Washington DC, Freedom of Information / Scientology Protest Rally - February

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by 3rdMan, Feb 12, 2011.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    At first there were 3 Anons, then 4 freedom of information rally protesters showed. I stayed for a shorter time but Idle Orge was Idle with the occasional Nation of Dianetics folk going in and out. It was windy, as it happens in this part of the nation. Still odd we keep getting the windy days during raids.

    Others will hopefully post soon. Vid will be coming sometime this weekend.
  2. 3rdMan Member

    One vid posting thanks to Anon who is much less lazy than me:
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  3. Anonymous Member

    wow! Idle org is idle
    perhaps they were busy at the jail teaching degraded beings (see other thread)

    hope your back feels better!
  4. GREAT SHOW SIR, Carry on
  5. DamOTclese Member

    It's surprising that Scientology has any customers at all in countries that have good Internet access.
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  6. amaX Member

    Hope your back gets better! Welllll done, DCAnons! <3
  7. MaidOfWin Member

    Okay, so our most troubling event was that some random scilon nobody recognized grabbed a newbie's last few Wikileaks flyers and ran into the Org with them. We didn't call the cops, because the act was so petty and retarded, but this kind of rude behavior should be strongly discouraged. It would be great if we could get back to the "at least one camera rolling at all times" mode.

    That said, we had a great turnout given that a bunch of regulars couldn't make it. There was minor bleedover from anon-friendly folks protesting CPAC, and some newbies who I'm sure will have lots of energy and ideas to contribute to the continued efforts, especially the Freedom of Information side. Sylvia (scilon) came and said hi and took a Wikileaks flyer, and Crucifuckwad got into some kind of debate with Vicki (scilon). Didn't get to ask him what it was about. I'm trying to get the newbs registered on the DC board so they can weigh in on next month's raid date.

    Thx for good wishes about my back, I'm mostly better already thanks to Big Pharma. :D
  8. MaidOfWin Member

    One of the newbs insisted on raiding without a mask. I told her that the scilons might try to ID her and harass her, and she said "fuck 'em, they can't do anything to me." I appreciate that more and more people are entering with this sentiment.
  9. MaidOfWin Member

    Oh, and it was actually 4 anons (John McNonymous showed up later), 4 freedom of information folks, and one unknown who could have been here for either effort but chose not to speak. Pretty good turnout when many of our regulars couldn't even come this time :)
  10. 3rdMan Member

    Well I wasn't counting myself considering I left when McNonymous arrived. :p
  11. Good to read the reports and see the vids. Thanks for your continued efforts, D.C.!
  12. Anonytarded Member

    Good work DC Anons. I'm in the area myself, but unfortunately wasn't informed of this event until it was too late. However, if you hear of anything coming up in March, please do let me know. Ill do my best to be there.
  13. Anonymous Member

    The easiest way to keep on top of the events is to just register on their local website. They have stuff every month.
  14. 3rdMan Member

    Keeping checking back here: or here: for threads on DC protests. Then you will be informed.

    Also go here and create an account: <<<Cause we usually decide when and where before we post on WWP.
  15. none given Member

    Can't wait to get back to my adopted home town.
    Much lurv DC.

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