Washington DC - Post Game October 15th

Discussion in 'Follow Up' started by 3rdMan, Oct 15, 2011.

  1. 3rdMan Member

    Postgame here.
  2. 3rdMan Member

    Before I report, anyone who got photos or videos of me without my mask on, censor my face. Thank you.
  3. I went. I danced. I am now le tired. :) Also apparently am a racist with RadioPaul according to some Scientologist. At least until his handler came and led him away. Police that I dealt with were pretty fab, I am always glad that the DC folks are so accustomed to protests. One of the cops did make fun of me because he was a trekkie and star wars is clearly better. Also awesome, everyone in DC who was out on such a nice day and showed us so much love. Scientologists sure didn't make any friends among their neighbors.

    Thanks a billion to everyone who pulled off such a great day, I really appreciate it! And to everyone to came to join us. Noice jeorb guys.
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  4. Pix or it dint happen yo ;)

    Good job DC fags!!!!
  5. MaidOfWin Member

    Working on pics but yay you guys

    My feet hurt so much and nobody ate my muffins (my neighbors are going to love me) but that was a goddamn great time. Thanks so much for coming out, you SF and Chicago folks. Totally above and beyond.

    At the beginning of the raid the cops said they thought Schumin's permit might be a forgery (WHAT WHO EVEN DOES THAT) but they "let" us put all our shit on the private land the Carnegie Institute had already said we could use. Also they said they would give me back the permit once they "looked into it" but never did. Grrr whole raid without hard copy of permit. Next time I'm printing two. But then the shift changed and the next guy was really laid-back and didn't give a shit what we did so we moved back across the street to the front of the org and partied down.

    I don't know what's up with the cops giving us shit, it seems like we get new guys every time and they have to be dicks to show us who's boss. Every time it's a hassle with the music, how loud it can be, whether we're allowed to have it at all, whether they got the permit at all. Only white chalk allowed, or no chalk allowed. I wonder if I can get our next laid-back cop to just write us a list of shit we're allowed to do so I can show it to subsequent jerk cops. Probably nobody would want their name associated with it and it would be useless.
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  6. 3rdMan Member

    First, I am very very very thankful for the Carnegie Institute of Washington for working with us and letting us use the space, else we would have had no hope of setting up our troll station (it was epic, then it broke :confused: ). The building manager worked with us and we had a good time. When the main wedding event started, we moved back across to the org cause the two officers were cooler than the previous.

    It was the most expensive event we had, but it was awesome. We met new DC-fags and we had great times.

    Thanks for the cupcakes
    Thanks for the DJing
    Thanks for the good times
    Thanks for the water
    Thanks for the pizza
    Thanks for the faggotry

    This was a major fucking win for DC!

    We also got some attention from four journalists from Denver, CO. They were with a university and have been lurking on our forums for some time. Feel free to chime in and link us to your coverage when its ready, fellas. :)

    My feet have blisters the size of pancakes and I think I dropped a belt size from all that moving around. But damn, DC Scifags were not happy to see DC up in numbers.
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  7. AnonLover Member

    WTG guise, cant wait to see pix!
  8. Carnegie lady rocked serious socks. Remind me to write her a thank you.
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  9. Anonymous Member

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  10. Anonymous Member

    Was that Olivia in polka dots??
  11. Robocat Member

  12. So fucking hawt!
    if any of you dc fags ever make it out to vegas let us know and LVA will show you why they say what happens in vegas stays in vegas. ;)

    Much love!
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  13. Anonymous Member

    Death trolling DC and spreading the word.
    Body Routing to a dead Org.
    Love at first sight!
    You my Bitch now son! On you knees, no on second thought stand up.
    That is better.
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  14. Anonymous Member

    " . . . you occupy Wall Street, we're gonna occupy FAIL Street . . . "

    More excellence from the Sparrow. Thanks to all.
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  15. Anonymous Member

    That's lostatsea to you, pal.
  16. Anonymous Member

    hey Sparrow! nice tux jacket! Looking spiffy!

    Nice signage, and the music sounded great!

    COS wanted Sparow out of there and now I hope they are happy that instead of Sparrow protesting alone they now have a bunch of people joining Sparrow.
    They never learn
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  17. MrAnonization Member

    Thanks all you guys the raid was epic Win.
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  18. over9000OT Member

    GJ faggits. Wish I could have been there.
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  19. subgenius Member

    fify, I'll put it on your tab.
  20. MrAnonization Member

    Uploading all the pics i took now once they're up ill post a few on hear and the link to the album
  21. MrAnonization Member

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  22. MrAnonization Member

    Oh yeah one more:
    I had to put this one up XD
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  23. AnonLover Member

    Great pix, <3 this one!!!

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  24. MrAnonization Member

    Raw Footage #1:
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  25. MrAnonization Member

    (It might not be fully processed yet)
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  26. MrAnonization Member

    I'll post more once its all up or atleast some more
  27. MrAnonization Member

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  28. MrAnonization Member

    All done that is what i got.
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  29. MaidOfWin Member

    The dude with the camera in your face was one of the journalism students from Denver. He was their main photographer guy.

    I only took a few pics and they're terrible, I'll post a couple anyway (please don't be huge, I'm too tired to remember how to resize):


    EDIT: oh hey look a click-drag photo resizer, when did we add that yay

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  30. But....but......David Miscavige claimed that he had handled Anonymous, how is such a protest even possible????

    That Super Sp Sparrow boldly going where many anons have gone before.......again, lol

    Well-played, anons.......

    It's real nice to see the pressure on the evil cult and its victims continue on and on and on and........
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  31. Anonymous Member

    I've got quite a bit of footage, although low quality, that may be pretty lulzy. Should I make another youtube account or is there a better place to dump them?
  32. Anonymous Member

    Never mind with that. It turns out that my camera is a crappy p-o-s and the footage looks like something out of a paranormal activity sequel. I must have dropped it at some point. Oh well; there's always the next raid...
    There's always the next raid....
  33. 3rdMan Member

    Plenty of footage, no worries man.
  34. Anonymous Member

    Sometimes that stuff is pretty cool. Open a YT account and give it a go.
  35. lostatsea Member

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  36. I have a few pictures, I'll start posting them once I get back home from work. Video will have to wait until next weekend.
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  37. lostatsea Member

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  38. RightOn Member

    Did you guise take a group shot?
    please say yes
  39. Anonymous Member

    Sylvia with her head down .. frickin looooooooooooooooser
  40. lostatsea Member

    Unfortunately, not to my knowledge. :( I meant to remember to have us do that, too. Fail.

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