docs I had were worthwhile, or they are compiling many complaints....

    I did advise this daughter to get protection, legally. My other daughter kind of forced me to, and I'm glad she did. It's a comfort knowing that you CAN defend yourself. You are not powerless. Why give them all the power?!
  28. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    My problem there is, I don't live inside the city limits and inside of a Barney Fife police district. When I get the cash, I'm moving into the city limits. It took many calls and making them make reports for them to get rid of their views that my calls "weren't just kids messing around". I live in Catholicville USA and most people are Scientology stupid here. Not offend to offend Anons from the area, but, my mother grew up here and didn't even know there was an org!

    After now, filing 17 local police reports and talking with the authorities, they are finally taking me somewhat seriously.
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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

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    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    FI: Heed Anon 1957's advice. Gmail will let you forward email around, you can set up stealth/anon accounts and the spam filter is awesome; you can ID spam, and not see anymore stuff from the send. It collects the junk, you can skim it later or not and dump it forever.

    Time to change your email addy.
    If you are forced to publicly testify I am sure that there will be anons who will come and sit with you in court and support you in ways that you cannot imagine.

    There are other threads here about the interest the FBI may have in Scientology. Give them copies of some of your papers and records that you've collected up. Get to know the closest FBI people, and tell about them stalking you and attempting to limit your freedom. It could be that your situation is just what they want since it's documented and current.

    Stop answering your phone so much. Do not let them set the terms of engagement.

    Good luck.
  31. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Warning might be TL;OT…

    In regards to my personal injury lawsuit.. and going to the authorities…

    Many people PM me, or ask on the boards, so I thought I’d just post what’s going on.

    Late yesterday I got a call from my attorney (one of them) telling me that the other side requested a mediation in 12 days (11 now). Remember they purposely provoked a mistrial and were fined by the judge in the first trial, in June. They made an offer, to which I refused, hours before they provoked the mistrial. Immediately afterwards, I wanted to kick myself for not taking the offer, as dismal as it was. Well, to the average person, it was a lot of money, but remember I’m screwed up for life! I have to figure in cost of medication (yes! The ex-scion is taking meds and seeing a real DR! Many of them to be exact!), the cost of doctors, never being able to get insurance (pre-existing condition), and loss of income. Unless the Judge makes an off the wall order, I must go back to FL for the mediation… Otherwise, I look like the bad guy, not willing to even discuss settlement. The trial (2nd one) is set for Sept.

    Ok, now that that part is out of the way… after the first trial, it came out that I was indeed a Scientologist for years. This is something I never told my lawyers, and the other side didn’t discover during the discovery process (how I’ll never know!). My own lawyers thought this was a HUGE win for the other side. They didn’t understand how someone like me, educated, having good employment, a mother and what appeared to be a normal person could get caught up in a cult. To this day, neither of my attys want to even mention Scientology. I try to tell them what is going on, as I see it as being relevant, but they think that part of my life is in my past. One of the lawyers I have known for 12 years.

    They are afraid that a jury might not understand Scientology, and my involvement. I think it’s because unless you were in, or have researched the subject, you find the claims hard to believe.

    I have thought about getting new council, that might be more open to the whole discussion, since I will have to explain the subject matter to a jury, but it’s too far into the process to make such changes at this point. I’m not making this decision on my own, I have talked to several firms, both knowledgeable in Scn and not.

    I finally sent an email to both attorneys outlining what I have done, coming out against the CoS, talking to the FEDS and that I am giving a taped affidavit next week, on the record and I WILL have to testify, when and if they ever make a case. The response I got back was not want I wanted to hear. I wanted their support. I know they are concerned about their own case, but I went this far with the authorities, and I feel very strongly about following through with my claims. I will give the statement under oath, and it WILL hurt my PI case! It’s the right thing to do.

    This means that I MUST settle this claim ASAP, in order not to have to explain this to a jury. They will not understand fair gaming, and what my own family (as well as many others) are going through. When I contacted the Authorities, I wasn’t sure if I did anything that could have given me jail time. As it turns out, I was not in the hot seat, just stupid. The cost to me will be high. If my case went to trial, the verdict could be HUGE, but in mediation, it will be greatly reduced. As my lawyer tells me, a good settlement is where both sides feel they got screwed.

    I could have held off on going to the FEDS. I could have not turned anything over to them at all, but that wouldn’t have been the right thing to do. This whole process with the authorities has not been fun at all. It covers 2 jurisdictions, and 2 agencies. I was already at the point of not being able to pay rent, food, electricity, gas, and the Feds put demands on me to do this, do that, all at my own cost. Things like change phone #, get a new cell phone with a different carrier, etc. I ask for protection due to fair gaming, but none is given. I’m not playing the victim, but telling you that it came with a cost.

    I’m hoping the Judge allows a telephone mediation, but not counting on anything. I lost everything in the fire that disabled me, and that’s not including the physical damage to myself. We left with the pajamas on our backs that night.

    When I moved here, everything we owned fit in out 2, 9+ year old cars, one of which doesn’t run anymore. We are being evicted from out 3 room + bathroom and kitchen apartment. This is obviously too small for my family, but you do what you got to do. Shit, I wonder how did I go from living in a 6 bedroom home in an upscale neighborhood in LA, and a 5 bedroom home in FL to this?! Then the fire, no insurance, and here we are.

    For those who are sitting on docs, and have been a victim of the CoS please come forward. Don’t let my actions and the suffering my family went through be in vain. Now is the time to go to the FEDS, local police, or any authorities. I’m not the only one who has docs, I know there are others out there. Give em up now! Tell what you know! When you go to the grocery store or school shopping with your kids, think of those of us who can’t do that, but did the right thing anyway. If your personal goal is to bring down the CoS, then give it up!

    Ok, that’s my rant. I’m sorry it’s way too long, but I had to say it.
  32. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Dear FormerlyIN:
    the rant was not long. The injustice and the evil you're sharing
    are much, much longer than those few words you wrote.
    I would have finished reading it a lot sooner if I were not shaking
    with rage and frustration.

    You are a good person, who- while wrapped in the gentle tentacles
    of a horrifically rotten cult, found the strength and courage to leave.

    Your gutless attorneys aren't afraid to defend you because
    "years of being in the CoS made you a messed up person"!

    They're afraid to defend you because
    "Years of watching CoS lawyers kill everything in their path"
    has trained them to be absolutely terrified of having anything to do with
    current or former Scientologists.

    This is not because you did things wrong.
    This is because CoS did many many many many many wrong things.
    And gutless lawyers are gutless.
  33. Zak McKracken Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    "over 9000" simply means "a lot".

    Every day, over 9000 anons are picketing, flyering and protesting in front of every org.
    Every day, over 9000 anons are picking zits in their mother's basement.

    On July 12, over 9000 anons marched with you, some nearby and some far away.

    They were already marching with you long ago, when you were still "In"
    before you ever knew they were there.

    Last weekend, over 9000 anons marched on Washington to promote
    the freedom of all human beings from evil cults.

    "anonymity" provides plausible deniability;
    you could claim you were there or weren't there
    but how would we ever know for *sure*?

    Ranting maeks me hungry.
    brb, caek
  34. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..


    My involvement in the CoS is self induced and the wrong must be righted.

    I am scared to death to give this taped statement, under oath, but it's what I must do. I asked if I can have someone present (for moral support) and the answer was only an atty. I called legal aide and they told me, they don't take these types of cases. I'm doing this all on my own.

    I KNOW people are sitting in fear of telling what they know and sitting on evidence, hell I am scared too! But come on guys, give it up! The night we left that apartment of the fire, we walked through Walmart in our pajamas and that's all we owned in the world. I thought I would just get my burn fixed, get back to work and get on with my life...Didn't happen.

    If me, in my dismall position, can come out and tell the truth against this cult, that let's face it, can bury me even more, than so can the others! It pisses me off when people say i know this and I know that, tell someone for the love of mike!

    In the last 2 years I have been in some very dark places mentally over all this shit. I could have made my own life much easier by keeping silent, but I knew I had to right a wrong, and IF people have docs, they must too. Guilt is a bitch my friends, it will eat you alive.
  35. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I’m putting up a post as I will most likely not be on for a while. No, I am not running back to the org. I am giving an affidavit under oath on Weds. To the authorities.

    This is Anonymous, so my personal problems are that, and most self induced, but I’m trying to spend as much time with my kids, as I am going to have to have them stay with friends of theirs, so I don’t have to voluntarily place them in foster care.

    I got a 10 day notice from the Sheriff to pay or vacate, but that’s not the worst, I have 2 days on my utility bill.

    I have a trace on my phone, but I got a call yesterday, late, from someone from the org., not here, but LA. I was so freaking mad at the entire situation, I picked it up. She went on to tell me my current problems were brought on by me being an SP and my randomness against the CoS! Fuck that! (excuse my lang.) All I’m doing is telling the truth and giving up what I had! I got in of my own accord, but they committed the crimes!

    All I wanted was to be left alone. I was willing to take the hit on the money and time I spend. I just wanted to move and be left alone! That’s not the way they work. My ex-brother in law used to joke (and it’s for real) saying “there’s no escaping here”, not taking the CoS seriously. Well, he never knew how right on he was. He thought I was just a paranoid nut.

    Now, The energy company here always worked with me, as long as I paid something…why not now????!!! Could it be the influence of the CoS??!! I have owed them much more before.

    Ok, my life is a train wreck right now, but I hope the CoS see’s this post I WILL GIVE THE AFFIDAVIT! I WILL TESTIFY IF NEEDED AND I WILL NOT BACK DOWN!

    They may have won the battle, but I will win the war!

    I urge everyone else to step forward, please!

    I left out the part where my husband has had it and is heading back to Fl, filing for divorce.

    On the upside, I'll be a Grandma by tomorrow morning. They are inducing my daughter tonight.

    No wonder so many people "check out" while being fair gamed. I am so sick of the bullshit that the CoS brings on anyone who leaves! Many people would just walk away quietly, right or not, but they leave oyu with no options. They make you F'n crazy or you fight back!
  36. Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Well, the first thing I might do after getting re-settled and file suit against the CO$ for a return of all your money...those asswipes need to be taken down a peg or two and you know just how to do it.:woot: Get YOUR money back from them too, just like others have done....and FRY THEIR ASSES WITH THE FEDS:) I can smell the bacon burning now!!!!!!!!
  37. Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Zak, why did you make my screen blurry again. :(

    Formerlyin, I know they are people out there to help you try and get your money back from the cult if you aren't already.

    *hugs* and remember we are all still behind you.
  38. AnimeGeno Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Man, this really sucks. I know the pain of having loads of bills pile up that you just can't pay. Hell, if I don't get some money soon I might face foreclosure (BLAST YOU POOR ECONOMY!!!!).

    I hope that everything gets straightened out for you. People who suffer the oppression of organizations like the Co$ and through no fault of their own lose everything deserve for life to give them a break, dammit.

    If you need anything besides moral support, let us know, and we'll see what we can do. Blessings to you and yours.
  39. formerlyIN Member

    Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    I'm giving my statements taped tomorrow. I cannot stress more, IF YOU ARE SITTING ON DOCS TAKE THEM IN! Do it for those out, those still in, to bring down the CoS whatever motivates you, but for the love of Mike, DO IT!
  40. Re: Was asked to tell you what got my attn while I was in..

    Thank you so much for what you are doing. Your actions are inspiring and courageous, and your story is evidence that the federal investigation is more than a rumor.

    Now is the time to come forward, the documentation and testimony that ex-Scientologists have are needed by the authorities. The truth is coming out right now - and justice will be done. Those who come forward and assist the authorities will have nothing to fear.

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