Washington DC, November 20th

Discussion in 'USA - East Coast' started by 3rdMan, Nov 21, 2010.

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    Washington DC, November 20th

    The raid was, well, just another raid really. Aside from the usual groups of the Nation of Scientology by Farrakan members going in and out, whom apparently are getting camera shy now. Flyers were passed out, we had no musics but the most accomplished was getting honk after honk after honk. I think we had an average of about 1 honk every five to ten seconds that raid. Pics to be provided when I'm not busy.
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    Re: Washington DC, November 20th

    No surprise NOI camera shy now. Wait, 1 honk every 5 to 10 seconds?!
    got on vid? that's a whole lot of holy honkin'.
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  4. subgenius Member

    Re: Washington DC, November 20th

    I was shocked, shocked I tell you when I saw some NOI/Farrakhan women at my local org a couple weeks ago.
    Man, when he says jump they only ask how high.
    BTW, do they still have the pedestrian tripping hazards around the trees on the sidewalk in place?
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  6. RightOn Member

    Re: Washington DC, November 20th

  7. 3rdMan Member

    Re: Washington DC, November 20th

    Thats just a very gross estimation. I could be wrong. When pics are ready, we'll upload. Vid is unlikely cause again, nothing else remarkable happened.

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